Update Progress for You Dont Know Me

EU (DE)-Lordaeron

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Unkreativ104.26427.3129 minutes ago
2Messit104.26426.6944 minutes ago
3Aratrax104.26423.445 hours ago
4Shendralar104.26422.191 day ago
5Schándrá104.26422.061 day ago
6Sra89.54421.131 day ago
7Voxdeii104.26421.061 hour ago
8Sollon104.26420.881 day ago
9Rapthalia14.72420.691 day ago
10Glôw89.54420.631 day ago
11Deepsense44.82420.441 day ago
12Honigtoni104.26420.381 day ago
13Inoxh104.26420.191 day ago
14Neythis89.32420.131 day ago
15Cedii89.54420.001 day ago
16Unicorn104.26419.751 day ago
17Jämon74.48419.631 day ago
18Innovindils104.26419.381 day ago
19Púg104.26418.881 day ago
20Dna104.26418.811 day ago
21Nowyouseeme434.69418.812 days ago
22Ciâ4.41418.501 day ago
23Senâ14.72418.061 day ago
24Ösira59.76417.751 day ago
25Tiramina89.54416.881 day ago
26Siegbold446.50416.132 days ago
27Yokoblood446.50416.002 days ago
28Profi434.69415.812 days ago
29Öswald446.50415.812 days ago
30Roanvansêee446.50415.632 days ago
31Jaysaw18123.79415.192 days ago
32Akomi446.50415.192 days ago
33Yokorage89.54415.191 day ago
34Mâyrâ27338.76414.692 days ago
35Trafalgalor446.50414.632 days ago
36Soulred104.26414.442 days ago
37Yill0.15413.502 days ago
38Zirôn11242.39412.002 days ago
39Irzu384.65411.812 days ago
40Dakotá52.16411.502 days ago
41Pug5439.21409.882 days ago
42Ázizà24618.68409.632 days ago
43Boromli423.08408.442 days ago
44Símbèllà0.00408.446 days ago
45Feelsbedman0.00407.816 days ago
46Serrâ376.44406.816 days ago
47Nempos59.94406.1322 hours ago
48Raspotin0.00405.756 days ago
49Aariya57.78404.639 days ago
50Rasena315.29404.639 days ago
51Persephý7466.89403.069 days ago
52Flohteppich0.00402.389 days ago
53Xhá20455.08402.389 days ago
54Asgardt12883.34402.069 days ago
55Voxdemon0.00401.199 days ago
56Deâla0.00400.949 days ago
57Isharyiel0.84400.199 days ago
58Tihara0.73400.069 days ago
59Crownclown0.11400.069 days ago
60Draxi26.68399.759 days ago
61Fenjjaa7466.89399.639 days ago
62Xhâ7272.33399.259 days ago
63Seâra4.41398.759 days ago
64Siegtraud0.00398.259 days ago
65Yokofel4.39397.759 days ago
66Lakkisha391.82395.949 days ago
67Lakkieshaa0.00395.509 days ago
68Eiira0.00395.199 days ago
69Knìghtmare0.00395.139 days ago
70Loreed73.43393.699 days ago
71Daray0.00392.389 days ago
72Delvar1026.98390.199 days ago
73Alinestra52.16390.009 days ago
74Ojiisan14.61389.069 days ago
75Shinìgami0.42389.009 days ago
76Sorayiel1432.15388.509 days ago
77Xha438.70388.069 days ago
78Winxu0.00387.699 days ago
79Zerrô0.00387.639 days ago
80Rodîeen3857.43386.699 days ago
81Shyvana54.97386.449 days ago
82Antari44.74385.009 days ago
83Swoon3818.42384.069 days ago
84Chiichiix3663.23383.139 days ago
85Checkmate574.51380.569 days ago
86Tininchi0.00380.449 days ago
87Arukiel0.00380.009 days ago
88Ninjell0.00379.313 days ago
89Nocki0.60379.199 days ago
90Cptlowdps3308.06379.139 days ago
91Casty727.43378.759 days ago
92Eldarain1773.19378.139 days ago
93Jaydeé0.00378.069 days ago
94Biermaster0.00377.949 days ago
95Delven2479.57377.759 days ago
96Sírìus0.00377.759 days ago
97Ravena97.48377.699 days ago
98Taíkutsuna509.14377.389 days ago
99Jundaí0.00376.819 days ago
100Opmönch0.72376.819 days ago
101Jinyung2595.59375.139 days ago
102Ophuntr0.15374.639 days ago
103Thejia0.00373.699 days ago
104Stârdust83.20373.389 days ago
105Luvymamaqt94.10373.319 days ago
106Kahira59.94372.699 days ago
107Míký0.00371.009 days ago
108Leciko92.91370.509 days ago
109Angela630.25368.759 days ago
110Pfalgur832.26368.639 days ago
111Slice21.98366.009 days ago
112Soz88.30364.949 days ago
113Trasher746.78364.569 days ago
114Uludág0.00364.259 days ago
115Gramgi355.28363.509 days ago
116Dotbot0.55363.449 days ago
117Lâyle0.00361.389 days ago
118Lawayne0.00360.819 days ago
119Hinara0.00360.699 days ago
120Vanisla0.00359.639 days ago
121Holyfloh746.78356.759 days ago
122Naylu0.00355.319 days ago
123Quárklol0.00354.889 days ago
124Vl4.20353.509 days ago
125Nayluu0.00352.889 days ago
126Myræqt0.00352.319 days ago
127Holyhelga0.00351.699 days ago
128Werlin22.14351.009 days ago
129Arathessa0.00350.009 days ago
130Reinerzufall44.64349.319 days ago
131Mumsî0.00348.819 days ago
132Jolínn74.24347.949 days ago
133Requiems84.97344.819 days ago
134Shadyy0.84343.509 days ago
135Noizz0.00343.259 days ago
136Healmatrix14.55342.449 days ago
137Notmalfurion0.00339.509 days ago
138Robyal0.00339.009 days ago
139Elochim0.00338.819 days ago
140Wâlter0.00338.509 days ago
141Calhavintas0.00338.139 days ago
142Sæøx0.00337.889 days ago
143Hexsejay0.00337.319 days ago
144Exabomb0.00336.889 days ago
145Syrony0.00335.389 days ago
146Thellon0.00334.889 days ago
147Jammsorn0.00331.759 days ago
148Relinquished0.00322.889 days ago
149Squárk0.00311.389 days ago
150Voxpower0.00304.569 days ago
151Berthramus0.00298.889 days ago
152Aszune0.00290.069 days ago
153Evelyyn0.00282.819 days ago

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