Update Progress for Time and Tide

EU-Earthen Ring

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Eát420.37436.561 day ago
2Noxelle420.37436.191 day ago
3Elysi14.93432.881 day ago
4Prodigy38.59425.811 day ago
5Shadowfists3.82424.311 day ago
6Hárb25.98423.751 day ago
7Spraet0.15421.811 day ago
8Wrench0.14420.381 day ago
9Kaidonar3.15418.751 day ago
10Shadowharv3.90417.941 day ago
11Shàdów4.48417.561 day ago
12Mistywispy3.90416.941 day ago
13Äreth0.00416.631 day ago
14Wispycraft0.00416.561 day ago
15Winwood388.01416.501 day ago
16Willowisp0.00415.561 day ago
17Tarkalina0.00415.381 day ago
18Yvara393.00415.061 day ago
19Dwar0.27414.881 day ago
20Yvonnel393.00414.561 day ago
21Riinii0.00414.381 day ago
22Orinal0.14413.691 day ago
23Hermiana0.00413.251 day ago
24Rohym388.01413.061 day ago
25Vesper388.01412.941 day ago
26Swagnaros376.36411.881 day ago
27Mauless0.00411.501 day ago
28Felwisper0.00411.251 day ago
29Sens388.01411.061 day ago
30Deathwisper0.00410.691 day ago
31Vovkulaka0.00410.441 day ago
32Khaian388.01410.191 day ago
33Moistyboi3.70409.311 day ago
34Papaija4.48409.131 day ago
35Holegrana14.93408.131 day ago
36Wispytryx0.00407.061 day ago
37Gawra0.98406.691 day ago
38Shadowswipe0.00405.501 day ago
39Shadowmagic7.94405.251 day ago
40Mollosha55.63404.941 day ago
41Shàdow8.66404.881 day ago
42Raggy388.01404.561 day ago
43Xakep0.00404.251 day ago
44Pomelo3.15404.061 day ago
45Pawrar372.98403.881 day ago
46Tjaptjoy3.15403.311 day ago
47Lilsens0.00403.131 day ago
48Adrenalynn0.00403.061 day ago
49Galhaar1284.99402.811 day ago
50Calitha3.15402.691 day ago
51Valnoran0.00402.501 day ago
52Shadowcurse0.00402.441 day ago
53Dalaras3.82402.381 day ago
54Yasenyel353.08402.191 day ago
55Akarii59.14401.941 day ago
56Aivankhuieu3.55401.881 day ago
57Hornsbe3.55401.751 day ago
58Bikbik39.70401.561 day ago
59Hysteria0.00401.561 day ago
60Infinity0.00401.131 day ago
61Alastaire0.00400.631 day ago
62Suenami353.08400.501 day ago
63Sherley343.09400.381 day ago
64Kalanath0.00400.191 day ago
65Sorgana55.32400.061 day ago
66Pained0.00400.001 day ago
67Bigpapi3.35399.691 day ago
68Mayday0.00399.311 day ago
69Roseroyce0.00399.131 day ago
70Angelish343.09399.131 day ago
71Nejih0.00399.061 day ago
72Solarai3.55399.061 day ago
73Danalei4.48398.941 day ago
74Blixum0.00398.251 day ago
75Minccino11.77397.631 day ago
76Rainades0.14396.881 day ago
77Hyp6688.78396.811 day ago
78Svarogue0.00396.631 day ago
79Xarlar7326.32396.441 day ago
80Liles4.48396.251 day ago
81Ayla0.00395.441 day ago
82Khamin0.00394.751 day ago
83Fenga3.49394.251 day ago
84Lessa0.00394.131 day ago
85Sapphira0.00393.691 day ago
86Warm3.11393.561 day ago
87Nylandria0.00393.381 day ago
88Merilynn0.00393.311 day ago
89Khiba0.00392.631 day ago
90Trivy0.00392.561 day ago
91Saligh0.00390.441 day ago
92Lyllyana0.00390.251 day ago
93Wynne0.00389.941 day ago
94Darkinger55.25389.561 day ago
95Siletz0.00389.001 day ago
96Pauline0.00389.001 day ago
97Apachai59.85388.561 day ago
98Rhianon0.00388.501 day ago
99Tessian0.00388.381 day ago
100Shadowmend0.26388.001 day ago
101Laydon7133.23387.691 day ago
102Kokiná3.94387.501 day ago
103Vaelran0.00387.501 day ago
104Caze3.94383.501 day ago
105Natalka3.15383.251 day ago
106Maelstrata3.00382.881 day ago
107Rosellee3.15381.691 day ago
108Athleon0.00380.501 day ago
109Lån14.82380.441 day ago
110Kirkhi0.00380.251 day ago
111Sinisa0.00378.811 day ago
112Xanorech1340.53378.131 day ago
113Minwenda3.15376.061 day ago
114Tanaria55.01375.941 day ago
115Mísao343.09375.631 day ago
116Vimto34.64375.061 day ago
117Dethas0.00375.001 day ago
118Kaian1340.53374.311 day ago
119Fyali0.00374.251 day ago
120Morradin1340.53374.191 day ago
121Arcreius982.22374.191 day ago
122Iperi14.82374.061 day ago
123Morrana0.00373.811 day ago
124Rumhunt0.00373.441 day ago
125Maevé0.00373.381 day ago
126Leciona0.00372.941 day ago
127Sephora0.00372.941 day ago
128Isärith0.00372.751 day ago
129Iathe1332.39372.691 day ago
130Lillithraell49.40372.691 day ago
131Kokinai0.00370.251 day ago
132Kelendor0.00368.691 day ago
133Logaia0.00368.501 day ago
134Sazun0.00367.631 day ago
135Hefall0.00366.811 day ago
136Mactep0.00366.561 day ago
137Wispwind0.00365.941 day ago
138Gáwra0.00365.751 day ago
139Eaglewing0.00365.191 day ago
140Lân33.48363.631 day ago
141Bengelke57.20363.631 day ago
142Montriko0.00363.381 day ago
143Xyrin0.00361.881 day ago
144Lakrosa80.08361.251 day ago
145Tiashina370.25359.501 day ago
146Landen0.24359.381 day ago
147Tiffen0.00359.191 day ago
148Poisonvoid0.00357.941 day ago
149Zeniba0.00357.501 day ago
150Kuljaeden0.00357.441 day ago
151Munchkino0.00357.131 day ago
152Appashadow0.00357.061 day ago
153Allàn0.24356.881 day ago
154Azyry0.00356.061 day ago
155Cubik3.60354.631 day ago
156Drundin24.53353.631 day ago
157Oréo0.00352.501 day ago
158Willamina22.65352.061 day ago
159Làn0.36351.441 day ago
160Vexnar0.00349.881 day ago
161Drundlan8.66349.001 day ago
162Bryoncé59.14347.561 day ago
163Cloverfield7.55344.561 day ago
164Kokin0.00339.311 day ago
165Làndis0.00338.061 day ago
166Denaila0.00331.691 day ago
167Addinio0.00329.381 day ago
168Isadíen0.00329.311 day ago
169Rosii0.00328.941 day ago
170Goldsniff0.00327.941 day ago
171Grambriella0.00316.131 day ago
172Brycicle0.00314.441 day ago
173Furíosa3.60314.311 day ago
174Mordae0.00306.001 day ago
175Darknight0.00303.441 day ago
176Tonya0.00287.441 day ago
177Igneato0.00284.251 day ago
178Bazzie0.00283.881 day ago
179Cyniel0.00282.691 day ago
180Ragnóras0.00259.751 day ago

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