Update Progress for Proud


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Riyu0.00424.881 day ago
2Hæñs436.46419.131 day ago
3Bombei44.75417.191 day ago
4Therokal388.58416.501 day ago
5Líquiddub27784.22416.191 day ago
6Meiforkindi439.78415.311 day ago
7Meitos29.87414.941 day ago
8Torbiel436.46413.941 day ago
9Clínt436.46413.561 day ago
10Pohaku28030.08413.441 day ago
11Ogrihm3.91413.131 day ago
12Xarst28030.08410.751 day ago
13Taldrus21671.25409.381 day ago
14Huckfakon17151.89406.441 day ago
15Jazzimâ14.94406.311 day ago
16Orvahle424.78405.561 day ago
17Yokines0.00405.441 day ago
18Bevark0.00402.131 day ago
19Lazylaesi33.16397.381 day ago
20Boozeabuse0.44395.631 day ago
21Testement12.17395.561 day ago
22Grant0.00394.811 day ago
23Vuscan7463.09394.561 day ago
24Ifîdel14.11394.441 day ago
25Elralithe82.60393.751 day ago
26Valarmorghu4.46392.191 day ago
27Aggression0.00390.131 day ago
28Misericorde0.00390.131 day ago
29Pandacord0.00389.131 day ago
30Profanity4.23387.631 day ago
31Conien0.45386.501 day ago
32Elinedra0.00385.751 day ago
33Gallowx1037.91385.441 day ago
34Zyndrome24.56385.061 day ago
35Rodimar80.85384.381 day ago
36Eshlyn3554.63383.811 day ago
37Ardemis0.00382.751 day ago
38Hordebreaker0.40381.381 day ago
39Ereneis0.00381.131 day ago
40Reffyy2131.97380.131 day ago
41Zyvna0.00379.631 day ago
42Paiser0.00378.811 day ago
43Ynniara0.09378.311 day ago
44Snookiemcjay1935.24377.501 day ago
45Talfie61.37377.441 day ago
46Prummel4.23377.311 day ago
47Dabetrayer75.30376.061 day ago
48Boogerslap2045.90375.001 day ago
49Poêfta1415.70374.691 day ago
50Siq47.49374.001 day ago
51Jeffon513.43373.131 day ago
52Spankertank65.87371.881 day ago
53Luscan87.75371.061 day ago
54Gigor275.35371.001 day ago
55Glorfïndel0.00369.631 day ago
56Wingboy0.45369.561 day ago
57Katanja0.00369.501 day ago
58Aeshlyn45.25366.881 day ago
59Hotti0.00366.441 day ago
60Xenn41.25366.251 day ago
61Deadbari0.00366.001 day ago
62Demõn0.00364.561 day ago
63Sapphyrist420.53364.191 day ago
64Artakon45.70363.501 day ago
65Jemizen0.00356.381 day ago
66Hairyfluffy4.23352.191 day ago
67Máson0.60351.191 day ago
68Dooiepoefta0.98351.191 day ago
69Agranel0.00349.311 day ago
70Sapphyst0.00348.191 day ago
71Holyweaver4.23346.881 day ago
72Angrybob0.00345.631 day ago
73Shuriel0.00344.061 day ago
74Tweelemman0.00342.061 day ago
75Naleha0.00339.311 day ago
76Nilopek0.00338.811 day ago
77Sveiseblind0.00338.561 day ago
78Lionwtach0.00337.501 day ago
79Tsdmyistic0.00336.381 day ago
80Bruscan0.00335.941 day ago
81Wererick0.00334.061 day ago
82Kerfuffel0.00328.881 day ago
83Lelunar0.00325.631 day ago
84Nyth0.00324.691 day ago
85Chillstep0.00315.191 day ago
86Befokteninja0.00313.561 day ago
87Birde0.00312.561 day ago
88Poefta0.00305.811 day ago
89Ffókcuk0.00305.631 day ago
90Bibbidibobet0.00305.561 day ago
91Skuimpie0.00274.061 day ago
92Uniq0.00273.251 day ago
93Xióngmaoshén0.00269.811 day ago
94Ateichi0.45247.441 day ago
95Shéngzi0.00186.941 day ago

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