Update Progress for Khadgars Khankles


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Delthrak82.97442.0615 days ago
2Binku82.11437.0015 days ago
3Graufuchser0.00426.7515 days ago
4Worgenf12.80421.2515 days ago
5Blaladin0.95412.1315 days ago
6Nelgue3.40411.6915 days ago
7Pewdicus236.92410.8115 days ago
8Sweetsweet33503.26410.5015 days ago
9Fríedchicken21866.27410.4415 days ago
10Heinrichroll413.12410.2515 days ago
11Botato14790.21409.7515 days ago
12Jv44.92408.3815 days ago
13Lucenza34914.28407.3115 days ago
14Monkthi21866.27406.2515 days ago
15Meowage21284.62403.5015 days ago
16Nickì0.00400.2515 days ago
17Mokomonktoto0.00399.7515 days ago
18Míla343.14399.3815 days ago
19Fruy41.90398.2515 days ago
20Garríck366.75397.9415 days ago
21Hearthlesz0.00397.8815 days ago
22Snipernick0.00397.5615 days ago
23Yúri0.15397.0015 days ago
24Reyja0.11396.0015 days ago
25Holynick0.00391.7515 days ago
26Draetýn0.00391.6315 days ago
27Youknowdis1182.43390.8815 days ago
28Roleplay22.98390.6315 days ago
29Selenê14790.21390.1915 days ago
30Reâper1402.04385.2515 days ago
31Tainty0.70385.0615 days ago
32Ruler4291.81383.6915 days ago
33Hotctor0.00383.0615 days ago
34Crackê32.19382.7515 days ago
35Tdrill1143.44381.8115 days ago
36Demoncrack0.00381.1915 days ago
37Elenwy77.76381.0615 days ago
38Insane3471.34380.8115 days ago
39Xee1665.43380.5615 days ago
40Amiruné0.00378.3815 days ago
41Leburst2634.59378.2515 days ago
42Yzella3315.58377.3815 days ago
43Kinlory0.00375.0615 days ago
44Thelightstuf3207.55374.9415 days ago
45Sylvíe58.68374.8815 days ago
46Skyfy1592.97373.4415 days ago
47Lycaretos245.44373.3815 days ago
48Zeenz0.00372.4415 days ago
49Gnobody0.00371.7515 days ago
50Felflame0.00365.1315 days ago
51Dotctor66.63364.8815 days ago
52Ohya57.86364.3815 days ago
53Heul0.00360.8115 days ago
54Alíce43.98360.0015 days ago
55Daodow71.14359.6915 days ago
56Chaosweaver0.40358.5015 days ago
57Éllie0.00358.0615 days ago
58Ophuntard571.75357.1915 days ago
59Anblick0.00354.3115 days ago
60Absolutemelt0.00351.5615 days ago
61Hòmér0.00350.3815 days ago
62Sylgrin43.98349.2515 days ago
63Khanker0.00348.5015 days ago
64Steinhart0.00346.4415 days ago
65Lytrox0.00346.3815 days ago
66Psychh58.53344.3815 days ago
67Slotherslid0.00343.0015 days ago
68Celiz0.00342.5615 days ago
69Teeaa0.00342.0015 days ago
70Mesbe0.00340.2515 days ago
71Meowlock0.00338.8815 days ago
72Nelph0.00338.3815 days ago
73Zowta12.21338.0615 days ago
74Slothers0.00327.8815 days ago
75Frostedgrill0.00326.8815 days ago
76Fishdip0.00326.8115 days ago
77Skopic0.00323.7515 days ago
78Hardnmagical0.00318.1315 days ago
79Elízabeth0.00316.5615 days ago
80Worgínator0.00314.3815 days ago
81Deathofsky0.00307.4415 days ago
82Threylas0.00304.1315 days ago
83Meõw0.00302.3815 days ago
84Borfo0.00295.9415 days ago
85Gnelph0.00291.7515 days ago
86Crowhere0.00288.4415 days ago

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