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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Azkis73.65457.131 day ago
2Øgach74.32453.061 day ago
3Tshika44.69452.381 day ago
4Rikku1.65451.131 day ago
5Rdruidheal74.46450.501 day ago
6Kacorogue59.44449.811 day ago
7Bhouske44.19449.691 day ago
8Xalato1.65449.561 day ago
9Kamikazeuhze25.32449.441 day ago
10Sestra0.45449.311 day ago
11Chrisso74.17449.251 day ago
12Smalou14.73449.191 day ago
13Ðracks14.90448.691 day ago
14Fallune12835.36448.131 day ago
15Acryingorc29.74447.691 day ago
16Balthà0.00447.561 day ago
17Endrys253.80447.251 day ago
18Pûpajim25.52447.251 day ago
19Lhunå44.57447.191 day ago
20Kirriel1.57446.941 day ago
21Moëé1.65446.501 day ago
22Ræstækæne43.02446.501 day ago
23Vanupieds44.69446.251 day ago
24Følla0.00446.131 day ago
25Scirà13647.38445.811 day ago
26Krokmébools1.65445.811 day ago
27Djangøo22.52445.441 day ago
28Drägox8704.87445.381 day ago
29ßðjack59.20445.131 day ago
30Sacrénouille29.80444.751 day ago
31Matös1.20444.561 day ago
32Xeriøss156.95444.311 day ago
33Warzy50.64443.941 day ago
34Kacounette31885.71443.881 day ago
35Izidrmzer12553.86443.631 day ago
36Yolaps0.30443.381 day ago
37Elixior14.72443.311 day ago
38Monnaiepersi10062.11442.941 day ago
39Hagard0.00442.251 day ago
40Yennefér0.45442.061 day ago
41Izidreamz12252.54441.941 day ago
42Grief0.15441.811 day ago
43Huntomaton55.14441.691 day ago
44Felïnnayry156.95441.691 day ago
45Vîccø0.00441.501 day ago
46Mastaxxdhxx12252.54441.001 day ago
47Bolderîz343.66440.311 day ago
48Mastashaman6373.54440.251 day ago
49Nyxxamon1.65439.381 day ago
50Yanøsh11311.11439.251 day ago
51Locktalivar16483.43439.001 day ago
52Vanu30.00437.561 day ago
53Wïldfrqz0.45437.251 day ago
54Vanufeu11311.11436.131 day ago
55Rakaro12.40436.001 day ago
56Kàcolak213.73435.881 day ago
57Mswmonkheal4909.94435.501 day ago
58Spàcefon4.16433.811 day ago
59Assta150.00433.441 day ago
60Espàce68.63433.001 day ago
61Kacôklâc267.16432.561 day ago
62Espacetv38.27432.381 day ago
63Ezdreamz0.00432.131 day ago
64Nørøw4.48432.061 day ago
65Stónaag0.00432.001 day ago
66Kryaax57.11431.751 day ago
67Moèe0.00431.751 day ago
68Azglory13.54430.501 day ago
69Kamikazeuh27.08429.501 day ago
70Sushiiki0.00426.131 day ago
71Møéè0.00425.311 day ago
72Guì0.00424.561 day ago
73Àriel15.00423.631 day ago
74Bræg150.00421.751 day ago
75Oligorme24.42418.061 day ago
76Kilamas0.56414.311 day ago
77Møèè0.00412.191 day ago
78Kacohpal0.00410.811 day ago
79Emaløn0.05407.941 day ago
80Òzghùl0.00405.441 day ago
81Rshamheal0.00403.941 day ago
82Gøra0.00394.881 day ago
83Mägzy0.00393.811 day ago
84Melinska0.00384.811 day ago
85Rastækane0.00370.501 day ago
86Brøg0.00366.941 day ago
87Paine0.00316.501 day ago
88Curth0.00281.691 day ago

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