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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ácardia9675.42448.251 day ago
2Keshiq21259.96445.131 day ago
3Lashez12517.19443.631 day ago
4Apollon19539.63441.001 day ago
5Casja19539.63440.501 day ago
6Kaputthaun2.97440.131 day ago
7Müffelbúffel265.38440.061 day ago
8Io355.53438.191 day ago
9Mjöl31.11437.811 day ago
10Vanovil16569.36436.751 day ago
11Essi19539.63436.751 day ago
12Eulnichrum19539.63436.561 day ago
13Casjá69.99436.501 day ago
14Quilas315.56436.501 day ago
15Kuhwano4.13435.501 day ago
16Neera3.23435.311 day ago
17Knôedel342.61434.441 day ago
18Bermond19347.61434.311 day ago
19Neon378.84433.441 day ago
20Iseestars93.97432.881 day ago
21Blutworscht150.38432.811 day ago
22Shanyi353.89432.811 day ago
23Ino150.38431.311 day ago
24Hashirama78.56430.881 day ago
25Doronashton162.06430.061 day ago
26Kampfkeks368.80429.751 day ago
27Stahlrusse6104.45429.561 day ago
28Casjà0.00428.881 day ago
29Askard54.99425.311 day ago
30Breela3.23422.061 day ago
31Matzedin42.66420.561 day ago
32Rocksteady59.08420.381 day ago
33Liolana4.05420.311 day ago
34Nanâ13.27419.311 day ago
35Dayola0.00418.381 day ago
36Premujin0.00418.311 day ago
37Yin0.90417.881 day ago
38Grenski26.35417.751 day ago
39Valak0.00417.561 day ago
40Lamberjâck4.05417.311 day ago
41Ohpfo382.18416.131 day ago
42Boyca0.00414.811 day ago
43Matze378.11414.191 day ago
44Seralina44.37414.131 day ago
45Sunak6297.93413.311 day ago
46Arune0.45412.631 day ago
47Clòud0.00410.441 day ago
48Shoni342.61410.001 day ago
49Novocaine0.00409.631 day ago
50Lagan0.00409.561 day ago
51Zuguzi5881.53409.381 day ago
52Niamya0.00406.631 day ago
53Ônehit0.00406.131 day ago
54Taevien0.00404.691 day ago
55Püppie6662.02404.061 day ago
56Gnomspalter44.20402.001 day ago
57Areen3.39400.251 day ago
58Eternitas0.00397.251 day ago
59Guts0.85396.501 day ago
60Aphaia0.00392.631 day ago
61Mêphistø0.00387.061 day ago
62Uttawanka0.00385.941 day ago
63Avengis0.00381.941 day ago
64Linzai0.00380.751 day ago
65Renn0.00374.881 day ago
66Angsthasii0.00372.381 day ago
67Laranya0.00371.131 day ago
68Hexenkrümel0.00363.691 day ago
69Broeselchen0.00356.311 day ago
70Badewanne0.00323.311 day ago
71Íheal0.00322.811 day ago

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