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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Fluffydale25369.64449.5622 hours ago
2Henpus26425.04446.631 day ago
3Edharris24986.47446.131 day ago
4Vcodead19866.94445.941 day ago
5Hesti26425.04445.881 day ago
6Belshir26425.04445.191 day ago
7Spacehunts26425.04444.881 day ago
8Mugisan26425.04444.561 day ago
9Derorrim24038.78444.251 day ago
10Binna18207.51444.001 day ago
11Drmackenzie23678.34443.941 day ago
12Schiddhi25016.92443.811 day ago
13Henjan21932.93443.691 day ago
14Tedharris9591.55443.691 day ago
15Ejase16569.07443.631 day ago
16Savagetotem9748.24443.561 day ago
17Jeupy18120.77443.561 day ago
18Retpally24986.47443.061 day ago
19Greekrollo156.93442.381 day ago
20Savagecharge2995.78442.131 day ago
21Vcodk13010.28442.131 day ago
22Talissia24319.83442.001 day ago
23Warrox26425.04441.751 day ago
24Murdermuffin12792.18441.631 day ago
25Sêêq21895.48441.561 day ago
26Datguyrole0.00441.501 day ago
27Veshta8460.75441.441 day ago
28Savagecurse25231.62441.381 day ago
29Melwraith20593.77441.061 day ago
30Vikin24202.18441.061 day ago
31Pakane23623.22440.881 day ago
32Ramenliker22987.88440.561 day ago
33Sherog38.09440.131 day ago
34Xmaslights25760.66439.631 day ago
35Zirigan25760.66439.631 day ago
36Pigeblod14.72439.381 day ago
37Broney6771.35439.001 day ago
38Cystrel25760.66438.881 day ago
39Skedesmovs77.12438.751 day ago
40Jackhoney375.79438.631 day ago
41Szøtyï26231.10438.631 day ago
42Blackeightt25760.66438.001 day ago
43Svenskknekt8819.15437.941 day ago
44Taciko23233.23437.811 day ago
45Backflap360.47437.501 day ago
46Poxic62.19437.441 day ago
47Hotsambi368.84437.381 day ago
48Dàrkangèl90.96437.191 day ago
49Darkwiz256.96437.001 day ago
50Kràth368.84436.941 day ago
51Coldheàrt233.82436.691 day ago
52Latloon20593.77436.501 day ago
53Stjernekast13393.88436.381 day ago
54Lytlis385.22436.381 day ago
55Chikà66.18436.311 day ago
56Lotharerd78.45436.191 day ago
57Warlockin67.18436.131 day ago
58Rénsan392.13435.751 day ago
59Crynotics66.17435.691 day ago
60Vanduus26008.98435.441 day ago
61Latlaw19403.93435.441 day ago
62Datspell82.75435.311 day ago
63Puffie50.59435.001 day ago
64Nataaly177.04434.191 day ago
65Xenical333.86434.001 day ago
66Ridemecowboy320.85433.751 day ago
67Svenskpala47.78433.501 day ago
68Sparkey24.99433.381 day ago
69Vandouche45.55433.311 day ago
70Thewildvikin50.23433.191 day ago
71Shâdê167.06433.191 day ago
72Hennis267.04432.941 day ago
73Wipesonlfr20593.77432.811 day ago
74Sjeesbazer255.26432.811 day ago
75Arkhos441.44432.691 day ago
76Berlecindi397.22432.561 day ago
77Eilanth61.83431.881 day ago
78Chiknmantree36.80431.811 day ago
79Fonoman0.98431.191 day ago
80Antwen23929.99431.061 day ago
81Newfireguy413.68430.941 day ago
82Mugibabamoo267.04430.881 day ago
83Hipstersheep17734.20430.131 day ago
84Boomf0.00429.631 day ago
85Wackko7.60429.561 day ago
86Benchmepls267.04429.001 day ago
87Lespica368.84428.691 day ago
88Heniboj390.44428.441 day ago
89Szootyi75.93428.381 day ago
90Minekumff67.85428.131 day ago
91Spacedeath87.48427.751 day ago
92Peacekin284.02427.561 day ago
93Drpeanut407.20427.131 day ago
94Dastic29.88426.811 day ago
95Cererindur333.86426.501 day ago
96Bigvikin293.52426.441 day ago
97Vcoo74.19426.381 day ago
98Difigia0.66426.251 day ago
99Hipstergoose19929.39426.191 day ago
100Davikin18.50425.691 day ago
101Hipsterprest380.51424.811 day ago
102Ràdan0.00424.751 day ago
103Mugisneak49.98424.631 day ago
104Qxinzy56.15424.561 day ago
105Colgath4.36424.441 day ago
106Mufin88.76424.001 day ago
107Voldefar22.65423.381 day ago
108Ironkarenw0.00422.941 day ago
109Gromatzi2938.69421.881 day ago
110Szøtyii65.05421.631 day ago
111Mugioo360.47420.811 day ago
112Gigathor42.48420.691 day ago
113Nerfvco12959.37420.691 day ago
114Twilightpaw42.88420.561 day ago
115Paisano3.88419.881 day ago
116Thekingcow0.00419.811 day ago
117Out2.92419.561 day ago
118Savagehot41.64419.501 day ago
119Angelblade0.00418.441 day ago
120Sekhemet0.60417.631 day ago
121Evsiz0.00417.191 day ago
122Heikane58.53416.811 day ago
123Quâng0.00416.811 day ago
124Herefordbeef50.88416.631 day ago
125Rajses371.47416.381 day ago
126Mugimonkey12210.41416.131 day ago
127Lyænna441.44416.131 day ago
128Lyadren0.44416.061 day ago
129Konky0.00416.061 day ago
130Gregorax0.00415.941 day ago
131Mugibambam63.60415.811 day ago
132Yetim441.44415.631 day ago
133Belindor0.35415.441 day ago
134Dirger4.20415.441 day ago
135Hypaå19987.26415.311 day ago
136Càsual441.44414.941 day ago
137Mispp0.00414.941 day ago
138Holychoad0.00414.881 day ago
139Felwarlock0.00414.811 day ago
140Tuskymon0.00414.381 day ago
141Fistah0.00414.191 day ago
142Polz12793.80414.131 day ago
143Allicya0.00414.001 day ago
144Ynutx7355.46413.691 day ago
145Starx441.44413.311 day ago
146Crazynightbo371.37413.061 day ago
147Darkwiiz0.00412.501 day ago
148Fantomfagyi6629.66412.191 day ago
149Exaulted7273.02411.631 day ago
150Stuntherapy18594.64411.251 day ago
151Dredathor0.00411.191 day ago
152Toonk441.44411.061 day ago
153Palabinna0.00411.001 day ago
154Sibalba371.47410.811 day ago
155Hanshorn0.00410.691 day ago
156Pegasùs0.48410.631 day ago
157Trollarunt38.16410.251 day ago
158Vcco3.93409.811 day ago
159Wige13.16409.441 day ago
160Çarpe0.00409.001 day ago
161Astepurrs0.00408.751 day ago
162Watersupply5741.82408.131 day ago
163Eranokk0.00407.881 day ago
164Finsmakaren6111.04407.751 day ago
165Murau580.20406.811 day ago
166Maardak0.14406.751 day ago
167Warriorgasm0.00405.631 day ago
168Blinkertje0.98405.001 day ago
169Dòminance0.00404.941 day ago
170Ranya0.00403.691 day ago
171Caliente0.56403.311 day ago
172Morhella0.00403.311 day ago
173Icefern56.06402.751 day ago
174Dgrohl0.00402.691 day ago
175Difigiano0.00402.381 day ago
176Legarçon0.00402.311 day ago
177Trolldotter0.00402.251 day ago
178Víolence406.99402.191 day ago
179Boschetara12604.96402.191 day ago
180Bigmomma57.48402.061 day ago
181Poìsonous6883.97401.941 day ago
182Nawenn0.00401.441 day ago
183Sidd0.15400.881 day ago
184Bchillz12210.41400.881 day ago
185Taloy0.00400.631 day ago
186Cusitis0.00400.191 day ago
187Humpdapump0.52400.131 day ago
188Demonchow0.90399.751 day ago
189Alfahane12.77399.251 day ago
190Slévine6328.11398.691 day ago
191Kegax150.00398.131 day ago
192Evilbacon0.00398.061 day ago
193Lyxliraren0.00398.001 day ago
194Lighthour0.00397.561 day ago
195Vvco0.00396.941 day ago
196Smëlly260.11396.691 day ago
197Pedoinaspedo0.00396.691 day ago
198Brujitsu0.00396.251 day ago
199Spacedjunks0.00396.061 day ago
200Fwcort0.00396.001 day ago
201Bachax0.00395.311 day ago
202Polzlock0.00395.061 day ago
203Drhenni0.00394.691 day ago
204Vòid0.00394.561 day ago
205Relotion0.00394.251 day ago
206Zaytsév327.06393.941 day ago
207Oldgranny0.00393.441 day ago
208Mugiknight4.26393.191 day ago
209Mugihulda3.53392.941 day ago
210Gromkhana99.93392.381 day ago
211Juvenaxx7273.02391.691 day ago
212Gorathe0.00391.631 day ago
213Deadlines0.00391.501 day ago
214Interjectìon0.00391.441 day ago
215Reavox3.72391.001 day ago
216Fluffysnow0.60390.561 day ago
217Arlandria0.70389.061 day ago
218Endol0.33388.631 day ago
219Aypapichulo0.00387.751 day ago
220Çleriç29.15387.631 day ago
221Capsoulan13.20386.311 day ago
222Gazor56.22385.881 day ago
223Goofus59.52385.441 day ago
224Zambaloot0.00385.251 day ago
225Cástiel0.00385.251 day ago
226Bàdàss28.32385.131 day ago
227Valieera23.21385.001 day ago
228Allather2938.69383.941 day ago
229Mitherian14.76383.131 day ago
230Vyseth1299.49383.061 day ago
231Lémbasbread2911.06382.941 day ago
232Eranya0.00382.061 day ago
233Lilsya2955.58381.191 day ago
234Alaniis2424.26381.061 day ago
235Ilovetrolls0.84381.061 day ago
236Hennoride2410.82381.001 day ago
237Daspiin0.00380.941 day ago
238Milch0.00380.811 day ago
239Mythrax1327.04380.811 day ago
240Ðaspin2938.80380.131 day ago
241Thuisbezorgd0.00380.061 day ago
242Orktar0.00379.811 day ago
243Blackeight0.00379.191 day ago
244Henni3.74377.691 day ago
245Stinkypuff0.00377.691 day ago
246Slurmy2699.68377.311 day ago
247Bagofweed4.63376.631 day ago
248Puff50.68375.811 day ago
249Otherpeter1924.02375.751 day ago
250Madmoopriest408.38375.311 day ago
251Amyp0.00374.501 day ago
252Gingé552.07374.191 day ago
253Elbow99.87373.881 day ago
254Dcrusader23.32373.881 day ago
255Khorlutz0.00373.691 day ago
256Aethern463.23372.751 day ago
257Nordhuskarl71.02372.691 day ago
258Rotpunch589.10372.441 day ago
259Leondra671.87371.811 day ago
260Cortissimo11.87370.381 day ago
261Crabapple62.60369.941 day ago
262Lolurasheep0.00369.811 day ago
263Zog0.00369.691 day ago
264Polzpriest3.80369.381 day ago
265Mayhia4.11368.811 day ago
266Sqwop38.97368.311 day ago
267Gravity0.00366.251 day ago
268Aeranya98.87365.811 day ago
269Chrosen0.00365.441 day ago
270Rabber0.00365.311 day ago
271Lightban0.00365.061 day ago
272Viseth29.21364.441 day ago
273Weird74.26364.001 day ago
274Demonvikin0.00363.561 day ago
275Lenthien99.93363.191 day ago
276Ðassha1065.87362.561 day ago
277Pixsya61.65362.251 day ago
278Áchor39.65360.881 day ago
279Aakosakaroly26.84360.691 day ago
280Veridiyen3.73360.191 day ago
281Superslikker0.00359.811 day ago
282Kurâc0.00358.941 day ago
283Nastya82.55358.191 day ago
284Shadinatank0.00358.001 day ago
285Shæ0.00357.501 day ago
286Heager383.56357.441 day ago
287Skalla70.75356.251 day ago
288Itspeter0.90355.561 day ago
289Slagborren0.00354.251 day ago
290Nivik0.00353.811 day ago
291Dexxy14.40352.251 day ago
292Miichael0.00352.191 day ago
293Crexis0.00350.811 day ago
294Gromlean0.00350.191 day ago
295Grimmybe0.00349.691 day ago
296Autumnrain0.00348.691 day ago
297Hyperfreeze0.00347.561 day ago
298Helyea39.99347.501 day ago
299Vulkov0.00344.941 day ago
300Autumnfire0.00340.941 day ago
301Grognaka0.00340.441 day ago
302Henninem0.00339.691 day ago
303Néophyte0.00339.381 day ago
304Sarmy0.00337.061 day ago
305Charrok0.00331.751 day ago
306Sheltorei0.00331.001 day ago
307Demonicsoulz0.00329.631 day ago
308Unholymen0.00328.751 day ago
309Hestii0.00327.251 day ago
310Chaosdmg0.00325.631 day ago
311Nutellan0.00317.441 day ago
312Elvotraffic0.00313.811 day ago
313Fero7439.45311.001 day ago
314Hendige10.72308.381 day ago
315Sharlissa0.00307.691 day ago
316Lehmkuhl0.00307.441 day ago
317Cherrydrink0.00304.631 day ago
318Darienna0.00295.311 day ago
319Runklelle0.00295.001 day ago
320Bartelmeu0.00294.311 day ago
321Shammalama0.00279.631 day ago
322Rotnroll0.00275.881 day ago
323Mìta0.00273.501 day ago
324Apranax0.00270.941 day ago
325Rukiruk0.00255.751 day ago
326Bëlshir0.00233.191 day ago

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