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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Darksidè16561.52448.811 day ago
2Lightxenu14035.50448.501 day ago
3Smìgle19034.54448.311 day ago
4Pawler40555.76446.691 day ago
5Peppodo46247.12445.941 day ago
6Xell46051.32445.381 day ago
7Ràfael34420.79443.941 day ago
8Rudrå33103.30443.941 day ago
9Springshot35254.11443.751 day ago
10Ougagagoubou75.69442.691 day ago
11Infernø96.32442.441 day ago
12Reÿ280.77442.311 day ago
13Earin368.52442.191 day ago
14Yumekojabami31589.69442.131 day ago
15Ästris10999.65441.811 day ago
16Sheino390.25441.191 day ago
17Raiderio74.80441.001 day ago
18Bromolo17189.05440.751 day ago
19Clöv8562.67440.691 day ago
20Mãmma10753.13440.441 day ago
21Måmma0.00440.191 day ago
22Dàrkstar35181.38439.811 day ago
23Incubush41074.80439.561 day ago
24Aboose40830.76439.001 day ago
25Grimdave12113.74438.751 day ago
26Rìøt35181.38438.631 day ago
27Mämma13579.76438.311 day ago
28Itïlden35416.13438.131 day ago
29Sanjimage299.22437.131 day ago
30Furý6298.49436.441 day ago
31Miscudi45515.53436.131 day ago
32Ayushta334.15435.881 day ago
33Cløv57.33433.751 day ago
34Cleor21947.00433.191 day ago
35Clover0.00432.811 day ago
36Shadot474.13432.631 day ago
37Innana65.70432.631 day ago
38Hakanbalta27.56432.311 day ago
39Alhaena74.64431.441 day ago
40Aderimos0.00431.381 day ago
41Jhonnyl390.25430.941 day ago
42Gringöot299.22430.631 day ago
43Nïptö10.61429.941 day ago
44Mylkøne21919.44429.131 day ago
45Ammìno355.36428.631 day ago
46Boozt34.40428.001 day ago
47Toblerogue0.00427.131 day ago
48Nergi29.76425.561 day ago
49Hamùra70.68425.381 day ago
50Dalik446.20422.881 day ago
51Bicipites0.00422.061 day ago
52Bànskì352.68421.941 day ago
53Kempirø440.27421.441 day ago
54Bigculo331.82420.811 day ago
55Nïpto0.00420.001 day ago
56Mirajañe0.00419.941 day ago
57Trënta436.23419.441 day ago
58ßerith436.23419.001 day ago
59Elrapàs0.00417.811 day ago
60Mistez446.20417.381 day ago
61Reikà0.00416.811 day ago
62Krysalya446.20416.631 day ago
63Exstasis0.00416.381 day ago
64Laeli0.00416.061 day ago
65Hakhan0.42414.881 day ago
66Jhontrënta1422.72414.691 day ago
67Hakkan12788.56414.001 day ago
68Mejø6189.43413.631 day ago
69Miroslav0.13413.191 day ago
70Wiztikywiz0.00412.941 day ago
71Vagisilcrema62.81412.691 day ago
72Wokiwoki0.00412.631 day ago
73Tiabbini4.36412.441 day ago
74Rodrigone7432.99412.381 day ago
75Tumadr5612.28412.381 day ago
76Psycogigaz11.84411.941 day ago
77Udyor4.40409.941 day ago
78Peposta436.23407.881 day ago
79Mìcidial379.52407.751 day ago
80Domtoretto0.34407.191 day ago
81Furydruid355.34407.191 day ago
82Zaròvich0.00407.131 day ago
83Lostväyne0.60407.061 day ago
84Dardomatto0.60406.751 day ago
85Elentya0.54406.441 day ago
86Tamarrow6189.43405.811 day ago
87Hàruh0.00405.251 day ago
88Hdk36.36404.691 day ago
89Sauzerwar6189.43403.691 day ago
90Maghario0.00402.751 day ago
91Xemdi0.00401.751 day ago
92Honkytonk4.36400.751 day ago
93Musculus0.00400.001 day ago
94Pøstina429.84399.881 day ago
95Hidokawa61.85395.941 day ago
96Kôkra0.56395.631 day ago
97Ravyen0.00393.941 day ago
98Refundo438.16393.811 day ago
99Blueden0.00393.811 day ago
100Marboh0.00393.811 day ago
101Mìdníght504.80393.751 day ago
102Hyrja6529.79390.941 day ago
103Suorpandora3.37390.881 day ago
104Abz0.00389.381 day ago
105Krysazzi4155.98389.001 day ago
106Nidrezuas0.00387.811 day ago
107Mannarøk2070.51387.751 day ago
108Ielff1274.58386.811 day ago
109Sperotto475.62385.881 day ago
110Tekta298.54385.381 day ago
111Mirar55233.89383.561 day ago
112Matuc1933.67382.131 day ago
113Kevuò4047.68381.751 day ago
114Trentunlance0.00380.941 day ago
115Fukyù94.37379.811 day ago
116Fulxør4236.96379.501 day ago
117Rylei0.00379.381 day ago
118Rafak42.41378.441 day ago
119Illyria348.62378.061 day ago
120Arrininnì53.57374.311 day ago
121Yurnéro74.39374.251 day ago
122Vilkacens4.59373.941 day ago
123Sauzerpriest0.00371.631 day ago
124Melkyor75.29370.061 day ago
125Tallone0.00369.501 day ago
126Pàndorìna0.00368.311 day ago
127Vivie1933.67366.881 day ago
128Gerundhio0.00366.501 day ago
129Nimn0.00365.811 day ago
130Senseirøk93.98365.311 day ago
131Dreiner53.03363.061 day ago
132Stiches34.95356.061 day ago
133Løkthar0.00354.631 day ago
134Kataklism0.00346.941 day ago
135Abycat1.05346.941 day ago
136Jacksteller0.00341.751 day ago
137Myop0.00340.881 day ago
138Ðaniactafool0.00339.631 day ago
139Kullestøry0.00339.501 day ago
140Bipolarbear38.60338.941 day ago
141Tæve0.00338.311 day ago
142Tirounporco0.00335.691 day ago
143Gingerfanta0.00330.061 day ago
144Tràttore0.00306.501 day ago
145Santiagø0.00290.631 day ago
146Sakara0.00288.631 day ago
147Nqlø0.00283.001 day ago
148Miroslava0.00272.311 day ago
149Zuus0.00267.501 day ago
150Sperotta0.00262.561 day ago
151Jhonnym0.00249.691 day ago
152Jhonnyf0.00233.191 day ago
153Wanhèda0.0093.441 day ago

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