Added to queue for a quick guild news scan (Mythic bosses only!)
Please check back the guild page later.

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Usukahtikura165.13447.131 day ago
2Kalzakat12601.01444.381 day ago
3Crymeriver6440.47443.251 day ago
4Medline0.00441.191 day ago
5Divakaka0.00440.251 day ago
6Holymonk6519.82440.251 day ago
7Phenomaa4.30440.191 day ago
8Scharett390.47439.811 day ago
9Starisa390.47439.381 day ago
10Laywea77.43439.061 day ago
11Targoldhorn390.47437.191 day ago
12Underleafz390.47436.501 day ago
13Razzpo0.00436.441 day ago
14Zotakcho390.47436.061 day ago
15Saxy31.50435.811 day ago
16Ureliq100.20435.131 day ago
17Nemessisz390.47434.881 day ago
18Raylas390.47434.251 day ago
19Pesar6105.01433.631 day ago
20Ahybuc95.35433.061 day ago
21Micu0.00432.441 day ago
22Pharaohbg6548.79431.941 day ago
23Vammpira50.43431.381 day ago
24Matireil0.00431.131 day ago
25Voodomennss0.00429.191 day ago
26Haivera86.77427.941 day ago
27Vordaii0.00427.561 day ago
28Perlata0.00427.001 day ago
29Hohavel0.00425.191 day ago
30Bradatko0.00424.131 day ago
31Nyxona0.00424.131 day ago
32Amydamara4.48424.061 day ago
33Thirstfodust0.98421.131 day ago
34Neshtoto0.00420.561 day ago
35Naamaah75.66420.501 day ago
36Korvata75.66419.251 day ago
37Snefera0.00419.191 day ago
38Deaznam64.89418.191 day ago
39Askot0.00417.001 day ago
40Angromega6772.60416.751 day ago
41Silvercrush0.98416.251 day ago
42Sweetpala4.45415.811 day ago
43Acanara4.45414.691 day ago
44Highfury0.00414.631 day ago
45Rulay29.76414.381 day ago
46Mauglii4.48414.251 day ago
47Psixo4.48414.251 day ago
48Katysha0.00414.191 day ago
49Ohkma602.42413.131 day ago
50Nezor0.98413.131 day ago
51Peshkapriest0.00412.941 day ago
52Barbaleq4.48412.381 day ago
53Altec4.36411.941 day ago
54Aureliak42.67411.441 day ago
55Blinddead39.17410.381 day ago
56Aethegyth7295.70410.311 day ago
57Kubrad0.00409.751 day ago
58Cyrax0.00409.561 day ago
59Zle3.66409.561 day ago
60Merrsh0.00409.501 day ago
61Skáði1.05408.191 day ago
62Spandaramet33.46407.941 day ago
63Doomfletcher5726.92407.811 day ago
64Kocmoca3.86407.381 day ago
65Perdetom0.00406.561 day ago
66Taicigucci55.01406.501 day ago
67Bukurti3.71405.751 day ago
68Lapiovra4.48404.811 day ago
69Voltronn3.13404.561 day ago
70Phenomm4.36403.751 day ago
71Kanev0.00403.631 day ago
72Dayestra345.25403.561 day ago
73Paladinche0.00403.251 day ago
74Kurdokoleno0.00402.501 day ago
75Swéèty0.00402.251 day ago
76Astralaria7295.70401.251 day ago
77Stealsouls76.25400.381 day ago
78Saxylolz28.45400.191 day ago
79Guineveree28.31399.251 day ago
80Queserk0.00399.061 day ago
81Allannonn0.00398.631 day ago
82Zetcool58.01398.311 day ago
83Erekcionista5910.46394.941 day ago
84Bloodhoofs948.77394.501 day ago
85Sparki0.00393.191 day ago
86Jutvar42.41393.061 day ago
87Setman0.00390.811 day ago
88Saxylol47.16390.061 day ago
89Kiril0.00388.501 day ago
90Iceglobe0.00383.061 day ago
91Kungmu1179.06379.381 day ago
92Nephtyss0.44378.251 day ago
93Ouuf0.12373.631 day ago
94Isuskata0.00373.001 day ago
95Vacatah3.13365.501 day ago

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