Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Sñýx44.82455.3815 hours ago
2Cerbère44.82453.5615 hours ago
3Trolimørt44.82453.1915 hours ago
4Ekstazy44.82453.0015 hours ago
5Zarxass44.82452.5015 hours ago
6Meta44.82451.8815 hours ago
7Osaris44.82451.1915 hours ago
8Demølix44.82451.0615 hours ago
9Sheva20678.13450.6915 hours ago
10Emikø26613.88450.3815 hours ago
11Nàyrøw44.82450.1315 hours ago
12Skynett44.82449.9415 hours ago
13Scaâr15402.23449.9415 hours ago
14Annima22762.33449.8815 hours ago
15Livîa44.82449.3115 hours ago
16Gerbibix44.82448.9415 hours ago
17Âlêndâl44.82448.5615 hours ago
18Catnip44.82448.5015 hours ago
19Durise44.82448.1315 hours ago
20Sboóbs44.82447.9415 hours ago
21Valindria44.82447.6915 hours ago
22Cavallonee23767.79447.3815 hours ago
23Pølarïs18312.56447.1915 hours ago
24Odsuv32710.09447.0615 hours ago
25Mithik44.82446.5015 hours ago
26Darknessia12365.50446.3115 hours ago
27Wøllmer44.82445.9415 hours ago
28Dbaraggan3143.18445.8115 hours ago
29Tambours403.64445.6315 hours ago
30Nayrôw0.00445.6315 hours ago
31Manaelys352.54445.5615 hours ago
32Scorpss20753.07445.5615 hours ago
33Nayröw35699.57445.2515 hours ago
34Minlia31567.19445.1315 hours ago
35Ashdoom22142.58444.3815 hours ago
36Isania83.23444.3115 hours ago
37Skaïwynn26474.23444.1915 hours ago
38Seymøøur84.49444.1315 hours ago
39Sïdeway33454.50443.9415 hours ago
40Liiloue27575.62442.8115 hours ago
41Pavpriest35644.63442.7515 hours ago
42Odsuvlock44.82442.5615 hours ago
43Khøra150.00441.1915 hours ago
44Aluria22130.59441.1915 hours ago
45Fisride410.26440.3815 hours ago
46Âléndâl411.39439.6315 hours ago
47Alêndal0.00439.6315 hours ago
48Azatsü26337.11438.8815 hours ago
49Sbóób35699.55438.6315 hours ago
50Worldd23925.39438.6315 hours ago
51Aggamor20119.62437.381 day ago
52Âlendâl283.49437.253 days ago
53Higan55.46436.383 days ago
54Juval7268.82435.567 days ago
55Vube27926.92435.507 days ago
56Hulred0.00434.817 days ago
57Âlêndal47.64434.637 days ago
58Kosakchka14817.04434.007 days ago
59Pavmonk91.87433.947 days ago
60Tchøkz37.14433.817 days ago
61Øpiüm10395.13433.757 days ago
62Nayrow7871.71433.697 days ago
63Ayahuescâ187.44433.197 days ago
64Pèremption0.00431.757 days ago
65Nàyröw6183.19431.567 days ago
66Døna193.61431.137 days ago
67Sangô54.64429.817 days ago
68Rionikalol65.03428.007 days ago
69Sñyxx89.44426.887 days ago
70Kelïa97.45426.637 days ago
71Draxerion13706.77426.567 days ago
72Nàyrow36.48425.757 days ago
73Sagirâ15.96425.3112 days ago
74Ndjsoka0.70425.2512 days ago
75Skayze43.65424.7512 days ago
76Kevalehan0.00423.3812 days ago
77Rukyaa4.30423.2512 days ago
78Sbóobix364.96422.8812 days ago
79Anzziie59.08420.9412 days ago
80Ayahuesca0.45420.6912 days ago
81Prosise0.72420.2512 days ago
82Lycano12.72419.6912 days ago
83Akûnaø0.72418.6312 days ago
84Minhêrva0.00418.6312 days ago
85Zatoïchi6501.21418.0012 days ago
86Croustibat436.40417.8112 days ago
87Nayrøw14.81417.4412 days ago
88Anzziy100.33416.7512 days ago
89Durnaze0.75416.4412 days ago
90Zélyä0.00415.7512 days ago
91Nailah0.24415.6312 days ago
92Zatø5551.87415.5012 days ago
93Køkaÿne0.00415.5012 days ago
94Deßoulogne26002.87414.5612 days ago
95Melïyna447.96414.5012 days ago
96Luciuus25169.26413.1912 days ago
97Sñyx26277.39413.0612 days ago
98Davaniella4.48412.6912 days ago
99Kiride424.69411.3812 days ago
100Yøhkun447.96411.1312 days ago
101Yllamis2.01410.4412 days ago
102Shanalotte27587.04410.1312 days ago
103Saankaa5852.49409.8112 days ago
104Khrâll26277.39409.8112 days ago
105Botistab436.40409.5612 days ago
106Bramdk17371.82408.5012 days ago
107Pavmage46.45408.2512 days ago
108Sachiko30.63408.0610 days ago
109Illyanna17257.03408.0612 days ago
110Grirksempai39.40407.8812 days ago
111Snajdan3.41407.3112 days ago
112Tongpo0.16407.2512 days ago
113Pavdh0.00406.563 days ago
114Hotarbi427.98406.2512 days ago
115Azrelia0.00406.1912 days ago
116Liared0.00402.9412 days ago
117Alendal0.00401.503 days ago
118Kiriwar0.00401.0612 days ago
119Clyde7270.40398.8812 days ago
120Sângô0.00398.6912 days ago
121Âlendal0.00398.1312 days ago
122Litchi426.79397.3112 days ago
123Vahalys0.00396.2512 days ago
124Keythamyne0.00396.1912 days ago
125Ixarari0.00396.0012 days ago
126Hîkari4.59395.6312 days ago
127Sângø0.00394.8812 days ago
128Fraìsetagada0.00393.1912 days ago
129Cedriku97.07393.1312 days ago
130Ilyänna3.90391.5612 days ago
131Buddhilou0.54391.0612 days ago
132Khràll0.52390.0612 days ago
133Smirkette59.27388.4412 days ago
134Bramagette0.00386.2512 days ago
135Cetearyl0.70385.4412 days ago
136Fürieuse615.88384.7512 days ago
137Fqk2170.48384.4412 days ago
138Jhilumine1368.41384.4412 days ago
139Artisiadesti1265.28383.0012 days ago
140Smirk0.45382.6312 days ago
141Kiripong0.70382.3112 days ago
142Sbóob358.68381.6912 days ago
143Kirimons2417.76381.5612 days ago
144Zanouba0.00381.3112 days ago
145Zured0.00380.8812 days ago
146Ønizükry11.76378.1312 days ago
147Brainshot1049.37377.8812 days ago
148Grotaro0.26377.8112 days ago
149Balistos0.84377.7512 days ago
150Sboób0.32376.6912 days ago
151Twiheeks0.52373.5012 days ago
152Skülls335.29373.0012 days ago
153Sodead1312.79372.8112 days ago
154Lirvy1362.69370.1912 days ago
155Tekiros65.16369.5012 days ago
156Wakizà0.00369.0612 days ago
157Profeartwoll0.36368.6912 days ago
158Zelya1368.41368.0612 days ago
159Shîryu1320.94367.4412 days ago
160Lethe0.48367.1312 days ago
161Samasama71.50366.1912 days ago
162Ashreg0.00364.6312 days ago
163Deathpasitos0.65364.5012 days ago
164Nevercast0.00364.0012 days ago
165Pätatoes53.77362.7512 days ago
166Pavdruid0.00361.1912 days ago
167Annaily447.96360.3112 days ago
168Füreür0.00359.5612 days ago
169Acrøh0.00356.7512 days ago
170Naìlah0.15356.0012 days ago
171Baïgori0.52355.8812 days ago
172Tÿa9.66355.3112 days ago
173Taggadaa0.00352.3812 days ago
174Duritos0.00350.8812 days ago
175Yag0.00350.5012 days ago
176Hibashira0.00348.9412 days ago
177Gzù0.72348.5012 days ago
178Aaryaa0.00347.8812 days ago
179Màyù29.76347.5012 days ago
180Oga0.00344.1312 days ago
181Ashäa0.28343.3812 days ago
182Jsuicaché0.00340.8812 days ago
183Pandahh82.57339.7512 days ago
184Dartus0.00339.5612 days ago
185Suliyaa0.00339.4412 days ago
186Ayumu0.00338.7512 days ago
187Toucheretpal0.00329.5012 days ago
188Zerohs0.00325.7512 days ago
189Cmerolling0.00317.0012 days ago
190Kowther0.00303.8112 days ago
191Speblink0.00282.6912 days ago
192Zukafu0.00271.9412 days ago
193Rionimonk0.00259.6912 days ago
194Sangø0.00235.3812 days ago
195Sailledoué0.00209.5612 days ago
196Apotheose0.00201.7512 days ago

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