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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Hakzmonk28536.84452.1313 hours ago
2Dakiro24653.33451.9413 hours ago
3Thyrã1.65451.8813 hours ago
4Thàlion33041.59451.6313 hours ago
5Warchîefe33040.42451.1913 hours ago
6Sweêper17654.04450.501 day ago
7Ahrýa32484.55449.9413 hours ago
8Mîtschl1.65449.8113 hours ago
9Cyndrielle1.35449.7510 hours ago
10Gòdu1.65449.7513 hours ago
11Blâckmâstêr27375.67449.5613 hours ago
12Earthquakex24513.52449.381 day ago
13Tyrã9568.58449.251 day ago
14Mòulóck1.65449.2513 hours ago
15Deamonsoul32151.52449.0013 hours ago
16Niulá11478.51448.811 day ago
17Najita1.65448.7513 hours ago
18Fíxî10980.95448.251 day ago
19Mahlou1.65447.8113 hours ago
20Broioi27570.26447.811 day ago
21Zuçker29040.22447.251 day ago
22Mâlix16087.13447.0613 hours ago
23Veldri1.65446.753 hours ago
24Swêêper63.98446.751 day ago
25Fixì11454.20446.691 day ago
26Totecc29429.38446.501 day ago
27Zekimah33041.59446.501 day ago
28Æxyqt17930.83446.191 day ago
29Blâckí9568.58446.001 day ago
30Skalpino150.00446.001 day ago
31Bigoranus29231.51445.501 day ago
32Fíxí7500.00445.501 day ago
33Swééper59.24445.191 day ago
34Boscô3216.12445.131 day ago
35Syráxqt27291.81445.0613 hours ago
36Emerellé14116.71444.941 day ago
37Fidulaar24262.67444.881 day ago
38Kelritia315.50444.631 day ago
39Galojo363.95444.562 days ago
40Ðôóm8056.30444.251 day ago
41Niclaus7500.00444.1913 hours ago
42Feria8651.06444.002 days ago
43Fidubibou13953.36443.812 days ago
44Exiledduo17201.27443.632 days ago
45Halloholly33040.45443.382 days ago
46Thorkyell0.00443.2517 hours ago
47Zalikha208.71443.132 days ago
48Tawariel31317.52443.061 day ago
49Pfoschte19125.65443.002 days ago
50Amarinea5876.79442.941 day ago
51Græve8651.06442.631 day ago
52Rhaenara11035.63442.441 day ago
53Paparogue10208.12442.441 day ago
54Veldrii9485.59442.251 day ago
55Galôjo300.45442.061 day ago
56Akéno208.71442.001 day ago
57Exilepriest29429.38441.7513 hours ago
58Syràx8463.08441.691 day ago
59Ardìna163.66441.561 day ago
60Blazinqtee29428.21441.441 day ago
61Volltrøll0.91441.382 days ago
62Nangilima13455.09440.812 days ago
63Blaçky9486.92440.752 days ago
64Malesý220.42440.562 days ago
65Horniblazin1.65440.4413 hours ago
66Morthrak220.42440.252 days ago
67Paranda6100.50439.752 days ago
68Màlix265.60439.752 days ago
69Hakzdk56.80439.382 days ago
70Veldriani246.86439.382 days ago
71Moulai13568.66439.002 days ago
72Kleineholly11899.64438.942 days ago
73Twylló412.17438.882 days ago
74Ðôôm16565.17438.562 days ago
75Bigzanzissl315.50438.252 days ago
76Leosan13568.66437.562 days ago
77Tøtecc217.04436.882 days ago
78Ametha150.00436.382 days ago
79Kelu0.00436.132 days ago
80Nijo0.00436.062 days ago
81Wiermy102.23435.942 days ago
82Sweepêr54.49435.632 days ago
83Syraxqt208.71434.752 days ago
84Crockett315.50434.562 days ago
85Exilepala21.95434.386 days ago
86Veldra168.70433.812 days ago
87Setsudrood5546.52432.882 days ago
88Týra32.04432.382 days ago
89Luciaan804.36432.192 days ago
90Moulock305.43431.692 days ago
91Lyriell232.09431.442 days ago
92Magnanimitas408.63431.312 days ago
93Anetha173.83429.942 days ago
94Kelriu42.20429.882 days ago
95Navíí168.60428.312 days ago
96Prain178.69427.192 days ago
97Hakzclap28.44426.382 days ago
98Iskandêr165.77426.312 days ago
99Saturnalia3.76424.442 days ago
100Talém0.00423.562 days ago
101Prainpunk2.70423.442 days ago
102Juniah6966.90423.252 days ago
103Flitwick0.00421.562 days ago
104Finsca73.46420.252 days ago
105Maddøxx7.68419.812 days ago
106Veldrihunt270.66419.562 days ago
107Tausimonk0.00419.4417 days ago
108Skessa0.00419.382 days ago
109Askeladd0.00419.382 days ago
110Thorkydan0.00419.382 days ago
111Keliy52.18418.252 days ago
112Karadima0.00417.692 days ago
113Gyda0.00417.502 days ago
114Shardara0.00417.062 days ago
115Ylwa0.00417.002 days ago
116Qisha6802.18416.442 days ago
117Hioré19426.41416.312 days ago
118Schmidisalt0.00416.192 days ago
119Svipa0.00416.062 days ago
120Mortrak0.24416.002 days ago
121Elradriel0.35415.882 days ago
122Tahiri0.00415.692 days ago
123Mitsudomoe0.00415.312 days ago
124Blãcky7087.18414.382 days ago
125Mäcfly0.00413.312 days ago
126Simrock0.00413.252 days ago
127Hollies43.12412.752 days ago
128Kelthura4.51410.812 days ago
129Schmidisalz72.13410.812 days ago
130Ðraku6110.88410.632 days ago
131Mäcfist354.80410.002 days ago
132Zerosignal0.00409.562 days ago
133Linou3.85408.382 days ago
134Orbäm19701.70407.312 days ago
135Schûz21.10405.252 days ago
136Mônkster44.25403.382 days ago
137Mammal0.00402.812 days ago
138Löwenbräu286.91402.192 days ago
139Dirty0.00401.382 days ago
140Aslaug0.00399.312 days ago
141Rokar0.00399.132 days ago
142Aêrithria0.36399.062 days ago
143Nimuell0.75398.692 days ago
144Lavenja348.14398.062 days ago
145Ylwi0.00397.692 days ago
146Prainafk0.32396.502 days ago
147Grost0.00396.382 days ago
148Klopperpüppî0.00390.502 days ago
149Mîsâ0.00389.312 days ago
150Loriama0.00389.132 days ago
151Asgarath0.10388.002 days ago
152Alìsha0.00387.562 days ago
153Loomit7354.63386.752 days ago
154Antfael0.84386.252 days ago
155Moonuz0.00385.502 days ago
156Fenrylo0.00384.382 days ago
157Amâri27.54384.382 days ago
158Búlls0.00383.562 days ago
159Dreekal0.00383.382 days ago
160Vendrall0.00383.382 days ago
161Xeido14.87382.002 days ago
162Unidentifíed0.00381.502 days ago
163Bót26.97377.632 days ago
164Masonmx1343.54376.132 days ago
165Shayton4.21369.562 days ago
166Serephina0.00364.002 days ago
167Álîshâ0.00358.562 days ago
168Nordish11.23352.882 days ago
169Perphîe3.90349.562 days ago
170Ironcutter0.00349.132 days ago
171Smeyh0.00345.692 days ago
172Kurtohnebart0.00333.632 days ago
173Prainor0.00312.502 days ago
174Makelon0.00293.382 days ago
175Dantem0.00284.132 days ago
176Pulli0.00270.382 days ago
177Prainusa0.00264.192 days ago
178Praindh0.00256.312 days ago
179Kletti0.00240.752 days ago
180Hydroz0.00102.632 days ago

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