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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Jukkayoto28198.53449.881 day ago
2Pulsatis22891.58449.881 day ago
3Thysha28393.98449.311 day ago
4Løumidrood24226.08447.251 day ago
5Chïvz28393.98445.881 day ago
6Whiskiky28393.98445.811 day ago
7Mautrisse27176.16445.811 day ago
8Soomp28393.98445.191 day ago
9Drino27924.19445.191 day ago
10Lunàà49589.56444.561 day ago
11Selyunn28393.98444.389 days ago
12Rinotor28393.98444.1313 days ago
13Cleoui28117.77443.9413 days ago
14Bonerot23864.18443.9413 days ago
15Zuan25034.74443.811 day ago
16Whiskiclap94.92443.3813 days ago
17Isibael28393.98443.1913 days ago
18Neernaa24455.83442.3813 days ago
19Frostymovic20562.06442.3811 days ago
20Ptitfille28393.98442.2513 days ago
21Lizê24925.55442.259 days ago
22Xylia27310.98441.9413 days ago
23Lapiquouze27450.24441.1313 days ago
24Ëlrinae28393.99441.1313 days ago
25Aurrös28227.63440.194 days ago
26Shaf21228.65440.0613 days ago
27Yjánh18950.31438.065 days ago
28Zßørg21424.10437.3813 days ago
29Islandar0.00436.8813 days ago
30Wynø325.40436.5613 days ago
31Whiskikiss47.28436.4413 days ago
32Klawzr20561.70436.1913 days ago
33Whiskikí280.38436.0613 days ago
34Klawz64.10435.8113 days ago
35Pompøte280.38435.5613 days ago
36Shanyâ24223.90435.5013 days ago
37Aeminalya87.94435.4413 days ago
38Drafalgar18590.90434.8813 days ago
39Barathena62.50434.6313 days ago
40Chivs31.52434.3813 days ago
41Frostymobich3770.83434.3813 days ago
42Aurross34.71433.3113 days ago
43Dommïno280.38433.1313 days ago
44Whiskiskill54.95431.9413 days ago
45Klawzerxo84.23430.751 month ago
46Chivz65.17430.3813 days ago
47Mzell42.75430.3113 days ago
48Gelda68.39427.2513 days ago
49Labüse0.00426.8813 days ago
50Käsan65.80426.7513 days ago
51Paf280.38426.4413 days ago
52Chïvs33.81426.3113 days ago
53Whiskass4354.22426.1313 days ago
54Klawzerx18.20425.3813 days ago
55Ptitecool102.21424.3113 days ago
56Tyë74.00424.0613 days ago
57Klawzxt41.10423.8118 days ago
58Dônk338.72423.5613 days ago
59Kakarrot280.38422.6913 days ago
60Pomfreshs0.00420.8113 days ago
61Simphony412.96420.6313 days ago
62Aeriì394.73420.5013 days ago
63Nepha0.00419.3813 days ago
64Lanoobette0.00417.8113 days ago
65Lâstykökö4.30417.7513 days ago
66Tsulyane27.76416.6913 days ago
67Nathrésyn5715.77415.1913 days ago
68Helfina0.52414.8813 days ago
69Shalashalala0.00414.5013 days ago
70Aèriâ4.15414.0013 days ago
71Ulthuan14.93413.6313 days ago
72Aurrøss0.00413.6313 days ago
73Whîspers346.35413.0013 days ago
74Magictrick4.30411.4413 days ago
75Gwarez14.55409.3813 days ago
76Appostel0.00408.1913 days ago
77Dunstann13646.13407.3813 days ago
78Bulkinette0.00407.3813 days ago
79Rädämenthe0.00407.1913 days ago
80Ahramanyu0.00405.3813 days ago
81Errorluna65.80405.2513 days ago
82Lïkx346.35405.1313 days ago
83Àplus0.00403.3813 days ago
84Freycool0.00403.0013 days ago
85Lapleureuse51.90401.5613 days ago
86Entreprise346.35401.1913 days ago
87Wkosan0.00400.7513 days ago
88Whîskîkî0.00400.2513 days ago
89Splouch0.00400.1913 days ago
90Aèrîä0.00397.9413 days ago
91Bloodyleen0.00397.8813 days ago
92Shinhope16.32397.8113 days ago
93Kallistia0.00396.8813 days ago
94Ëlri1341.24395.9413 days ago
95Glorenfeld0.00395.946 days ago
96Bwouf0.00395.5613 days ago
97Dranaïd0.00393.1313 days ago
98Labiture0.00392.1913 days ago
99Elrïnae0.00391.1913 days ago
100Yjanh0.00389.5013 days ago
101Sethria0.00389.2513 days ago
102Miany0.00387.6913 days ago
103Râgnar57.54386.3813 days ago
104Farhad0.00383.1313 days ago
105Ptitmec0.00382.5013 days ago
106Fordryng0.00382.0613 days ago
107Salyanda0.00382.0013 days ago
108Isibe0.00379.7513 days ago
109Elrinae0.00371.9413 days ago
110Fastlane0.84370.3113 days ago
111Aemi0.00369.5613 days ago
112Alêxia0.00367.6913 days ago
113Radîs0.00366.3113 days ago
114Humpty0.00361.5013 days ago
115Vhangelys0.00361.1913 days ago
116Ishtä0.00358.3113 days ago
117Oshamëren0.00351.5613 days ago
118Chivswar0.00350.6313 days ago
119Ereab42.96350.1313 days ago
120Whïskïkï0.00339.8813 days ago
121Gruffboar0.00337.7513 days ago
122Plôw0.00335.8113 days ago
123Pinijenn0.00331.1313 days ago
124Harryplotter0.00291.8813 days ago
125Zhiàs0.00281.7513 days ago
126Dèmonos0.00270.1313 days ago
127Frostytotem0.00261.0613 days ago
134Trïstnae0.00--13 days ago
135Karadhoc0.00--13 days ago
136Egii0.00--1 year ago
137Dhoùg0.00--9 days ago

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