Update Progress for Raining Blood


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Hazles53.12435.0021 day ago
2Sacant342.14431.7521 day ago
3Demønicxd340.35431.6321 day ago
4Release340.35431.1321 day ago
5Mínø0.98429.7521 day ago
6Abstraktio0.52428.6321 day ago
7Døønut40.71427.1921 day ago
8Rawk342.14425.8121 day ago
9Ylikova67.80425.1321 day ago
10Rammaal3.45421.8821 day ago
11Redfang0.00421.5021 day ago
12Starkaurenus744.05421.5021 day ago
13Zakyy0.00420.9421 day ago
14Dáthris0.45420.8821 day ago
15Horaun0.00419.7521 day ago
16Waundead0.84419.6321 day ago
17Quacker409.01419.5021 day ago
18Vaipa0.00419.0021 day ago
19Mjauski0.84418.0621 day ago
20Xers0.00417.9421 day ago
21Valhanna0.00417.9421 day ago
22Laoni0.13417.5621 day ago
23Nahatonym4.10416.4421 day ago
24Zarael0.00416.1921 day ago
25Kimy0.00416.0021 day ago
26Finito44.64415.8121 day ago
27Zëti0.00415.6921 day ago
28Olaenilina0.00415.0021 day ago
29Solonair0.00414.5021 day ago
30Bronzepie5916.57413.8821 day ago
31Biogon3.98413.3121 day ago
32Celør6499.26412.7521 day ago
33Alythyra0.30411.0621 day ago
34Gafalnk0.00408.4421 day ago
35Ploggen0.00407.3121 day ago
36Paloh6214.81405.6321 day ago
37Falconjab0.45405.5021 day ago
38Atnarion0.91405.4421 day ago
39Reddleman0.00405.0621 day ago
40Dreako310.34404.1921 day ago
41Zamos59.31403.0021 day ago
42Twixpatukka0.00402.6321 day ago
43Helmgar0.00402.4421 day ago
44Ampxx0.00401.6921 day ago
45Rergus0.00401.5621 day ago
46Dolantramp0.00401.1921 day ago
47Myrmyn0.13400.6321 day ago
48Nevlyn0.00399.6321 day ago
49Yukinosita0.00399.1321 day ago
50Meövan0.00398.6921 day ago
51Semeris13.21398.5621 day ago
52Tranai0.00396.1321 day ago
53Slymor0.70396.0621 day ago
54Viscount0.00395.9421 day ago
55Riishoej0.75393.5621 day ago
56Ninesup376.92393.5021 day ago
57Zhangxiu4.33393.3821 day ago
58Drullpatrull0.00392.0621 day ago
59Frostspikez0.00392.0621 day ago
60Tetyo0.00391.8821 day ago
61Goalth0.00390.1321 day ago
62Shirayukie7.40389.8121 day ago
63Prophetx0.00389.3121 day ago
64Kiyami0.00388.8821 day ago
65Lyanor0.00388.6921 day ago
66Chouky0.00388.5621 day ago
67Slendar0.72388.4421 day ago
68Milkacow0.00387.0021 day ago
69Mortalyze0.00384.5621 day ago
70Zea0.00382.7521 day ago
71Zeonia0.00382.1921 day ago
72Fürvus0.00380.5621 day ago
73Iranolos0.00380.2521 day ago
74Palosin0.00380.2521 day ago
75Mért0.00379.4421 day ago
76Muroshávó0.00378.4421 day ago
77Smorcington97.20378.1321 day ago
78Isengar0.00376.5021 day ago
79Darkox0.00375.7521 day ago
80Bourdieu0.00375.0021 day ago
81Aragorc0.00374.3821 day ago
82Canast405.31373.9421 day ago
83Lipsofhate0.00373.8121 day ago
84Dejlin0.52373.8121 day ago
85Glandria0.00372.3121 day ago
86Sinisters0.00371.2521 day ago
87Druidam0.00370.6921 day ago
88Bkdoorbandit411.85370.6321 day ago
89Xorann744.05370.1321 day ago
90Gidge69.73370.0621 day ago
91Hellstrom0.00369.1321 day ago
92Praetus1390.83369.1321 day ago
93Vanaara0.00368.8121 day ago
94Tydes41.82367.4421 day ago
95Ppaplan1.05367.3121 day ago
96Elavsmash3.60366.8121 day ago
97Minibeier0.00366.3821 day ago
98Purpleturnip67.80366.1921 day ago
99Mybson744.05366.0021 day ago
100Mardukai86.36364.3821 day ago
101Supakoopa13.16364.2521 day ago
102Senborn0.26363.9421 day ago
103Wukifajzat1.01363.5621 day ago
104Qudrok83.49363.5021 day ago
105Kaiotech43.17362.5021 day ago
106Smrkelj0.00362.4421 day ago
107Enkoodaboo0.00362.1321 day ago
108Expresshigh14.60362.0021 day ago
109Geraton0.00361.8121 day ago
110Sagewind0.00361.1321 day ago
111Truthtaker14.91359.8121 day ago
112Erchirion0.00359.8121 day ago
113Voltious0.00359.5621 day ago
114Khädgâr42.13359.1321 day ago
115Beatnuts0.00359.0621 day ago
116Shikyomaru0.00358.4421 day ago
117Tooru0.00357.5021 day ago
118Stopit0.00357.5021 day ago
119Frellon0.00357.1921 day ago
120Postmannen0.00357.1921 day ago
121Dkpe0.90356.6921 day ago
122Acrouz0.00356.4421 day ago
123Gartok0.00356.1921 day ago
124Fossfor0.00356.1321 day ago
125Septumsempra0.75356.0621 day ago
126Grunnthar0.00355.6921 day ago
127Darkshelf0.00354.6921 day ago
128Boozle0.00353.6321 day ago
129Balafas0.87353.4421 day ago
130Diasdo0.75353.1921 day ago
131Xoit0.00352.5621 day ago
132Icè0.00352.1921 day ago
133Narthälos0.00352.1321 day ago
134Astrisia0.00351.9421 day ago
135Gquilidos0.00351.9421 day ago
136Eatmybum0.00351.7521 day ago
137Wómur0.00351.1921 day ago
138Urgag0.00350.4421 day ago
139Hornymilk0.00350.2521 day ago
140Bloodbathx0.00349.8821 day ago
141Fannyslapper0.00349.4421 day ago
142Tastely0.70347.9421 day ago
143Flip0.00347.0621 day ago
144Happyendre0.00347.0621 day ago
145Deevic0.00346.5621 day ago
146Eliyt0.00346.4421 day ago
147Zerref0.30346.1321 day ago
148Pitzza0.90345.8121 day ago
149Chump0.00345.7521 day ago
150Frostcloud0.15345.5621 day ago
151Scarletwind0.00345.5021 day ago
152Rpz0.00345.3821 day ago
153Zeoa0.90345.3121 day ago
154Khanate0.00345.3121 day ago
155Gàidhlig0.00345.3121 day ago
156Smeise0.00345.1921 day ago
157Markuss0.00345.0621 day ago
158Oreoyo0.00344.9421 day ago
159Shadowsales0.60344.6321 day ago
160Priåmos0.00344.5621 day ago
161Retardi0.00344.3821 day ago
162Balx0.00344.1321 day ago
163Zeek0.00343.7521 day ago
164Dredzo0.00342.8821 day ago
165Bramgor0.00342.3121 day ago
166Steelheart0.00341.8121 day ago
167Terathon0.00341.6921 day ago
168Twazix0.00341.5021 day ago
169Keelikka0.00341.0021 day ago
170Rhakar0.70340.4421 day ago
171Klas0.00339.5021 day ago
172Mofina0.00339.3121 day ago
173Arwý0.00339.0621 day ago
174Lumienkeli0.00339.0021 day ago
175Shamara0.00338.1921 day ago
176Brigadir0.00337.8121 day ago
177Latzabb0.00337.0621 day ago
178Tuoka0.00337.0021 day ago
179Suyana0.00336.3821 day ago
180Josephyóo0.00334.3821 day ago
181Ohbabyatank0.00330.8121 day ago
182Ghragthor0.00330.8121 day ago
183Kiritoyuuki0.00329.5621 day ago
184Tyrrand0.00329.5621 day ago
185Barastyrr0.00328.8121 day ago
186Javenate0.00328.5021 day ago
187Donkas0.00328.5021 day ago
188Temforus0.00327.8121 day ago
189Zugheera0.00327.3121 day ago
190Nekrodormus0.00324.6321 day ago
191Felrend0.00322.0621 day ago
192Mordewal0.00319.8121 day ago
193Molili0.00318.4421 day ago
194Mordilitis0.00315.8821 day ago
195Fullspectrum0.00315.3121 day ago
196Kixzuuh0.00314.8121 day ago
197Effr0.00314.3121 day ago
198Tyraany0.00312.6921 day ago
199Guldfesk0.00311.5021 day ago
200Tuskarner0.00311.1921 day ago
201Oxzide0.00310.6321 day ago
202Zatiricon0.00310.0021 day ago
203Drannosh0.00309.5621 day ago
204Bloodlax0.00309.1921 day ago
205Vulìa0.00307.2521 day ago
206Taasdingo0.00304.5021 day ago
207Tameless0.00299.6921 day ago
208Stinkjoch0.00298.8821 day ago
209Jahea0.00294.5621 day ago
210Oskolt0.00290.6921 day ago
211Milkie0.00287.9421 day ago
212Runicy0.00286.1921 day ago
213Changxi0.00285.6321 day ago
214Xhibby0.00283.3821 day ago
215Kalzar0.00282.5021 day ago
216Mothmoth0.00281.8121 day ago
217Badrocken0.00281.8121 day ago
218Alciel0.00281.2521 day ago
219Etixx0.00276.8821 day ago

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