Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Dcs45984.01448.252 hours ago
2Dvrn48311.71447.502 hours ago
3Sladeyo35258.26446.812 hours ago
4Dâc48311.71446.562 hours ago
5Mârosch48311.71445.812 hours ago
6Slysio46843.18445.442 hours ago
7Ahnerbolika40348.62445.192 hours ago
8Drvetra34989.26444.632 hours ago
9Mentyr48117.35444.312 hours ago
10Dantina41948.49443.752 hours ago
11Doxic5560.75443.252 hours ago
12Dluu48311.71443.002 hours ago
13Basher43179.27442.502 hours ago
14Sarøm36375.77442.382 hours ago
15Arzubis48311.71442.312 hours ago
16Vivatan46760.13442.192 hours ago
17Naahla100.00441.812 hours ago
18Maa48311.71441.812 hours ago
19Aeon42291.04441.382 hours ago
20Raeløx46918.95441.192 hours ago
21Cbnd397.26440.882 hours ago
22Powlow48311.71440.812 hours ago
23Enhanced42985.50440.752 hours ago
24Helldog46651.36440.502 hours ago
25Meøxdruid20655.18440.002 hours ago
26Kouseiya20655.88439.692 hours ago
27Kawummz48117.29439.442 hours ago
28Bovy47924.33439.312 hours ago
29Ðopa24071.15439.132 hours ago
30Trisky93.94439.062 hours ago
31Leczias46372.67438.942 hours ago
32Zaora377.18438.812 hours ago
33Katemosh47925.70438.502 hours ago
34Doxret322.77437.942 hours ago
35Shadouken71.02437.752 hours ago
36Bovilee41.67437.752 hours ago
37Kkrit42592.58437.382 hours ago
38Doqz335.94437.312 hours ago
39Nooke48311.71437.192 hours ago
40Xinawl42676.36436.692 hours ago
41Zackdown378.76436.442 hours ago
42Voxtan29510.71436.312 days ago
43Saithìs67.62435.752 hours ago
44Nuuky92.21435.566 days ago
45Bloora42870.78435.506 days ago
46Orti42093.39434.693 days ago
47Daiquirilli0.00431.256 days ago
48Reijî72.58430.886 days ago
49Lolmode87.57429.946 days ago
50Ouro68.10429.696 days ago
51Lynooqt42.63429.386 days ago
52Fkn66.05428.506 days ago
53Kaserino0.98428.256 days ago
54Alpha348.08428.136 days ago
55Hirad0.00427.566 days ago
56Muú67.25427.316 days ago
57Taires4.15427.136 days ago
58Orthí367.04426.696 days ago
59Asayma48.40425.256 days ago
60Maâ69.16421.816 days ago
61Boviday369.92421.386 days ago
62Naahpalm68.70421.066 days ago
63Theyon6719.21420.566 days ago
64Bno448.11420.196 days ago
65Omnom0.00419.816 days ago
66Kous0.00419.636 days ago
67Tyrke19386.09419.506 days ago
68Reener0.00419.136 days ago
69Atnam448.11418.946 days ago
70Kouseiyaqt446.82417.756 days ago
71Bankmeischta41.67417.696 days ago
72Kyavel0.00417.636 days ago
73Twobutton6549.49417.316 days ago
74Eugenestl48.40417.196 days ago
75Daeveroon424.66417.066 days ago
76Baculus7051.92417.006 days ago
77Rigge0.52416.506 days ago
78Cilix81958.40416.196 days ago
79Fargus448.11415.946 days ago
80Bovimeh441.46415.946 days ago
81Drluu18.05415.636 days ago
82Wlya389.75415.196 days ago
83Hôlya7078.19415.136 days ago
84Cabshroud5469.30415.066 days ago
85Nevshatan399.36415.006 days ago
86Dsuu348.08415.006 days ago
87Kivy5911.91414.816 days ago
88Killexp3.14414.816 days ago
89Onebutton12911.00414.816 days ago
90Pacqt48.40414.636 days ago
91Dhluu26.74414.386 days ago
92Illoora6696.74414.136 days ago
93Ahner4.30413.756 days ago
94Dkuu28.20413.756 days ago
95Jagryr424.66413.756 days ago
96Riptidee18092.69413.756 days ago
97Meøxpriest424.66413.696 days ago
98Koiji75933.65413.506 days ago
99Nyyxx433.40413.446 days ago
100Vajresh0.42412.696 days ago
101Throron0.00412.636 days ago
102Aticus30.40412.566 days ago
103Ulandar8.73411.756 days ago
104Myang43.65411.636 days ago
105Maglarius14241.62411.566 days ago
106Cabstag0.77411.566 days ago
107Faveyn0.00411.196 days ago
108Favelyn5772.31410.816 days ago
109Dotmeister43.54410.386 days ago
110Huntmyshlong7077.75410.196 days ago
111Colourful0.00410.196 days ago
112Pownsamdi7135.05410.136 days ago
113Lucï0.00410.006 days ago
114Madenhacker0.00409.636 days ago
115Dárklord34.44409.566 days ago
116Superlynoo36.36409.386 days ago
117Doublejump1027.03409.316 days ago
118Maahh0.00409.196 days ago
119Executekill0.00409.136 days ago
120Yethi67798.52408.756 days ago
121Tehpwnerer0.00408.566 days ago
122Lynoo6493.21408.566 days ago
123Maarr0.00408.316 days ago
124Powwow0.00408.256 days ago
125Aliantara13.16408.136 days ago
126Zamancer11.65407.886 days ago
127Jazeerah29532.59407.696 days ago
128Lynoolah5553.70407.316 days ago
129Höllenseele429.71407.256 days ago
130Pinggodx3.25407.256 days ago
131Nuuki0.00407.196 days ago
132Míghtý389.09406.756 days ago
133Donavus0.00406.256 days ago
134Creaper69734.49406.136 days ago
135Sîarî0.00406.006 days ago
136Destructión0.00405.696 days ago
137Ezbreh5772.31405.636 days ago
138Xînâ55554.07405.566 days ago
139Deaveroon48.40405.066 days ago
140Kaloschko0.00404.886 days ago
141Legolashunte0.98404.886 days ago
142Lynoolol5744.77404.316 days ago
143Crealy5716.03403.756 days ago
144Deavor7193.50403.386 days ago
145Kkritdruid0.00402.696 days ago
146Layma7467.04402.316 days ago
147Bekk13.99402.316 days ago
148Antaritos0.00402.136 days ago
149Suyá494.07402.066 days ago
150Kkrithunt14.65401.946 days ago
151Mnt389.75401.636 days ago
152Theya328.64401.386 days ago
153Sheriiff0.00400.816 days ago
154Alanaah6328.16400.566 days ago
155Testoahner0.00400.196 days ago
156Maglar4.58399.636 days ago
157Shylenyo0.00399.136 days ago
158Dottingdora412.25398.006 days ago
159Prone0.00397.816 days ago
160Mânwe4.43397.636 days ago
161Illicab0.00395.136 days ago
162Mâglârius0.00393.816 days ago
163Ahnerqt0.00393.756 days ago
164Kurisu0.42392.696 days ago
165Lynoomode0.26392.696 days ago
166Naah6857.47391.696 days ago
167Naahyla0.00390.446 days ago
168Illikrit0.00390.386 days ago
169Mórta0.00388.946 days ago
170Jvnbluff0.00388.946 days ago
171Deathphoenix0.00388.756 days ago
172Nirija0.00388.636 days ago
173Sîari0.00388.256 days ago
174Eizendh4.33387.316 days ago
175Bnno4.33387.196 days ago
176Boléro1471.45387.136 days ago
177Totemtina0.00387.006 days ago
178Zñu1137.65386.886 days ago
179Meøxshaman0.00386.886 days ago
180Roflsäule2538.11386.196 days ago
181Volgryr1815.30385.946 days ago
182Bypass1165.45384.696 days ago
183Pwlw0.45384.136 days ago
184Gdedruid0.00383.006 days ago
185Meøxhunter2168.48382.386 days ago
186Kkrito340.32382.196 days ago
187Meox0.00381.256 days ago
188Snipeitfive1126.81380.256 days ago
189Bossrakete0.00380.256 days ago
190Creapjin1165.45378.946 days ago
191Eradston0.00377.756 days ago
192Devî3261.01376.886 days ago
193Ahsena4.15376.386 days ago
194Svârt630.45375.196 days ago
195Maawl0.00374.886 days ago
196Creaprage455.14374.386 days ago
197Ograsch599.51374.256 days ago
198Alandraah1946.25373.386 days ago
199Maglarfarm0.00373.196 days ago
200Xinarogue0.00370.006 days ago
201Naahtur0.30367.196 days ago
202Trick103.35365.566 days ago
203Dêvî1471.45365.136 days ago
204Demoncreaper410.34362.886 days ago
205Favi0.00362.386 days ago
206Hyperwookie420.27360.136 days ago
207Dunkelwookie9.91359.696 days ago
208Gorby708.03358.756 days ago
209Lamborghíni0.00352.066 days ago
210Zehira0.00351.446 days ago
211Grâveyard0.00346.136 days ago
212Arzulight0.00341.256 days ago
213Disting0.00335.696 days ago
214Hinterlist0.00326.316 days ago
215Squeezâ0.00322.256 days ago
216Xôrr0.00322.256 days ago
217Mâglarius0.00312.566 days ago
218Moredisting0.00299.066 days ago
219Colorful0.0087.816 days ago
220Colorblind360.7085.136 days ago

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