Update Progress for Atlantes

EU (ES)-Dun Modr

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Bellacrowley88.37427.3121 hour ago
2Veeks88.37426.9417 hours ago
3Araduin88.37426.0621 hour ago
4Sandax88.37424.3821 hour ago
5Orxion44.41424.382 days ago
6Tejerraíces88.37423.5621 hour ago
7Darkensi88.37423.252 days ago
8Varothen29.53422.9421 hour ago
9Sabrosodh88.37422.8121 hour ago
10Mändril88.37422.3821 hour ago
11Tolbard88.37420.7521 hour ago
12Chmi88.37420.7521 hour ago
13Vleick88.37420.2521 hour ago
14Madmárdigan88.37420.1321 hour ago
15Matabi88.37419.8121 hour ago
16Hunday88.37419.6921 hour ago
17Prirya29.54419.382 days ago
18Sadguy88.91419.383 days ago
19Xlacker88.37419.0021 hour ago
20Faword381.18418.693 days ago
21Sanyra14.87418.313 days ago
22Despierta88.37418.0621 hour ago
23Tigerchan88.37417.4421 hour ago
24Iramix88.37417.3821 hour ago
25Zokru381.18417.133 days ago
26Archiprox0.90417.063 days ago
27Agrivain381.18416.693 days ago
28Mambanégrá88.37416.3121 hour ago
29Devästación0.90415.633 days ago
30Cruzadix14.87415.003 days ago
31Marllmoro441.20414.813 days ago
32Cababoboh7348.96414.693 days ago
33Shenrozz0.00414.563 days ago
34Ker0.00414.009 days ago
35Densér367.96413.639 days ago
36Axios0.00413.569 days ago
37Abelrase14.20413.389 days ago
38Sacerboboh381.18413.009 days ago
39Silentfury4.46412.569 days ago
40Dantei0.00412.259 days ago
41Krigser0.00412.259 days ago
42Yûkiko31.92411.389 days ago
43Káori6713.69411.139 days ago
44Deambula0.00411.069 days ago
45Viruete381.18410.819 days ago
46Vardlokkur381.18410.759 days ago
47Malavir14.20410.509 days ago
48Islene0.00409.259 days ago
49Elforns61.72409.259 days ago
50Gizonochoa4.43408.759 days ago
51Artîc14.20408.389 days ago
52Theblackbóx36.63408.319 days ago
53Bobohcaza4.48407.449 days ago
54Tigerpriest7348.96407.389 days ago
55Panchocapik14.20407.199 days ago
56Zharkrin0.00407.069 days ago
57Boboh0.00406.889 days ago
58Wolmïr14.20406.699 days ago
59Lipsy4.33406.639 days ago
60Emiliö0.00406.509 days ago
61Päju55.72405.699 days ago
62Væg0.00405.569 days ago
63Kilami4.46404.759 days ago
64Saldor10.55403.889 days ago
65Amiguz334.68403.889 days ago
66Kitaana5573.09403.699 days ago
67Kennita6380.10403.699 days ago
68Adalila345.77403.319 days ago
69Lancelod4.36402.759 days ago
70Selhara0.00401.949 days ago
71Jiinn0.00401.639 days ago
72Lifty4.46401.389 days ago
73Seralhar33.12401.069 days ago
74Xbï4.46401.009 days ago
75Shúi0.65400.949 days ago
76Ghariel0.00400.639 days ago
77Valerok0.00399.069 days ago
78Moonsand31.32398.449 days ago
79Realfrost0.90398.319 days ago
80Málsu1914.37398.009 days ago
81Shalendra74.26397.949 days ago
82Aÿsa0.00397.389 days ago
83Døøx0.00396.699 days ago
84Gylraen0.00396.639 days ago
85Artîcz0.55396.009 days ago
86Rÿko0.00395.889 days ago
87Sÿndrael0.00395.449 days ago
88Sökkvabekk0.00395.449 days ago
89Naturewolf345.66394.389 days ago
90Kaøx0.00394.259 days ago
91Svälä626.97394.065 days ago
92Thunderstrak2495.17393.259 days ago
93Äbraxas13.93391.509 days ago
94Yomelolio70.50391.199 days ago
95Inquiristor3.12390.699 days ago
96Unacurita0.00390.449 days ago
97Shát0.36390.389 days ago
98Webcom0.00389.449 days ago
99Sabroso0.00388.699 days ago
100Alundrà0.00388.569 days ago
101Idaengberg1389.93388.319 days ago
102Densersleét0.00387.639 days ago
103Ssussø0.00386.319 days ago
104Spartha34.11386.259 days ago
105Chiquita0.00385.949 days ago
106Æssîr3.12384.569 days ago
107Elisé4.00383.759 days ago
108Chirristi0.00382.639 days ago
109Elnôôr713.00381.889 days ago
110Mäkâ1903.01381.885 months ago
111Abelmage2272.58381.259 days ago
112Melocotonês0.00381.009 days ago
113Authïel0.00380.699 days ago
114Lentejö1362.24379.139 days ago
115Ínata82.21378.889 days ago
116Mítxel1889.37377.699 days ago
117Shisho2469.91377.069 days ago
118Alizht0.00376.389 days ago
119Telkör2522.43376.139 days ago
120Websky0.00375.889 days ago
121Fornellius0.00375.819 days ago
122Obuneo2272.58375.699 days ago
123Tejetuercas0.00375.069 days ago
124Youcantseexd0.00374.319 days ago
125Mudäsir2486.36374.259 days ago
126Gaelchami0.42374.139 days ago
127Patétrica0.00374.009 days ago
128Reloth406.72373.449 days ago
129Tinguaro0.00372.949 days ago
130Yeigo0.56371.949 days ago
131Mijito0.00371.759 days ago
132Dekachondeø1003.91371.389 days ago
133Lonerin0.00369.389 days ago
134Rcrower1298.56369.009 days ago
135Denia1950.63368.639 days ago
136Nasdril0.00368.319 days ago
137Shirochi36.70367.569 days ago
138Genkiryû0.00366.759 days ago
139Zännah0.00366.569 days ago
140Fumi0.00366.139 days ago
141Kanekki0.00365.819 days ago
142Gürnissön0.00365.259 days ago
143Letitrip0.00365.009 days ago
144Kriminall713.00364.889 days ago
145Wamtunfrito0.00364.639 days ago
146Orsö0.00364.389 days ago
147Enderil0.00362.759 days ago
148Lilmayer0.00361.509 days ago
149Beltris28.58360.759 days ago
150Moiro72.77360.639 days ago
151Lêðn25.98359.949 days ago
152Wurzarg38.49359.139 days ago
153Shadowlo0.00358.509 days ago
154Zampabollos45.72358.139 days ago
155Vanderman23.46356.509 days ago
156Suetonio0.00356.389 days ago
157Hexael0.00356.009 days ago
158Elendriel0.00355.699 days ago
159Gronjawer0.00355.449 days ago
160Shiroshimp0.00355.009 days ago
161Azahi88.05353.949 days ago
162Mïtico0.00353.509 days ago
163Wofol88.05353.389 days ago
164Musashiden0.00352.699 days ago
165Kyrasath0.00348.139 days ago
166Mìtxel0.00347.389 days ago
167Tiiq0.00345.389 days ago
168Regen0.00344.259 days ago
169Daniersam0.00343.639 days ago
170Kaôtik0.00342.889 days ago
171Sylaned0.00341.759 days ago
172Shenrón0.00340.759 days ago
173Bacana0.00339.509 days ago
174Khemrix0.00339.199 days ago
175Isleen0.00338.009 days ago
176Siisuka0.00333.569 days ago
177Valenir0.00330.069 days ago
178Shadem0.00328.139 days ago
179Lightness0.00321.949 days ago
180Garodriel0.00318.949 days ago
181Paarthurnäx0.00313.449 days ago
182Shiroeiyuu0.00313.389 days ago
183Lamacum0.00304.069 days ago
184Yarisha0.00302.069 days ago
185Ermiko0.00302.009 days ago
186Haertwig0.00301.699 days ago
187Kawal0.00293.949 days ago
188Tejeacero0.00293.139 days ago
189Ssapphire0.00291.569 days ago
190Akiraura0.00285.949 days ago
191Shiroakuma0.00283.389 days ago
192Kyokochan0.00271.319 days ago
193Dénsersleet0.00268.199 days ago
194Darsuss0.00--1 year ago
195Tejesombras0.00--8 months ago
196Shabroso0.00--8 months ago

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