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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Sicknessm45226.27448.946 hours ago
2Zõzô63011.51448.006 hours ago
3Nitsoûl44336.79447.256 hours ago
4Zahyadk35421.96446.506 hours ago
5Tktpà30611.69445.816 hours ago
6Kelebornn49082.93445.506 hours ago
7Amerasu63011.51445.196 hours ago
8Shornn36197.67445.196 hours ago
9Asthae7162.00444.886 hours ago
10Talmago10985.68444.816 hours ago
11Stinxie63011.51444.756 hours ago
12Sicknessdh33247.82444.756 hours ago
13Nitsouk17966.53444.696 hours ago
14Asñ63011.51444.256 hours ago
15Lenkl45803.56444.256 hours ago
16Slotmachine20595.26444.136 hours ago
17Dontwörry48061.34443.946 hours ago
18Animositì63011.51443.946 hours ago
19Beiya49082.93443.946 hours ago
20Lenklpal30027.05443.886 hours ago
21Yipzx14013.36443.756 hours ago
22Reactorswar5723.78442.696 hours ago
23Azú60225.03442.696 hours ago
24Zãhÿa43251.46442.446 hours ago
25Zaralock63011.51442.256 hours ago
26Dàrhìk63011.51442.066 hours ago
27Gooshydrood41365.81442.066 hours ago
28Ollay39559.67442.066 hours ago
29Zahyabrew63011.51441.946 hours ago
30Qrsnxz37334.78441.756 hours ago
31Lepetîtange14229.88441.636 hours ago
32Dinopix25710.72441.636 hours ago
33Syñatik18979.81441.632 days ago
34Fistosham63011.51441.506 hours ago
35Gooshy63011.51441.446 hours ago
36Trapstarz46167.91441.446 hours ago
37Rekieuna391.37441.382 days ago
38Endbless63011.51441.136 hours ago
39Höq43614.88441.062 days ago
40Omyozz49082.93440.816 hours ago
41Labaguettedh30927.19440.812 days ago
42Reactors63011.51440.696 hours ago
43Korrah26922.78440.562 days ago
44Qrsn63011.51440.506 hours ago
45Bohrhäv45226.27440.506 hours ago
46Animosìti42305.45440.252 days ago
47Swÿffer37753.98440.192 days ago
48Reactorslock30842.43440.132 days ago
49Sweetsless35421.96440.002 days ago
50Bohrhàv35226.56439.942 days ago
51Krryprogress34228.76439.942 days ago
52Nitsoonferal63011.51439.886 hours ago
53Sttrimsi40336.95439.752 days ago
54Fistopriest35062.09439.692 days ago
55Hympfz63011.51439.566 hours ago
56Bohrhavdh25419.27439.502 days ago
57Olley63011.51439.256 hours ago
58Reackhunt341.84439.192 days ago
59Hatsuyoh63011.51438.942 days ago
60Reactorsmonk26983.64438.812 days ago
61Linactors41.14438.692 days ago
62Draëlyss63011.51438.632 days ago
63Blaznovichyz13083.88438.252 days ago
64Lenklpriest18318.26437.752 days ago
65Darhík23022.27437.442 days ago
66Reactorsz82.02437.132 days ago
67Zaräthoustra40000.22437.136 hours ago
68Dashdashdash30177.55437.062 days ago
69Mynîël35421.96436.812 days ago
70Omyooz27925.83436.632 days ago
71Darhøk275.88436.312 days ago
72Animositi17068.86435.942 days ago
73Strymsi63011.51435.812 days ago
74Reactørs34918.71435.752 days ago
75Darhìk49082.93435.062 days ago
76Wurzzag436.98434.812 days ago
77Stynxie49082.93434.752 days ago
78Bohrhav338.71434.252 days ago
79Físto22138.26433.942 days ago
80Asnd19149.54433.562 days ago
81Euël19376.67432.942 days ago
82Zaahya5106.73432.752 days ago
83Nitsoupe29119.04432.692 days ago
84Höqk427.01432.502 days ago
85Bollay22343.78432.312 days ago
86Ampere22398.70431.752 days ago
87Stinxy19149.54431.752 days ago
88Sweetless42.15431.632 days ago
89Nornn240.34431.502 days ago
90Darhik5922.20431.382 days ago
91Dräelle19149.54430.132 days ago
92Slowness25419.27429.632 days ago
93Whirros246.99428.752 days ago
94Brainstiller0.13428.692 days ago
95Höktogone392.57428.562 days ago
96Hinou17813.60427.812 days ago
97Talpriest400.90427.752 days ago
98Niniqt263.89427.382 days ago
99Tàl80.04426.692 days ago
100Manoolh0.00425.812 days ago
101Qrsnx345.40424.192 days ago
102Talììa380.45423.882 days ago
103Slásh446.93423.502 days ago
104Ampére437.14423.442 days ago
105Squirrels330.40422.562 days ago
106Strymse74.64422.442 days ago
107Bøwsette338.71421.882 days ago
108Zaradrood292.04421.382 days ago
109Qrsnxd0.00420.882 days ago
110Zäräh56.48420.312 days ago
111Sappécomjaja47.55420.002 days ago
112Brainbrew0.65418.312 days ago
113Whyrros401.42417.252 days ago
114Arukken0.52416.062 days ago
115Nilräts401.42415.692 days ago
116Princou447.94415.062 days ago
117Zarapriest0.84414.002 days ago
118Execqt9092.06413.816 hours ago
119Nitsoudh2.32413.562 days ago
120Draëll0.00413.252 days ago
121Anìmositi446.40413.132 days ago
122Draellÿss6389.31412.632 days ago
123Brainafleck6389.31411.632 days ago
124Gooshylock338.71411.062 days ago
125Draëdk5507.28410.752 days ago
126Amperee0.00408.942 days ago
127Shadøwsight0.00408.632 days ago
128Zärä0.00408.132 days ago
129Cheeckybear385.48407.882 days ago
130Brainkngsley5524.60405.752 days ago
131Zahÿa0.00405.252 days ago
132Draëlle0.15404.692 days ago
133Nitshock1450.88400.002 days ago
134Zahyà5797.45396.562 days ago
135Yipzlolz42.51395.692 days ago
136ßlakelively432.33395.002 days ago
137Tkwar1582.37394.942 days ago
138Zãhya0.00394.062 days ago
139Brainharper0.00378.382 days ago
140Brainonwings0.00376.882 days ago
141Shadhøw0.00375.382 days ago
142Nitsouille0.00372.812 days ago
143Hinukÿz0.00371.812 days ago
144Lepetitange104.36371.062 days ago
145Zahyasp303.50370.382 days ago
146Hadvi440.23359.132 days ago
147Gooshythree0.00353.562 days ago
148Advy104.36349.382 days ago
149Rhadvi104.12345.942 days ago
150Shàadøw0.00342.882 days ago
151Minneyar0.00341.812 days ago
152Sicknessdk0.24284.002 days ago
153Talmonk0.00248.252 days ago
154Taliã0.00230.752 days ago
155Tàliâ0.0023.632 days ago
156Lightsuyoh0.00--2 days ago
157Taldh0.00--2 days ago
158Olle0.00--2 days ago

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