Added to queue for a quick guild news scan (Mythic bosses only!)
Please check back the guild page later.

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Bomberus47790.41446.944 days ago
2Shinary12067.43444.634 days ago
3Xevv58.95444.254 days ago
4Shrety0.00442.384 days ago
5Eldolin42934.73441.694 days ago
6Lefiv46067.70441.444 days ago
7Saphya400.32441.004 days ago
8Brummaster40964.10440.944 days ago
9Elemantor40422.62440.194 days ago
10Shalurya375.12440.064 days ago
11Headstyle0.00439.884 days ago
12Daritøn28.86439.884 days ago
13Magnidude47785.38439.634 days ago
14Râynz84.52438.004 days ago
15Raynz28106.86437.444 days ago
16Gatschi213.67437.444 days ago
17Sneedlwoodzs400.52436.194 days ago
18Cripwalk29.57435.694 days ago
19Flotti87.14435.004 days ago
20Kekfear38016.05433.194 days ago
21Zyandemon82.71432.064 days ago
22Flaxnkaly85.92431.634 days ago
23Dersch54.60430.944 days ago
24Wizzer374.47430.504 days ago
25Raynznofcpls14.65424.254 days ago
26Healdharambe150.00421.634 days ago
27Lockomotìve0.15420.384 days ago
28Arcayna0.00420.134 days ago
29Shînary0.00418.814 days ago
30Garoshan4.49416.194 days ago
31Raynzmw436.69413.634 days ago
32Nooqii75794.48412.754 days ago
33Shádowbird0.29412.564 days ago
34Xzito0.00411.254 days ago
35Judoyama6878.19409.884 days ago
36Bbclifton6107.65409.064 days ago
37Blakesdruid6716.72408.754 days ago
38Anisjudika4.21408.004 days ago
39Fløtti688.67405.314 days ago
40Shwýze6878.19402.694 days ago
41Banjiô2143.81402.444 days ago
42Blakespala44.82400.884 days ago
43Spaikz0.00395.444 days ago
44Ràynz6988.47395.064 days ago
45Epikzmk0.00393.064 days ago
46Datok0.00391.754 days ago
47Epikzz0.00387.634 days ago
48Magicdiez0.00386.254 days ago
49Easydudu3.75381.564 days ago
50Eyyoey0.00381.134 days ago
51Shatoyoma4.49374.384 days ago
52Whýne0.10361.944 days ago
53Bathex0.00361.134 days ago

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