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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Mïkey129.10216.001 day ago
2Pujoparta127.99215.561 day ago
3Rabitofdeath129.10214.811 day ago
4Goonier129.10214.751 day ago
5Bugzi129.10214.441 day ago
6Xunokal128.77214.441 day ago
7Strips129.10214.311 day ago
8Delphy129.10214.191 day ago
9Alyssia129.10212.941 day ago
10Tailay129.10212.381 day ago
11Ysabell129.10212.131 day ago
12Avalyhn129.10211.941 day ago
13Mikeymonk120.74211.691 day ago
14Thrillerke129.10211.441 day ago
15Leixeh123.96211.251 day ago
16Depressedxd128.55211.251 day ago
17Saphiiree128.21211.191 day ago
18Bignosetinyd126.41211.001 day ago
19Taurushon115.53210.751 day ago
20Hamako128.71210.251 day ago
21Rivella128.54209.881 day ago
22Gothilia128.71209.811 day ago
23Mixtwist14.22209.131 day ago
24Snusktony121.68209.131 day ago
25Dheci128.60208.811 day ago
26Jackíechen0.80206.691 day ago
27Leixmonk101.68206.501 day ago
28Silvergrace129.10205.881 day ago
29Leix0.00203.881 day ago
30Lizuno0.28203.691 day ago
31Jonnah0.00202.381 day ago
32Thoril0.00201.311 day ago
33Wilstie0.00201.311 day ago
34Inalas0.00199.881 day ago
35Suchuato4.07199.001 day ago
36Sàgoth3.95198.251 day ago
37Seedlings0.00198.001 day ago
38Øsøme0.00197.811 day ago
39Eximare0.00197.691 day ago
40Suhanó0.00197.691 day ago
41Kwaan0.00197.381 day ago
42Goóníer0.00196.501 day ago
43Stivya29.45196.311 day ago
44Shamadina0.00195.691 day ago
45Stoicmercy0.00195.001 day ago
46Dizeeznuts4.30194.751 day ago
47Tharkun87.28192.191 day ago
48Satsumi0.00192.131 day ago
49Bearishly0.00191.441 day ago
50Megafloofy0.00189.631 day ago
51Haddek0.00189.501 day ago
52Athenapriest0.00188.191 day ago
53Azri0.86186.941 day ago
54Wiireless0.00185.881 day ago
55Chubbygold0.00185.811 day ago
56Wardos0.00185.751 day ago
57Leixi0.00185.501 day ago
58Mikeypriest0.14185.381 day ago
59Vondk0.00185.061 day ago
60Decímus0.00183.941 day ago
61Bengtlasse0.00182.311 day ago
62Cimexfel0.00182.191 day ago
63Hiimpriest0.00181.061 day ago
64Rivsha0.00179.811 day ago
65Treds0.00177.811 day ago
66Amendieel0.00177.381 day ago
67Shamtreds0.00174.751 day ago
68Fækoff0.00174.381 day ago
69Mikéy0.00171.191 day ago
70Seralol0.00170.631 day ago
71Achillia0.00169.811 day ago
72Buffenhancé0.00169.631 day ago
73Hydronium0.00167.941 day ago
74Indrul0.00167.191 day ago
75Taimeyota0.00166.311 day ago
76Dóttuy0.00165.881 day ago
77Great0.00164.191 day ago
78Naktaff0.00162.501 day ago
79Decih0.00162.061 day ago
80Lickzmytotem0.00160.311 day ago
81Vondh0.00158.191 day ago
82Delphh0.00158.191 day ago
83Leixe0.00154.561 day ago
84Graius0.00153.811 day ago
85Niczeh0.00153.441 day ago
86Ironlash0.00151.191 day ago
87Dkeci0.00144.561 day ago
88Cimex0.00144.441 day ago
89Melovetohurt0.00135.381 day ago
90Athênå0.00134.691 day ago
91Trakush0.00132.561 day ago

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