Added to queue for a quick guild news scan (Mythic bosses only!)
Please check back the guild page later.

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Buutchlol21285.39449.252 days ago
2Kvakzalver21285.39445.062 days ago
3Lphans36343.54443.442 days ago
4Sámgôld19952.71440.192 days ago
5Sleepypala21285.39437.502 days ago
6Dansmain21201.58436.002 days ago
7Zaelí21285.39435.562 days ago
8Pincia13850.34435.442 days ago
9Huntercute21036.67435.062 days ago
10Puhbeer58.20434.812 days ago
11Silkshade21203.65434.132 days ago
12Virt380.43433.442 days ago
13Berøreren69.91432.192 days ago
14Passivex65.55431.752 days ago
15Arito39.66431.312 days ago
16Healovedit36.09431.252 days ago
17Glomo65.50430.192 days ago
18Goz20449.62428.312 days ago
19Gozem20926.75428.252 days ago
20Vozy40.77427.502 days ago
21Smitysilk40.20424.752 days ago
22Ålëg285.46421.812 days ago
23Faydral44.16420.882 days ago
24Truwl42.50420.002 days ago
25Ðenitez88.97419.382 days ago
26Mikashy44.81419.312 days ago
27Karíssa0.00419.132 days ago
28Konghampnie39.66418.192 days ago
29Aruakaya44.81417.882 days ago
30Navitas25476.53415.132 days ago
31Fklo24894.36414.942 days ago
32Troxlot26143.17414.502 days ago
33Trusham0.55414.442 days ago
34Nozdora441.28413.812 days ago
35Gozzi0.00413.442 days ago
36Ceeßix3.70412.942 days ago
37Uskiy5724.91412.132 days ago
38Jackatlas5529.06411.442 days ago
39Tyffu20259.23411.002 days ago
40Trumonk0.00410.252 days ago
41Trumage0.00409.692 days ago
42Shàdows5939.00409.382 days ago
43Olaav6243.93409.192 days ago
44Pinciux44.16407.632 days ago
45Tyffex0.00407.132 days ago
46Truwar0.00406.752 days ago
47Glitterstórm0.00403.252 days ago
48Playffxiv0.00394.562 days ago
49Eokx0.00384.812 days ago
50Gozzem0.00382.692 days ago
51Dozey0.00381.252 days ago
52Frostfirefly0.00381.002 days ago
53Veridân61.09379.632 days ago
54Návitas0.00375.442 days ago
55Azaráx0.00359.382 days ago

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