Update Progress for Fade


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Possibly9320.22443.691 day ago
2Grasuxxl0.00441.251 day ago
3Maieev0.00441.251 day ago
4Kcidymkcus0.00440.751 day ago
5Optìmuspadre98.53439.251 day ago
6Tasemongloid0.00439.191 day ago
7Optìmusgrìnd322.14438.751 day ago
8Pikka417.30435.691 day ago
9Lackofmael383.16435.561 day ago
10Papasink89.91434.061 day ago
11Thornie413.73433.881 day ago
12Smahs91.07431.631 day ago
13Schmidtrogue323.79431.311 day ago
14Nikkoz33.08430.441 day ago
15Dibzey78.04430.061 day ago
16Jotunheim0.45429.191 day ago
17Fatalìty666.08428.311 day ago
18Silverbane13.91424.061 day ago
19Kanrëthad0.00423.191 day ago
20Dankmemebeam6798.75421.811 day ago
21Yanshuf12.23420.811 day ago
22Bobsham101.50420.631 day ago
23Pinka412.69420.381 day ago
24Felic448.17418.811 day ago
25Wizordholger448.17418.631 day ago
26Ostajävel13.67418.001 day ago
27Lyxar448.17417.881 day ago
28Attró448.17417.751 day ago
29Pikna448.17417.751 day ago
30Slyceter421.97417.381 day ago
31Znierog448.17417.381 day ago
32Optìmusgrind0.91417.251 day ago
33Jusbe435.30416.441 day ago
34Mainlock0.00416.191 day ago
35Everyoné0.00415.631 day ago
36Schmidt5799.38414.691 day ago
37Xantr71.51414.561 day ago
38Xarcles448.17414.561 day ago
39Shiftagain22397.15414.501 day ago
40Crex86689.81414.441 day ago
41Urriev428.15414.441 day ago
42Rafas61352.21414.251 day ago
43Slyclap424.84413.631 day ago
44Kiang0.24413.251 day ago
45Tauntor0.26413.131 day ago
46Össumz413.51412.941 day ago
47Pinkup6113.29412.631 day ago
48Bøbi5498.52412.311 day ago
49Rigg0.00412.001 day ago
50Aagaardwl13081.74411.441 day ago
51Xalizap3.80410.751 day ago
52Nuggèt0.00410.311 day ago
53Vrynh376.79410.251 day ago
54Attro330.17409.441 day ago
55Nerg86522.90408.441 day ago
56Nou72768.45408.001 day ago
57Spreefer0.00407.061 day ago
58Cuckdim0.08406.631 day ago
59Bobí560.56405.631 day ago
60Sink45.12405.441 day ago
61Wildb0.00404.881 day ago
62Dompriest0.84404.001 day ago
63Narithxo8.06401.381 day ago
64Fjuttisar423.62401.251 day ago
65Roaringblaze21.98401.131 day ago
66Deja0.00400.381 day ago
67Undisputedd315.24399.381 day ago
68Omnipius88.32398.941 day ago
69Svartgal328.16394.881 day ago
70Rynh388.44393.631 day ago
71Aaryn423.41392.941 day ago
72Vìtal0.00392.381 day ago
73Xjusbo88.32392.131 day ago
74Døtlite448.05391.061 day ago
75Millove4.61390.501 day ago
76Crexdk377.01388.061 day ago
77Fìlip0.00387.811 day ago
78Steeze0.00387.631 day ago
79Yennaris0.00386.881 day ago
80Torstein43.83386.691 day ago
81Nelaime0.00386.561 day ago
82Qusus61374.32386.561 day ago
83Adelice37.00386.001 day ago
84Strobe0.00385.311 day ago
85Shoffsisar4.59385.191 day ago
86Wildpriest0.00384.131 day ago
87Raahbek343.57383.751 day ago
88Cojie0.14383.311 day ago
89Hearthledger28.24380.941 day ago
90Ounce4059.01380.501 day ago
91Morganike4300.27377.751 day ago
92Tessellate0.00376.131 day ago
93Muramalkeko56.30375.441 day ago
94Slyna89.59374.191 day ago
95Asongs96.74372.881 day ago
96Slyp0.00372.881 day ago
97Bénny0.00372.631 day ago
98Mis13.33370.191 day ago
99Rafastwo1623.59366.631 day ago
100Qusu1210.43365.811 day ago
101Aaren88.32364.881 day ago
102Øjenstråle0.00364.251 day ago
103Griwer57.14363.691 day ago
104Chubzter0.00361.751 day ago
105Lakrian0.00361.131 day ago
106Bytefodder49.32360.251 day ago
107Babyorange0.00359.441 day ago
108Vryn386.86358.691 day ago
109Vwrynh353.62357.941 day ago
110Dendrophilia0.66356.941 day ago
111Genobi104.31356.751 day ago
112Nanoteck41.85356.251 day ago
113Demunhunter0.60354.881 day ago
114Necroticon0.26353.311 day ago
115Moorty0.00352.811 day ago
116Léxi0.00350.631 day ago
117Ðiss0.00349.251 day ago
118Fys103.04348.191 day ago
119Ankhakhan0.00347.441 day ago
120Mortý0.00345.131 day ago
121Nunnunice0.00344.131 day ago
122Morager0.00343.751 day ago
123Merrx89.59343.631 day ago
124Uglegylp0.00342.311 day ago
125Clarity0.00340.191 day ago
126Dorganike89.59339.691 day ago
127Lìll0.00338.751 day ago
128Illidarri0.00337.751 day ago
129Glitch0.00337.191 day ago
130Sasdk0.00336.941 day ago
131Fivers0.00336.561 day ago
132Veldra0.15334.811 day ago
133Storyz0.00334.061 day ago
134Slyphiroth0.00330.811 day ago
135Himlagrogg0.00330.311 day ago
136Aagaardtwo0.00329.061 day ago
137Fiwo0.00327.751 day ago
138Waryur0.00320.441 day ago
139Linderdk0.00313.251 day ago
140Mynte0.00308.631 day ago
141Constantinos0.00307.501 day ago
142Coilx0.00301.381 day ago
143Djinjero0.00294.311 day ago
144Razimo0.00284.631 day ago
145Marcelin0.00283.251 day ago

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