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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ryiu19733.07447.061 day ago
2Retainz13348.25444.811 day ago
3Zaruja19843.63443.691 day ago
4Balancez85.82442.941 day ago
5Missløs312.48442.691 day ago
6Liezé19733.07442.691 day ago
7Kazool392.04442.251 day ago
8Furiouspongy19733.07442.061 day ago
9Aarkein19733.07441.381 day ago
10Kamanci19733.07440.631 day ago
11Planethopper13348.25440.381 day ago
12Sarkyiash0.30440.251 day ago
13Sulena19733.07439.881 day ago
14Bathanar19733.07439.881 day ago
15Fatemperor19733.07439.561 day ago
16Untegunte19733.07439.251 day ago
17Sjokkomelk19733.07438.941 day ago
18Claricee19733.07438.691 day ago
19Retainzz13648.05438.691 day ago
20Zuago94.95437.811 day ago
21Sjaxionian5883.68437.751 day ago
22Urkitza19261.22437.631 day ago
23Sanguinarii19650.60437.131 day ago
24Sarkyshoeshi43.80437.131 day ago
25Lunadian275.35436.311 day ago
26Lothux68.78435.501 day ago
27Fadezilla19733.07435.251 day ago
28Cìondra19733.07434.311 day ago
29Gwyndoliin19733.07434.311 day ago
30Alliseraa78.66434.251 day ago
31Zaîl19733.07434.001 day ago
32Glutuna333.78433.881 day ago
33Tyraél333.78433.881 day ago
34Xypher400.47433.441 day ago
35Zazarix287.10432.441 day ago
36Kaìzer3.68432.441 day ago
37Liezee2.60430.441 day ago
38Volrîn0.74430.311 day ago
39Aliseraa60.56429.631 day ago
40Omnific39.71429.191 day ago
41Hémera0.00429.061 day ago
42Tûruk39.97428.941 day ago
43Baeliar40.14427.691 day ago
44Wruxthion65.79427.691 day ago
45Notaburger59.45427.441 day ago
46Sneakyrunt99.12427.311 day ago
47Zaíl0.00426.561 day ago
48Taulfaurion77.03424.311 day ago
49Bubsy55.74423.381 day ago
50Deathydareal355.12421.381 day ago
51Piratøs0.00421.311 day ago
52Ravesh72.75420.501 day ago
53Piccolina0.00420.001 day ago
54Krystian49.63419.881 day ago
55Leainne0.00419.631 day ago
56Skornos0.00417.191 day ago
57Ananshaell0.15416.811 day ago
58Fuglymugs41.31416.001 day ago
59Sablepaw44.82415.561 day ago
60Atroks0.00415.501 day ago
61Shalltéar0.79414.381 day ago
62Catlania382.83413.631 day ago
63Eledrez0.70413.191 day ago
64Târkan383.10411.881 day ago
65Undurkurw14.71411.381 day ago
66Choksondiek335.53411.251 day ago
67Stárcy14.44411.131 day ago
68Spongyta0.00411.061 day ago
69Crozzy13.16408.381 day ago
70Batanar0.00407.561 day ago
71Oleyo354.65407.131 day ago
72Aquiel0.60405.751 day ago
73Suurak0.00405.191 day ago
74Kaizerlol0.33405.061 day ago
75Takrinn7.27404.811 day ago
76Garfs59.10403.811 day ago
77Rodernic0.00401.811 day ago
78Kodorage0.00401.061 day ago
79Namali0.00400.881 day ago
80Tesan0.00400.501 day ago
81Contaminate25.90399.811 day ago
82Necroplastic0.00399.691 day ago
83Scratchér0.00399.311 day ago
84Fugsnuts0.00398.751 day ago
85Dieckprest52.90398.441 day ago
86Tankycow4.30398.311 day ago
87Hypothesis429.77398.131 day ago
88Concentrate326.70397.941 day ago
89Grèathórn0.00397.131 day ago
90Aiiko12.15396.881 day ago
91Painbringèr0.00395.881 day ago
92Maeríc0.00395.381 day ago
93Simoneê22.42395.191 day ago
94Gochyaa0.00394.881 day ago
95Skogtroll21.80394.501 day ago
96Idpsyaman326.97394.131 day ago
97Lilfaxitaxi0.00393.941 day ago
98Niplex0.00392.441 day ago
99Kaîzer0.00392.061 day ago
100Arcanemagic0.00389.811 day ago
101Faayre0.00389.001 day ago
102Fangshou0.00387.751 day ago
103Radlar3.86386.311 day ago
104Belamorte0.00383.631 day ago
105Thayen85.23383.311 day ago
106Thalyssraii0.00380.691 day ago
107Lhadnarts0.00376.751 day ago
108Taeris0.00376.381 day ago
109Zorela0.00366.381 day ago
110Kinash0.00--1 day ago
111Faraaf0.00--1 day ago

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