Update Progress for Tirith Undomiêl

EU (DE)-Khaz'goroth

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Nites101.63439.065 days ago
2Emile66.72438.815 days ago
3Ainunura77.31434.945 days ago
4Maharik65.18433.635 days ago
5Kâstor372.12433.255 days ago
6Mikadzuki77.31432.445 days ago
7Zaarah39.81432.065 days ago
8Nationz39.81430.505 days ago
9Visiculus62.08428.885 days ago
10Ráuniá0.70428.065 days ago
11Fireindark39.81424.385 days ago
12Herrschmidt0.00421.445 days ago
13Yûki0.00419.505 days ago
14Anchodra0.63418.815 days ago
15Wingostarr0.00417.315 days ago
16Sinoppe0.00417.065 days ago
17Todoroki0.00416.565 days ago
18Stolzgottes0.00415.065 days ago
19Kirikonti0.33414.445 days ago
20Minela4.03410.565 days ago
21Firefisterin65.56410.505 days ago
22Hounddog0.00410.195 days ago
23Tholdor66.49409.005 days ago
24Sophokles0.00407.815 days ago
25Greath34.20406.005 days ago
26Pescadero0.00404.315 days ago
27Almandina24.54403.695 days ago
28Mcdog0.00402.635 days ago
29Schnuffilein0.00402.505 days ago
30Anyria0.45402.255 days ago
31Soulwyn0.00402.195 days ago
32Gwendolyn0.00402.005 days ago
33Blezer51.29401.885 days ago
34Raunahjin0.00401.815 days ago
35Modecin0.52401.445 days ago
36Lattemagiato0.00400.755 days ago
37Gurthag0.42399.135 days ago
38Kreatix0.00398.315 days ago
39Herzkathöter50.41396.005 days ago
40Kameltreiber0.00395.755 days ago
41Kalaido0.00391.315 days ago
42Galileofigar0.00391.065 days ago
43Kirikimo0.00389.815 days ago
44Alavyra0.84389.005 days ago
45Mychah0.00387.065 days ago
46Monkvomonk0.00386.565 days ago
47Falrách0.00384.695 days ago
48Lysty0.14380.005 days ago
49Hankcook16.42379.695 days ago
50Ankalla0.00379.635 days ago
51Malucka7.71379.135 days ago
52Shimezu0.00376.565 days ago
53Hunterpet0.45375.315 days ago
54Fincheen0.60375.315 days ago
55Energy45.31375.065 days ago
56Blueschamie255.22366.195 days ago
57Dämobixxje3.06364.635 days ago
58Magicstars0.45364.255 days ago
59Bruse0.72363.815 days ago
60Rubi45.31362.445 days ago
61Knudelbärr0.00361.315 days ago
62Horschemol0.63359.065 days ago
63Tairi0.00354.445 days ago
64Jamjaja0.00349.695 days ago
65Danalina0.63348.565 days ago
66Denice0.00347.385 days ago
67Mesarius0.00343.695 days ago
68Himbeermilch0.00340.755 days ago
69Kìara0.15340.135 days ago
70Ohnil0.00331.135 days ago
71Leea0.00287.445 days ago

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