Update Progress for Guenhwyvar

EU (DE)-Der Rat von Dalaran

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Hornet67.09434.251 day ago
2Gabelweihe67.09433.131 day ago
3Kirwynia67.09432.691 day ago
4Leminix67.09430.631 day ago
5Thingol67.09430.191 day ago
6Tikkietakka66.26429.691 day ago
7Krawotnik67.09428.631 day ago
8Chitia66.70426.941 day ago
9Murbat40.77426.811 day ago
10Aleka67.09426.691 day ago
11Rumburag67.09426.501 day ago
12Sneakybean66.31425.811 day ago
13Aîedaîl64.70425.311 day ago
14Nawip52.98425.061 day ago
15Alentria66.65425.001 day ago
16Katleya40.77423.691 day ago
17Byako66.70423.067 hours ago
18Vinndariel66.31422.751 day ago
19Sêras67.09422.061 day ago
20Lycâon26.94420.811 day ago
21Ferzan435.25417.691 day ago
22Lemî5525.59417.311 day ago
23Rangor0.00417.061 day ago
24Lambi4.18417.001 day ago
25Corasura471.62416.691 day ago
26Samarion0.00415.001 day ago
27Gaherius0.56414.881 day ago
28Laurana0.48414.881 day ago
29Oraetlabora0.29414.441 day ago
30Nazref0.42412.751 day ago
31Snackbox0.00412.561 day ago
32Kyalira0.00411.381 day ago
33Tripplè0.28410.751 day ago
34Dämjä0.14410.251 day ago
35Schadnixe0.14409.501 day ago
36Laphard13.82409.501 day ago
37Sturmsänger0.00409.441 day ago
38Chuonnasuan0.81409.001 day ago
39Natsuki0.00408.441 day ago
40Pandreanos57.42406.131 day ago
41Marciene0.00406.131 day ago
42Krittekat0.00404.691 day ago
43Chickenfish0.00403.751 day ago
44Wîkîlîx415.96403.381 day ago
45Schneuhupfen0.00403.381 day ago
46Raìstlin0.00403.131 day ago
47Schmuuh26.13403.061 day ago
48Gaherine0.00403.001 day ago
49Mìlky0.00402.881 day ago
50Cinderella0.00402.811 day ago
51Kíkky0.00402.251 day ago
52Majani4.46402.131 day ago
53Yulea313.10402.061 day ago
54Fantazya0.00401.691 day ago
55Habacuc0.00401.501 day ago
56Morbit0.00401.441 day ago
57Taruntala4.06401.441 day ago
58Daermon0.00401.251 day ago
59Loza0.00401.061 day ago
60Libby65.18400.691 day ago
61Enzümia0.00400.501 day ago
62Plüschpanzer0.00399.691 day ago
63Yuffiê0.00399.631 day ago
64Leony0.00399.381 day ago
65Skullflower0.00399.191 day ago
66Fubak0.00398.941 day ago
67Lêmînîx0.00398.191 day ago
68Mysterja0.00398.061 day ago
69Minzblüte0.00398.001 day ago
70Toadmar10.55397.631 day ago
71Dingelberry0.10397.191 day ago
72Schlupp0.36396.881 day ago
73Loktarok0.00395.751 day ago
74Kytíara0.00394.191 day ago
75Blingbling52.37394.191 day ago
76Leylîn0.00393.691 day ago
77Kytiara0.00393.441 day ago
78Zeratu313.10393.001 day ago
79Treibholz0.00392.441 day ago
80Kako37.20390.631 day ago
81Schantalle0.00389.061 day ago
82Llílìth0.00388.501 day ago
83Kaeliath55.12388.381 day ago
84Nýx0.00387.811 day ago
85Azumí0.00386.191 day ago
86Adipös0.00384.691 day ago
87Reimu54.45382.811 day ago
88Decoco471.62381.631 day ago
89Danebula499.39375.631 day ago
90Finnbar0.00373.441 day ago
91Schnizzel471.62373.191 day ago
92Corlarglóìn0.00370.631 day ago
93Debitor0.00370.501 day ago
94Yrgitella67.32369.881 day ago
95Câruzoo0.00369.251 day ago
96Shironeko85.29368.001 day ago
97Rivæx63.10364.191 day ago
98Cazuya0.00357.251 day ago
99Petyr0.00355.561 day ago
100Peroo26.32353.311 day ago
101Lethia0.40351.631 day ago
102Butleer0.00350.311 day ago
103Enehta0.00336.061 day ago
104Aurax0.00329.441 day ago
105Lapéwpéw0.00323.811 day ago
106Animabella0.00307.811 day ago
107Usagi0.00304.311 day ago
108Kytra0.00277.191 day ago

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