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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Luontojäbä68877.51450.4411 hours ago
2Falsushaman60807.62449.381 day ago
3Wepox42913.88447.001 day ago
4Decoilz68877.34446.751 day ago
5Fepóx54707.93446.631 day ago
6Falsu42997.27446.001 day ago
7Chiggma68877.34445.8113 hours ago
8Heppis64700.13445.441 day ago
9Retylw68877.51445.2514 hours ago
10Penamon68877.51444.811 day ago
11Osukki42527.12444.561 day ago
12Hopè68877.34444.501 day ago
13Afky412.30444.441 day ago
14Osuk68877.51443.251 day ago
15Föne68877.34443.251 day ago
16Gemera40285.29443.001 day ago
17Zikli68877.34442.561 day ago
18Yinzen60807.62442.381 day ago
19Sleba19910.73442.191 day ago
20Hmm42720.51442.061 day ago
21Mlissu24.59442.061 day ago
22Furjinx42913.88441.881 day ago
23Finnop68877.51441.881 day ago
24Ziglii42913.88441.881 day ago
25Decoil56634.45441.811 day ago
26Hilaboom68877.51441.691 day ago
27Imakki68877.51441.631 day ago
28Yinzeni22026.77441.561 day ago
29Dullahan68877.34441.501 day ago
30Limbosimo68877.34441.441 day ago
31Trumpetti68877.51441.311 day ago
32Eináin20325.32441.191 day ago
33Dcoilx42913.88441.191 day ago
34Rotdk60537.45440.691 day ago
35Jeburrlòl0.00440.561 day ago
36Illirot41254.29440.561 day ago
37Kusokku20684.98440.561 day ago
38Furjingx68877.51440.444 hours ago
39Tasis64410.75440.441 day ago
40Eetudh68877.51440.251 day ago
41Eetur41061.52440.001 day ago
42Finnodh42913.88439.881 day ago
43Rottimage389.05439.881 day ago
44Hyvinpyörii417.32439.811 day ago
45Rngjumala30084.52439.8121 hour ago
46Trumppi28699.80439.811 day ago
47Warottis54707.93439.751 day ago
48Trumphd21072.37439.691 day ago
49Speediviikko37370.26439.561 day ago
50Minssi415.30439.191 day ago
51Rothunter396.46438.941 day ago
52Omgwth21072.37438.941 day ago
53Fiaskohunter392.51438.941 day ago
54Sähkösanteri42333.45438.751 day ago
55Rotproc396.63438.631 day ago
56Niinpäniin41389.50438.311 day ago
57Darkestdark37001.26438.311 day ago
58Minshillidan380.61438.251 day ago
59Pikkuminshi415.66438.251 day ago
60Maggmaw32593.65438.061 day ago
61Çx417.32437.941 day ago
62Monkss54.00437.631 day ago
63Limbosimokin42913.88437.631 day ago
64Jaggedh407.19437.441 day ago
65Ysegool68877.34437.251 day ago
66Aqrippa21072.37437.191 day ago
67Kurohan42720.51437.191 day ago
68Nekkerhunter38339.32437.191 day ago
69Makosh393.78437.131 day ago
70Ysega47976.03437.131 day ago
71Furjingz435.56436.881 day ago
72Pmathsoofre68877.51436.751 day ago
73Dklissu5923.33436.691 day ago
74Magekko45368.67436.441 day ago
75Thsóofre400.67436.441 day ago
76Imakkihunt26601.33436.441 day ago
77Stabrot393.78436.251 day ago
78Kotomine392.51436.191 day ago
79Dlissu738.78436.191 day ago
80Rotpad380.82435.941 day ago
81Kaique383.93435.941 day ago
82Sidorov0.00435.881 day ago
83Boomingx363.33435.811 day ago
84Yseg378.49435.751 day ago
85Decoili100.13435.631 day ago
86Lukihärö417.32435.311 day ago
87Surgu417.32435.311 day ago
88Hilamaagi19412.78435.311 day ago
89Retylx42527.74435.191 day ago
90Còld364.95435.131 day ago
91Ysexoxo21072.37434.941 day ago
92Finnoo444.06434.811 day ago
93Lyidex84.90434.691 day ago
94Rotchi386.86434.561 day ago
95Ghuungateway71373.49434.561 day ago
96Itey380.82434.191 day ago
97Fönzen21639.12434.191 day ago
98Retyldh19826.45434.001 day ago
99Ysed409.78433.941 day ago
100Rotret20491.94433.881 day ago
101Nih393.78433.691 day ago
102Retyl444.06433.441 day ago
103Kilpiheh444.00433.381 day ago
104Hilawi19910.73432.501 day ago
105Yse20491.94432.131 day ago
106Edilock51501.75432.001 day ago
107Makuli19412.78431.751 day ago
108Xenorez19910.73431.751 day ago
109Henshin396.71431.501 day ago
110Furji363.36431.311 day ago
111Kiialater392.51431.137 days ago
112Decoilx19412.78431.007 days ago
113Limboismo103.43430.507 days ago
114Yinzendudu328.60430.197 days ago
115Olecranon0.00430.137 days ago
116Precure435.56430.137 days ago
117Demonipena443.58429.697 days ago
118Shughart0.00429.637 days ago
119Grimesey0.00429.197 days ago
120Mightyjeburr0.15429.007 days ago
121Varjorottis448.30428.944 days ago
122Fantzulòl0.00428.137 days ago
123Yaröllimon443.39428.007 days ago
124Maestas0.00427.637 days ago
125Ajoey39.69427.007 days ago
126Edipad444.00426.947 days ago
127Saggin448.23426.887 days ago
128Tumppo0.50425.697 days ago
129Fönew444.00424.817 days ago
130Myyringx396.43424.757 days ago
131Hillosormi393.78423.947 days ago
132Boozem400.67423.817 days ago
133Jeburrgodx0.00423.637 days ago
134Trumpettí23265.03423.567 days ago
135Gloover363.33423.507 days ago
136Yinzendk396.43422.887 days ago
137Rotahallus444.06422.757 days ago
138Jeburr0.72422.257 days ago
139Grudolf396.46421.197 days ago
140Joogasimo63.35419.817 days ago
141Erfoosht7359.67417.317 days ago
142Ajo53615.13415.317 days ago
143Chidine7359.67415.197 days ago
144Kimatide76072.09415.197 days ago
145Avarìce67194.96414.817 days ago
146Retrodiini448.23414.697 days ago
147Edisham364.91414.637 days ago
148Falinash396.43414.317 days ago
149Dcl431.86414.317 days ago
150Yzem341.73413.507 days ago
151Mudrol396.46413.197 days ago
152Sliuba391.92412.507 days ago
153Emedr71.13412.447 days ago
154Naapurisimo386.86412.387 days ago
155Toxiicity0.45411.887 days ago
156Dewoil448.23411.637 days ago
157Eeturior21041.11411.447 days ago
158Iirotom67194.96411.317 days ago
159Falsudin101.15410.887 days ago
160Coiled26881.82410.637 days ago
161Epidemikk13319.04410.567 days ago
162Avarize63603.93410.447 days ago
163Tikane363.23408.887 days ago
164Yinzenx0.26408.887 days ago
165Falsumonk27573.65408.817 days ago
166Kimapriest6385.83408.447 days ago
167Avadan389.05408.197 days ago
168Akkalo386.81408.137 days ago
169Dekoil442.65407.507 days ago
170Ukkolo386.76407.197 days ago
171Kaappiheh396.68407.197 days ago
172Hurrì13.32406.757 days ago
173Hopemorizz386.81405.317 days ago
174Lorttosimo386.84404.947 days ago
175Avardent7296.84404.137 days ago
176Vihagooble382.32403.817 days ago
177Feepóx0.00403.447 days ago
178Avaraze6113.29403.317 days ago
179Uppopumppu0.00402.567 days ago
180Nenassir0.00402.387 days ago
181Finnod7216.82401.507 days ago
182Hesperax0.00401.317 days ago
183Zeins4449.52399.817 days ago
184Rathye0.00399.387 days ago
185Kj713.59398.637 days ago
186Joey0.42397.757 days ago
187Kimadin5749.05397.567 days ago
188Falsulock361.97396.947 days ago
189Makurainen0.00396.447 days ago
190Droktakh0.00396.007 days ago
191Fikkari0.00395.387 days ago
192Slayerhunter41.52395.007 days ago
193Slinkey7411.60394.387 days ago
194Mongman25011.45393.697 days ago
195Ðasis3184.29392.757 days ago
196Sieniseppo4.45391.947 days ago
197Totemcarry74.56391.757 days ago
198Katowowhead7217.16391.447 days ago
199Terrórblade1177.42390.757 days ago
200Vaygr70831.68390.507 days ago
201Motorii80960.38390.387 days ago
202Fönechi386.81390.067 days ago
203Vihhu7216.40389.947 days ago
204Abua435.50389.947 days ago
205Hilaw4.49389.817 days ago
206Soviett446.92389.007 days ago
207Yoq83.69388.007 days ago
208Dullachan398.42387.887 days ago
209Finnodk3974.29387.007 days ago
210Motoripräst440.33386.947 days ago
211Hyväävappua372.17386.697 days ago
212Matohd63318.86386.197 days ago
213Mete4096.43385.947 days ago
214Thsóòfre70003.97385.697 days ago
215Zeitler4.64385.507 days ago
216Vittuheh7216.40385.137 days ago
217Grandburger7216.40385.067 days ago
218Falsumage3.85384.317 days ago
219Dukie63.90384.007 days ago
220Ipe70003.96383.637 days ago
221Kenpachí0.00381.757 days ago
222Matox4243.15380.947 days ago
223Navigaattori3935.70380.817 days ago
224Zeidan638.76380.007 days ago
225Hilawqt0.00379.887 days ago
226Kravux0.00379.567 days ago
227Yínzen0.00379.507 days ago
228Hilsu0.00379.447 days ago
229Erszebeth0.00378.887 days ago
230Trumpw330.50378.637 days ago
231Turhakeclass0.00378.317 days ago
232Wizzq308.70377.567 days ago
233Buffysummers0.00377.257 days ago
234Zeijr398.64375.697 days ago
235Gythil630.18375.387 days ago
236Summonstone0.00375.317 days ago
237Knuckles0.14373.447 days ago
238Beekay1277.18373.137 days ago
239Ethau0.00373.007 days ago
240Gooble2616.41372.947 days ago
241Reiskis0.00372.697 days ago
242Baribari0.00371.257 days ago
243Sovie4.60371.197 days ago
244Yame0.00370.817 days ago
245Imakkiez0.00370.757 days ago
246Guuble372.17370.317 days ago
247Chelly0.00370.257 days ago
248Cyalater2539.10369.697 days ago
249Vähäsuo3664.61368.817 days ago
250Nabbe1494.34367.817 days ago
251Reixx427.13365.387 days ago
252Hessari0.00364.947 days ago
253Bloody0.00364.887 days ago
254Mättömarjut40.50364.257 days ago
255Ulfir0.00363.257 days ago
256Jupsupupsu26.28362.637 days ago
257Maistelutage0.00360.447 days ago
258Reiq365.45360.317 days ago
259Teebaz0.00358.817 days ago
260Nerokatti0.00357.817 days ago
261Viblego26.28357.817 days ago
262Jeburrxd0.00357.697 days ago
263Yâm0.00356.317 days ago
264Buutsemi0.00356.257 days ago
265Motoríi82.47355.507 days ago
266Nyrvänkyrkki0.00355.507 days ago
267Tertaitard296.99354.637 days ago
268Dotm0.00354.567 days ago
269Satelliitti71.12353.387 days ago
270Ricekarifan0.00352.007 days ago
271Cereniq0.00349.757 days ago
272Byysti0.00349.567 days ago
273Evyzz440.58349.197 days ago
274Vible12.39348.947 days ago
275Trumpgool0.00348.757 days ago
276Peikonpalli0.00348.697 days ago
277Empathy0.00345.887 days ago
278Apustaja0.00344.257 days ago
279Hulluporo0.00343.697 days ago
280Kokkokoko0.00343.507 days ago
281Fleshpeddler0.00342.137 days ago
282Vnea0.00342.137 days ago
283Napalm74.70341.447 days ago
284Mgk0.00338.257 days ago
285Jalumen0.00328.887 days ago
286Aarni0.00328.447 days ago
287Siankorva0.00325.567 days ago
288Reisq0.00322.137 days ago
289Kravuh0.00320.887 days ago
290Kravu0.00320.317 days ago
291Nikuh0.00315.567 days ago
292Dphsoofre0.00312.007 days ago
293Slayerkiller0.00311.817 days ago
294Juppels0.00301.947 days ago
295Empatia0.00284.317 days ago
296Zerofinel0.00274.137 days ago
297Edgybabe0.00271.137 days ago
298Rebekka0.00270.067 days ago
299Chisu0.00259.887 days ago
300Quuble0.28144.447 days ago

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