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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Niyina21419.88445.813 hours ago
2Eïlenia20616.34445.813 hours ago
3Komenor21225.29445.503 hours ago
4Hasna18886.89445.253 hours ago
5Starros20147.76445.193 hours ago
6Louffix21419.88444.563 hours ago
7Ashhan20086.24444.443 hours ago
8Trøy345.37444.443 hours ago
9Arieka21419.88442.881 day ago
10Wraith15399.52442.061 day ago
11Psycõ20616.34442.061 day ago
12Dorys21419.88441.941 day ago
13Moloche21419.88441.751 day ago
14Rëgënêratiøn21419.88441.193 hours ago
15Caarrl21419.88440.811 day ago
16Prêtrassia22753.30440.061 day ago
17Rorrchar20616.34439.881 day ago
18Guemandjaï21226.25439.561 day ago
19Ymachita21226.25439.563 hours ago
20Crogue278.73438.751 day ago
21Valdoow20033.03438.691 day ago
22Equinöx16670.56438.691 day ago
23Gríncheux21419.88438.311 day ago
24Châbâl85.57438.061 day ago
25Hémoglobines21419.88437.751 day ago
26Arrowfstorm407.03436.881 day ago
27Zëndrake86.66436.061 day ago
28Gøgolgetà302.15434.441 day ago
29Darkevildead243.60431.811 day ago
30Orvaliana83.93428.501 day ago
31Hemophilie1334.70425.751 day ago
32Lïnaë397.09424.251 day ago
33Ytrôy0.00424.061 day ago
34Ogast13.67423.311 day ago
35Crogui0.00419.811 day ago
36Próf4.11419.131 day ago
37Ostros231.98418.881 day ago
38Subdicko0.14418.811 day ago
39Tïnuviel3.58418.691 day ago
40Azmødan53.28413.001 day ago
41Tessou4.48412.311 day ago
42Tuttiquanti0.54412.061 day ago
43Chamina4.19411.501 day ago
44Selea247.33407.381 day ago
45Scythès0.00401.441 day ago
46Bultard0.96401.311 day ago
47Lilëgath0.00400.561 day ago
48Loucocks0.00396.501 day ago
49Cocklidan0.00396.251 day ago
50Krague0.00382.691 day ago
51Zitangpei0.00356.751 day ago
52Zogzogs0.00335.441 day ago
53Nashh385.60334.131 day ago
54Psycô0.00278.561 day ago

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