Update Progress for Oùt of Control


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Angelthùmp13474.36445.064 days ago
2Akroshalolz6660.61443.691 day ago
3Búrns0.00443.134 days ago
4Redfalcon345.47442.314 days ago
5Deymos324.08441.814 days ago
6Ðårkìnlol0.00440.944 days ago
7Bàchinskiy79.52439.004 days ago
8Expik4476.28438.134 days ago
9Misfitscrew26.56433.884 days ago
10Mdmà59.37433.6310 days ago
11Jüiçe79.24433.1910 days ago
12Déviltriggér333.85432.9410 days ago
13Akishâ29.42429.2510 days ago
14Àllisòn4.10429.2510 days ago
15Pickuper9.66428.5010 days ago
16Starwarzx3.88427.3110 days ago
17Àkròlolz24817.15420.884 days ago
18Madamfritzi0.00420.4410 days ago
19Àqüa0.90420.0010 days ago
20Fakemakerz0.00419.8810 days ago
21Icytøxíc339.08418.9410 days ago
22Fakemaker56.58418.6310 days ago
23Notzak0.00417.8810 days ago
24Cutewings0.00416.3110 days ago
25Morganblack386.65416.068 days ago
26Polinochka10.78413.9410 days ago
27Výllí0.91413.7510 days ago
28Wookiee367.29413.1310 days ago
29Trébórn4.48412.5010 days ago
30Natemare0.00411.7510 days ago
31Polinarbg0.00405.0610 days ago
32Läðy0.00405.0610 days ago
33Stàcy401.00404.7510 days ago
34Vladsuperior0.00404.5610 days ago
35Datisleo32.04404.4410 days ago
36Likemoon0.00403.4410 days ago
37Zenthik13.12403.1310 days ago
38Dátisleo0.00399.6910 days ago
39Niander0.00398.7510 days ago
40Páráfinz424.15398.447 days ago
41Jùne0.00397.0010 days ago
42Pûnterx28.52396.9410 days ago
43Ivanmanatea0.00396.8110 days ago
44Hntor62.00393.8110 days ago
45Dolboroth0.00393.6910 days ago
46Akísha0.60393.5610 days ago
47Kittybitty0.00390.9410 days ago
48Darioz0.00390.1910 days ago
49Zeraicq0.00388.0610 days ago
50Meteos0.10386.2510 days ago
51Aléksbel0.00384.2510 days ago
52Stacyxoxo0.60380.2510 days ago
53Déadbird0.00377.8110 days ago
54Zevalol0.00377.7510 days ago
55Brønik74.61377.0010 days ago
56Rìlvélìné1.05375.3110 days ago
57Trebørn0.00373.8110 days ago
58Datísleo0.00372.1910 days ago
59Underwøod0.00372.1910 days ago
60Alekséybel0.00371.1310 days ago
61Summerzgødx0.00370.8110 days ago
62Àkisha0.00370.1910 days ago
63Skithblatnir0.00366.6310 days ago
64Debelizm0.00364.9410 days ago
65Flaomvp0.00364.0010 days ago
66Toymachineq0.78361.5610 days ago
67Pacoo0.00359.7510 days ago
68Paintraín0.00358.9410 days ago
69Brøha0.00358.7510 days ago
70Tychoz0.00357.8810 days ago
71Irsten0.00357.631 day ago
72Léofan0.00354.7510 days ago
73Tressinator0.00352.4410 days ago
74Pluxury0.00350.5010 days ago
75Partymakerua0.00345.8110 days ago
76Vålêry0.00345.6910 days ago
77Drikki0.00344.1910 days ago
78Ezmøde0.00343.4410 days ago
79Vòlpe0.00337.4410 days ago
80Dontstunme0.00331.6310 days ago
81Alphablade0.00323.1910 days ago
82Druconium0.00311.1910 days ago
83Dàrkàrrów0.00308.2510 days ago
84Biànca0.00303.8810 days ago
85Frauxoxo0.00303.3110 days ago
86Huggedraise0.00269.6910 days ago
87Silverinas0.00--10 days ago

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