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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Nate17675.77446.446 hours ago
2Chamdead17675.77445.636 hours ago
3Lÿsanæ16759.36445.196 hours ago
4Køuff17675.79444.636 hours ago
5Zziwoks17675.77443.636 hours ago
6Thøram17481.75443.006 hours ago
7Foulefeu17093.26442.946 hours ago
8Shivaha17675.77442.386 hours ago
9Adramël16232.36441.756 hours ago
10Tafarî17675.78440.566 hours ago
11Kaunhare15066.73440.1920 hours ago
12Anddy16815.28439.9420 hours ago
13Barback17675.77439.7520 hours ago
14Frÿth383.65439.191 day ago
15Ayata16232.36438.5020 hours ago
16Hayhonne16426.44437.1320 hours ago
17Nunnaly44.30436.881 day ago
18Monchéri17148.05436.6920 hours ago
19Geonainisque383.65436.2520 hours ago
20Arÿana310.39436.1920 hours ago
21Øriäx5743.85435.7520 hours ago
22Bwonsamdi5993.10435.0620 hours ago
23Mayumi11.16434.5020 hours ago
24Coloradoo372.12433.751 day ago
25Azarêl3.51433.191 day ago
26Nawøø80.33433.061 day ago
27Kongen11931.93433.0020 hours ago
28Aurïle366.32432.5020 hours ago
29Salistøir17343.00432.1311 hours ago
30Feulefou373.88432.0620 hours ago
31Ëkö99.17430.691 day ago
32Furag88.24428.631 day ago
33Sùm98.78427.691 day ago
34Bubulle0.90427.131 day ago
35Andylock71.57426.8116 days ago
36Jiuvee89.39426.8116 days ago
37Nawo0.72425.8816 days ago
38Feulefôu3.28425.311 day ago
39Dinlapa3.20425.2516 days ago
40Arïèlle4.21423.5616 days ago
41Orquoeil1.01422.8816 days ago
42Némézîs55.45422.7516 days ago
43Andï3.75422.1916 days ago
44Leodagan3.28420.8816 days ago
45Nælayâ0.00420.5016 days ago
46Afkcoca0.00420.381 day ago
47Thoræm0.00420.2516 days ago
48Danï0.00418.9416 days ago
49Jiubie70.80418.8116 days ago
50Typex69.06418.7516 days ago
51Moncheri3.28418.3816 days ago
52Kyanyama0.00415.9416 days ago
53Ârwênn0.90414.7516 days ago
54Kenttucky0.26414.0016 days ago
55Nawø3.28413.2516 days ago
56Deum0.00411.3816 days ago
57Hicarius412.94411.1316 days ago
58Andî3.60411.0016 days ago
59Ëkø412.94410.2516 days ago
60Pøuette58.16409.8116 days ago
61Krâgg0.00408.8116 days ago
62Leyla0.00408.6916 days ago
63Arwënn14.26407.6916 days ago
64Ziwøks377.95407.0016 days ago
65Sélléhiädes0.72406.8816 days ago
66Vaëlane3.28406.5616 days ago
67Salistoir646.72406.2516 days ago
68Dagôn3.16406.2516 days ago
69Anddï0.00405.7516 days ago
70Ziwoks28.90405.5616 days ago
71Anddî0.00405.1316 days ago
72Helïos4.21404.8116 days ago
73Anastazia0.00404.2516 days ago
74Azazhëll0.00404.0016 days ago
75Dakotta0.00401.6316 days ago
76Nesquïck0.00401.5616 days ago
77Nøtcheated0.60401.3816 days ago
78Whispër0.00400.8816 days ago
79Eonyaelle0.00400.751 month ago
80Ëkörög0.00400.5616 days ago
81Séréniti0.00400.1316 days ago
82Tmouru0.00400.0016 days ago
83Anddi0.00399.9416 days ago
84Hatilia3.46399.6916 days ago
85Neytïrî0.00398.8116 days ago
86Ziwöks0.00398.5616 days ago
87Demonizatort0.00397.5616 days ago
88Zïwøks0.00397.5616 days ago
89Hucia3.20396.8816 days ago
90Nêmêzîs0.00396.5616 days ago
91Myona0.00395.3116 days ago
92Hëävën0.00392.7516 days ago
93Fossile0.00392.5616 days ago
94Bradputt0.00392.0016 days ago
95Gigimoys0.00392.0016 days ago
96Anddii0.00391.6916 days ago
97Karkwa0.00391.3816 days ago
98Précarius0.78391.3816 days ago
99Kuntor0.00391.0616 days ago
100Bafalgan0.00390.9416 days ago
101Elannor29.05390.4416 days ago
102Neff4.35389.3816 days ago
103Andiwar0.00389.0616 days ago
104Feuleföu0.00387.5616 days ago
105Ärwênn16.68387.3116 days ago
106Fëonora3.83386.9416 days ago
107Justïce0.00385.4416 days ago
108Shahajah0.00385.2516 days ago
109Aerïa0.28384.1916 days ago
110Kézia0.00383.3816 days ago
111Nawosham0.00380.6916 days ago
112Ziwoks0.00378.6316 days ago
113Pünchline0.00377.5016 days ago
114Tiotio0.00376.6316 days ago
115Anastazïä0.00373.6316 days ago
116Ärwen2.85369.6316 days ago
117Kaïïn0.00368.4416 days ago
118Thelesàr0.00362.8116 days ago
119Laguibolle0.00362.0616 days ago
120Nawopal0.00357.7516 days ago
121Aatläs0.00355.3117 days ago
122Râcklur0.00354.7516 days ago
123Nêkô0.00353.5616 days ago
124Feudlefou0.00350.6316 days ago
125Pameuhramix0.00343.6316 days ago
126Zïwoks0.00333.0616 days ago
127Lëwd0.00280.6916 days ago
128Asülia0.00269.8816 days ago
129Zîwoks0.00264.0616 days ago

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