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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Minl32038.93448.311 day ago
2Zzell29625.25447.691 day ago
3Groemmir18808.14447.691 day ago
4Aldrasha32722.22447.381 day ago
5Necropanda32566.14447.061 day ago
6Gadnuk32982.68447.061 day ago
7Nahy32982.68447.061 day ago
8Braz17223.32446.751 day ago
9Mênios17117.34446.501 day ago
10Chamalö12151.55446.441 day ago
11Astrolytic21057.13446.441 day ago
12Amolytic13060.62446.441 day ago
13Calipsau18808.15446.441 day ago
14Eruk16472.38446.311 day ago
15Ainoko22706.30446.131 day ago
16Anøura27531.14445.811 day ago
17Idels32900.82445.811 day ago
18Wräthy17810.70445.811 day ago
19Owimboé23683.27445.501 day ago
20Mizukana22065.65445.191 day ago
21Elzypie32790.33444.561 day ago
22Fïreblast25783.95444.561 day ago
23Deeper17204.06444.561 day ago
24Zel30343.28444.561 day ago
25Lauréline20921.24444.561 day ago
26Rydick20615.82443.941 day ago
27Khîrâ25626.64443.941 day ago
28Mwhite32123.74443.941 day ago
29Valèrian32982.68443.631 day ago
30Guisis10267.27443.631 day ago
31Firizgøude20565.27443.311 day ago
32Mizukï32566.14443.001 day ago
33Kaarzuk21003.62443.001 day ago
34Zircky31343.97442.941 day ago
35Elayna32790.33442.881 day ago
36Kodama13492.03442.811 day ago
37Kiwee32982.68442.751 day ago
38Azphée32982.68442.691 day ago
39Zelle22117.49442.441 day ago
40Cronainbourg20559.92442.381 day ago
41Mïhâël15889.86442.311 day ago
42Têmperance30983.11442.131 day ago
43Grenat17645.37442.061 day ago
44Linck9562.16441.441 day ago
45Rmillia12478.10441.441 day ago
46Chauvequipeu78.53441.441 day ago
47Androdruide11649.79441.441 day ago
48Ewalia38.33441.191 day ago
49Vicerolytic0.00441.131 day ago
50Reikö17645.37441.001 day ago
51Dragonirmort9562.16441.001 day ago
52Naèlya16340.48440.881 day ago
53Scarypala215.28440.811 day ago
54Mîzû14066.81440.751 day ago
55Nahyra13639.70440.561 day ago
56Gudule21737.80440.501 day ago
57Lisass19784.37440.441 day ago
58Lydwïn18899.41440.381 day ago
59Stoutfire17535.96440.311 day ago
60Mïzu14151.01440.251 day ago
61Kimiyö18618.26440.251 day ago
62Gouki28650.46440.191 day ago
63Anoushkà32513.54440.131 day ago
64Worgwars12478.10440.061 day ago
65Nomercy32785.10439.941 day ago
66Njord32288.41439.631 day ago
67Néni20751.70439.631 day ago
68Minøushka58.35439.561 day ago
69Usshoup31845.47439.381 day ago
70Mamouri367.05438.941 day ago
71Ptîtbiscuit32982.68438.881 day ago
72Monstert32977.45438.191 day ago
73Nsmonstert250.31438.191 day ago
74Hôpe15564.99438.131 day ago
75Zirckheal24255.00438.131 day ago
76Kathairesis66.44438.001 day ago
77Ewaliette0.00437.631 day ago
78Karnilla72.28437.381 day ago
79Scarychami282.04437.381 day ago
80Azphéellune16054.72437.061 day ago
81Kalanaar47.20437.001 day ago
82Mizukaya45.76436.751 day ago
83Gõken238.66436.381 day ago
84Abnegatîon295.43436.251 day ago
85Krockette32982.68435.881 day ago
86Bolikai0.26435.311 day ago
87Elimnia203.61434.941 day ago
88Nahary14398.94434.311 day ago
89Linørs20948.85433.691 day ago
90Lesinge262.00433.561 day ago
91Petitpøney28.57433.441 day ago
92Idel61.32433.311 day ago
93Cobino17535.96433.251 day ago
94Rawyne380.33433.191 day ago
95Gnolgol21312.60433.131 day ago
96Moüne11.82433.131 day ago
97Saïri380.33433.131 day ago
98Ryuseï5719.19432.811 day ago
99Gardener353.70432.751 day ago
100Lsedi0.00432.691 day ago
101Arwënys380.33432.631 day ago
102Ruadhain215.28432.381 day ago
103Cptfire49.26432.061 day ago
104Babish308.73431.501 day ago
105Mallorne67.91431.061 day ago
106Celennia250.31430.691 day ago
107Kaho3.50430.191 day ago
108Nessahoney21057.13429.5619 hours ago
109Crîstâl29.96429.251 day ago
110Necromonger62.25429.131 day ago
111Kindness12.21428.561 day ago
112Zircko4.48428.441 day ago
113Alexiel87.30426.251 day ago
114Ænima0.20423.501 day ago
115Lucidîty3.50421.001 day ago
116Zaskar250.30419.751 day ago
117Vømito3.95419.691 day ago
118Wîsdom43.01419.381 day ago
119Dianehoney0.00419.191 day ago
120Azphéellyne0.00418.941 day ago
121Humîlity64.78418.811 day ago
122Celenyâ87.30418.811 day ago
123Diablesse0.00418.311 day ago
124Drarya447.95418.061 day ago
125Beliløu79.31417.751 day ago
126Etihw0.60415.941 day ago
127Snowwolf0.15415.631 day ago
128Monsther0.00415.061 day ago
129Xmoon0.00414.441 day ago
130Redjohn447.95413.631 day ago
131Brïzéis1273.85413.311 day ago
132Himäwarï1.05413.061 day ago
133Rémydorleans2.98411.881 day ago
134Artémia17148.16411.501 day ago
135Frikadelle10146.38411.441 day ago
136Trèscostaud434.61411.131 day ago
137Viriøne18561.50410.941 day ago
138Thejaja18561.50410.191 day ago
139Vishal0.00408.311 day ago
140Aysun0.78408.061 day ago
141Kazomb0.00407.881 day ago
142Op0.00407.691 day ago
143Mügen27.32406.811 day ago
144Mizukage372.03405.881 day ago
145Galette370.04405.631 day ago
146Thyran20449.26404.751 day ago
147Laëryn4.48404.631 day ago
148Cylen0.00403.811 day ago
149Chizumi0.00403.751 day ago
150Mout404.64403.751 day ago
151Blackstarr30.00403.501 day ago
152Skreead374.75401.311 day ago
153Drury0.00397.441 day ago
154Théia7464.61396.751 day ago
155Kaioken4.45396.501 day ago
156Lelone0.00394.441 day ago
157Mønkî0.00393.811 day ago
158Whitewizard0.00390.191 day ago
159Draeiken71.44386.941 day ago
160Ashïtaka887.60385.001 day ago
161Brizéis0.00383.941 day ago
162Enfantdesang0.00380.811 day ago
163Hæstia1853.85377.941 day ago
164Neuuneuu300.26375.061 day ago
165Thyldren0.00369.061 day ago
166Sraawns0.00366.001 day ago
167Aldradash0.00351.561 day ago
168Khîrà0.00343.061 day ago
169Grimbor0.00341.441 day ago
170Kildal0.00338.561 day ago
171Demønicia0.00333.191 day ago
172Perversion0.00330.881 day ago
173Virmix59.02291.941 day ago
174Aydan0.00272.941 day ago
175Altarec0.00247.561 day ago
176Naurahe0.00200.881 day ago

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