Added to queue for a quick guild news scan (Mythic bosses only!)
Please check back the guild page later.

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Elorael13483.56449.001 day ago
2Miatra13483.56447.441 day ago
3Drenâ10565.76447.381 day ago
4Flugtaxi307.13446.631 day ago
5Naturalbeaut10565.76446.561 day ago
6Astrya2.78444.691 day ago
7Nathanial13678.61443.941 day ago
8Philadona13483.56443.751 day ago
9Banco12900.30442.441 day ago
10Holzkopp283.78441.631 day ago
11Ovaron3468.08441.191 day ago
12Snepp0.00441.061 day ago
13Aserlôn42.51440.441 day ago
14Wasntme8234.14440.131 day ago
15Nandra8817.12439.881 day ago
16Tyllona365.34439.131 day ago
17Amala13874.31438.001 day ago
18Derfel318.78437.561 day ago
19Anice318.78437.001 day ago
20Shetani75.47432.561 day ago
21Tatiana0.00429.751 day ago
22Rènjo68.18427.631 day ago
23Anduriel0.00423.131 day ago
24Chilee2.95422.381 day ago
25Dreamcrawler150.00422.381 day ago
26Todesgott0.00421.691 day ago
27Sunset0.00421.311 day ago
28Sunrìs0.00420.131 day ago
29Gordek13.21416.311 day ago
30Tychon374.45411.561 day ago
31Bämbäbäm0.00411.381 day ago
32Armeca0.00410.061 day ago
33Genzi0.00409.561 day ago
34Klops14.82406.251 day ago
35Thoulisa0.00397.001 day ago
36Hedrodal374.45394.631 day ago
37Maran0.00394.501 day ago
38Suyna0.00393.251 day ago
39Ceinwyn0.00392.631 day ago
40Siâna0.00386.251 day ago
41Fâceless59.29380.061 day ago
42Môônlîght0.00379.311 day ago
43Bellíc0.00378.311 day ago
44Kamillentee0.00373.691 day ago
45Miray0.00354.441 day ago
46Tyny0.00353.561 day ago
47Mitzee0.00331.001 day ago
48Vhalen0.00329.561 day ago
49Shyvána0.00309.441 day ago
50Automaton0.00307.061 day ago
51Kathirel0.00300.751 day ago
52Morales0.00286.631 day ago
53Nandra0.00260.501 day ago
54Elerá0.00230.501 day ago
55Fenly0.00227.751 day ago

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