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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Peachblossom32704.03448.311 hour ago
2Taurushon37363.96447.061 hour ago
3Leixie37363.98446.941 hour ago
4Abulurd34338.55446.751 hour ago
5Onipai36335.61446.441 hour ago
6Bàthòry15318.42445.811 hour ago
7Thrillerke33424.23445.561 hour ago
8Durnîk36143.19445.251 hour ago
9Wréx364.02445.061 hour ago
10Alyssia37363.96444.881 day ago
11Strips37362.80444.881 day ago
12Purplehelmet33729.23444.631 day ago
13Nectarines33027.46444.561 day ago
14Tervatuk27475.97444.561 hour ago
15Offler27282.62444.381 day ago
16Gixxdh36975.52443.631 day ago
17Venarìus18402.95443.311 day ago
18Valefuris28702.00443.311 day ago
19Goonier36975.51443.191 day ago
20Jadziaa27543.44443.061 day ago
21Djuzaam0.97443.001 day ago
22Deàthcrush30373.53443.001 day ago
23Voldazah27282.62442.631 day ago
24Leiix22231.67442.561 day ago
25Avalyhn37056.85442.381 day ago
26Proco23675.87442.131 day ago
27Leixi11.61442.131 day ago
28Saphiiree37363.99442.061 day ago
29Pujoparta36666.75442.061 day ago
30Pèst24642.52441.751 day ago
31Firefunk37167.40441.441 day ago
32Leixrogue9.66441.251 day ago
33Silvergrace37169.45441.131 day ago
34Mumlebukse20897.46441.131 day ago
35Fuzznoggin20451.42440.941 day ago
36Leixe303.77440.941 day ago
37Tailay36417.68440.811 day ago
38Razáel432.26440.811 day ago
39Trolibalance20704.02440.251 day ago
40Tharkun36861.26440.061 day ago
41Dwg303.77440.061 hour ago
42Myrtenaster4.18439.631 day ago
43Delphh36721.49439.561 day ago
44Øsøme257.04439.501 day ago
45Gxblue53.48439.251 day ago
46Sàgoth350.43438.941 day ago
47Sfex290.23438.631 day ago
48Bugzi37169.47438.631 day ago
49Leix350.43438.561 day ago
50Hilin238.68438.561 day ago
51Vegene20759.02437.941 day ago
52Payapas280.45437.001 day ago
53Lovebites315.44436.941 day ago
54Daveshock4.18436.561 day ago
55Syboe55.16436.311 day ago
56Alysandria73.64436.061 day ago
57Haddek280.45436.001 day ago
58Doloúr327.12435.881 day ago
59Zulay325.07435.311 day ago
60Friarsteak0.00435.001 day ago
61Torphenes350.43434.751 day ago
62Gerezeb0.00434.561 day ago
63Trendykill21342.08433.881 day ago
64Phloe350.43432.881 day ago
65Leixyi70.35432.501 day ago
66Flotza55279.86432.191 day ago
67Sandry4.07431.881 day ago
68Gïxx446.40431.131 day ago
69Alyssha21089.50431.001 day ago
70Supersvein23870.35430.441 day ago
71Cyberlobster245.33429.381 day ago
72Dicoco65.38428.941 day ago
73Elliedari37.32428.881 day ago
74Ràgnàròk48.61428.811 day ago
75Anéa0.30428.001 day ago
76Gxdru0.00426.941 day ago
77Freddieklaus53.99426.501 day ago
78Greasybeard0.84426.191 day ago
79Suhanó2.61425.691 day ago
80Blòodleth380.22425.631 day ago
81Flotzek334.04425.061 day ago
82Lavernus245.33425.001 day ago
83Mixtwist245.33424.061 day ago
84Nottz0.70423.061 day ago
85Thoril0.00422.191 day ago
86Ínez0.00422.131 day ago
87Alyssya0.90420.751 day ago
88Sourlimes0.00419.751 day ago
89Mumlekriger446.40419.631 day ago
90Nightsend0.00419.441 day ago
91Zanida4.18418.381 day ago
92Alýssha3.95418.381 day ago
93Purpletotem0.00417.061 day ago
94Spacescooter0.00416.881 day ago
95Míschief383.36416.881 day ago
96Sinthun9.09416.881 day ago
97Satsumi55279.86416.631 day ago
98Rainbowsmile0.28416.631 day ago
99Belgarath0.00414.811 day ago
100Kiadorn13.65414.811 day ago
101Zlaad4.21414.691 day ago
102Trelim53.99413.751 day ago
103Miumii245.33413.131 day ago
104Malkia0.42413.061 day ago
105Leixor0.00413.061 day ago
106Rebekca0.30412.881 day ago
107Naktaff0.00412.631 day ago
108Kobiss24421.94412.441 day ago
109Stoicmercy0.00411.811 day ago
110Kharastraza388.75411.691 day ago
111Indrul0.00410.751 day ago
112Leixeh290.23410.561 day ago
113Cimexfel406.41410.381 day ago
114Chòcòlate0.00409.631 day ago
115Rocke6101.99409.061 day ago
116Kraax20948.50407.811 day ago
117Framaxx3.95407.251 day ago
118Tsabo0.00407.191 day ago
119Lbrssucks0.00406.561 day ago
120Trolirogue0.00406.061 day ago
121Achillia0.00405.691 day ago
122Guldania0.00405.381 day ago
123Ihuntya0.00405.001 day ago
124Depriv0.00404.631 day ago
125Megafloofy336.51403.561 day ago
126Mikzel388.99403.131 day ago
127Evilltouch0.00402.631 day ago
128Táàko0.00402.501 day ago
129Bengttoast54.52401.811 day ago
130Deadsmell0.00401.251 day ago
131Arriadnae0.00401.191 day ago
132Hatha0.00400.881 day ago
133Soudbinndh0.00400.561 day ago
134Leixei0.00400.251 day ago
135Alysya0.00399.131 day ago
136Mumledk1362.79398.941 day ago
137Trakush3.73398.691 day ago
138Eximare12.70398.441 day ago
139Taikjr371.92398.441 day ago
140Alearon383.77398.381 day ago
141Gxmw0.00398.251 day ago
142Lovelymalle0.00396.751 day ago
143Kïya38.57396.441 day ago
144Soulzage0.00395.631 day ago
145Dahusa0.00395.191 day ago
146Cimex0.00394.691 day ago
147Leixy3.95394.191 day ago
148Wiireless436.38394.061 day ago
149Flotzka0.00393.751 day ago
150Señorpengus0.00393.441 day ago
151Devoured0.00393.311 day ago
152Dabbler0.00393.131 day ago
153Azri70.35392.881 day ago
154Dréandroon0.49392.381 day ago
155Arlaako0.00391.941 day ago
156Inalas0.00391.811 day ago
157Purgatorio0.00391.691 day ago
158Jonnah0.00391.441 day ago
159Dreadots3.97390.941 day ago
160Khraze0.00390.311 day ago
161Lirresa3.95390.001 day ago
162Cornball360.26389.691 day ago
163Deathgrïps439.67389.441 day ago
164Warlörc3.95389.251 day ago
165Flotzel0.28387.561 day ago
166Sowyn0.00387.561 day ago
167Pandushon0.00387.501 day ago
168Bequin0.00387.191 day ago
169Nithya4.07386.311 day ago
170Zogwort3615.21386.001 day ago
171Vathramor0.00385.501 day ago
172Pilt0.00384.881 day ago
173Judgemêntal0.00384.561 day ago
174Taikorex86.69384.061 day ago
175Furever0.00383.941 day ago
176Hexleaf0.00383.441 day ago
177Hymnleaf0.00383.251 day ago
178Greavius0.00383.191 day ago
179Inebriant0.00383.061 day ago
180Ruantornn0.00382.751 day ago
181Valeera0.00382.631 day ago
182Risora0.00382.561 day ago
183Dorghar0.00382.311 day ago
184Kleptic0.00382.191 day ago
185Hydronium0.00381.811 day ago
186Tkz0.00381.311 day ago
187Dreandra0.00381.131 day ago
188Arodaxy0.00379.631 day ago
189Turtlelock1870.87379.061 day ago
190Andywarr0.00378.561 day ago
191Mononokehime54.01378.311 day ago
192Gunleaf0.00376.251 day ago
193Nervè0.00375.251 day ago
194Ironroth371.92375.061 day ago
195Maelazen2042.82373.941 day ago
196Zenpa0.00373.191 day ago
197Otillia0.00371.811 day ago
198Anshî0.00371.311 day ago
199Marikaa0.00370.941 day ago
200Frezers336.90369.311 day ago
201Elsoïl0.00369.311 day ago
202Layani0.00368.751 day ago
203Alisya0.00366.061 day ago
204Bloodléth0.00365.751 day ago
205Miyeko0.00365.691 day ago
206Flotzski371.92364.311 day ago
207Sánteria0.00363.311 day ago
208Jahkob360.26363.061 day ago
209Methodmàn53.99362.441 day ago
210Adrilua0.00361.881 day ago
211Gorsnak0.00361.501 day ago
212Gawdric0.00360.561 day ago
213Plaguechild0.00359.631 day ago
214Ignisty0.00358.691 day ago
215Ciutaku81.23358.561 day ago
216Zulumann0.66357.131 day ago
217Onepunchmónk0.00355.941 day ago
218Stoictaurus0.00355.751 day ago
219Kaeyo0.00355.561 day ago
220Felscout0.14355.501 day ago
221Moomomma0.00353.881 day ago
222Koniko0.15353.381 day ago
223Mielikkì0.00352.751 day ago
224Lancer0.00340.251 day ago
225Sygh0.00338.691 day ago
226Graius0.00314.311 day ago
227Bloodleth0.00302.311 day ago
228Dawsdani0.00--1 day ago
229Elanòr0.00--1 day ago
230Hardland0.00--1 day ago
231Trolleline0.00--1 day ago
232Xeldorn0.00--1 day ago
233Melanthria0.00--1 day ago
234Great0.00--1 day ago
235Glude0.00--1 day ago
236Malaxis0.00--1 day ago
237Andydh0.00--1 day ago
238Lbk0.00--1 day ago
239Vellence0.44--1 day ago
240Drunkangel0.00--1 day ago
241Evelyn0.00--1 day ago
242Grumpycât0.00--1 day ago
243Arianna0.00--1 day ago
244Snotmonster0.42--1 day ago
245Koen713.20--1 day ago
246Mistleaf0.00--1 day ago
247Dreakin0.00--1 day ago
248Dotster0.00--1 day ago
249Yozho0.00--1 day ago
250Eliseri0.00--1 day ago
251Fækoff0.00--1 day ago
252Vinaphtha0.00--1 day ago
253Brozone0.84--1 day ago
254Kitsun0.00--1 day ago
255Lunarleaf0.00--1 day ago
256Furiousdave0.00--1 day ago
257Rageleaf0.00--1 day ago
258Bugzih0.00--1 day ago
259Gwey0.00--1 day ago
260Drakariso0.00--1 day ago

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