Update Progress for Les Bons Amis

EU (FR)-Suramar

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Dêtox14.93435.6914 days ago
2Tuscan66.79431.8821 day ago
3Sinotte27.48429.2521 day ago
4Hoggmar0.15427.1321 day ago
5Orksovage12.94426.5621 day ago
6Doc0.00426.4421 day ago
7Aeros0.42426.1321 day ago
8Anélyia0.15426.0021 day ago
9Chëyenne4.31425.4421 day ago
10Lannelle0.42425.3821 day ago
11Chasteté0.00424.6321 day ago
12Magnüs0.00423.9421 day ago
13Amidor0.00422.7521 day ago
14Marianes0.00422.0021 day ago
15Mojal0.00422.0021 day ago
16Sacrenuit0.75421.8121 day ago
17Lysändre0.00421.4421 day ago
18Darknor0.00421.4421 day ago
19Askforpwn0.80421.4421 day ago
20Demonidas0.00421.3821 day ago
21Lisdiy0.00420.3821 day ago
22Lammya0.54419.6321 day ago
23Zulljin0.00418.1921 day ago
24Hezess0.00417.5621 day ago
25Cynéra0.00417.2521 day ago
26Araldwenn4.58417.1321 day ago
27Amellya0.36416.3821 day ago
28Akalias0.00416.3121 day ago
29Bodypull0.00415.6921 day ago
30Maryon0.00415.6321 day ago
31Krull0.00414.8121 day ago
32Armagedon0.00414.6321 day ago
33Terumi0.00414.0021 day ago
34Thørson0.00413.387 days ago
35Vyria0.00413.1321 day ago
36Traizor0.45412.8121 day ago
37Sulanqu0.68412.2521 day ago
38Courtjus0.00411.9421 day ago
39Thaelas0.00411.6921 day ago
40Layka41.05410.3821 day ago
41Kaieele0.00410.0621 day ago
42Keerah0.00409.6921 day ago
43Elbrutus0.00408.3121 day ago
44Grennam0.00408.3121 day ago
45Silhéna0.00407.9421 day ago
46Palagrogre0.00407.3121 day ago
47Krullan0.00407.3121 day ago
48Dangul0.00407.1321 day ago
49Tritøn0.00406.7521 day ago
50Asbet0.00406.5021 day ago
51Farnahunt0.00406.0621 day ago
52Tasdos0.00405.9421 day ago
53Brakho0.00405.6921 day ago
54Elmounchette0.00405.5021 day ago
55Viognier0.00405.5021 day ago
56Pröfytroll0.15405.4421 day ago
57Pandemonya0.50405.3821 day ago
58Endlessfall0.00405.3121 day ago
59Helltauros0.00405.1321 day ago
60Norke0.00404.8821 day ago
61Gargamelle0.00404.8121 day ago
62Hypnös0.00404.2521 day ago
63Juliashïro0.00404.0021 day ago
64Hinamie0.45404.0021 day ago
65Micky0.00403.5621 day ago
66Grossetétine0.98403.1321 day ago
67Marpessä0.00402.9421 day ago
68Penelo0.00402.5621 day ago
69Valdora0.00402.1921 day ago
70Cruellat0.00402.0621 day ago
71Cosplay0.00401.8121 day ago
72Morganna0.00401.7521 day ago
73Lasuperbe0.00401.3821 day ago
74Bhaltar0.00401.0621 day ago
75Méllõw51.98400.7521 day ago
76Meingeneral0.00400.7521 day ago
77Lebalèze0.00399.6921 day ago
78Absolution0.00399.4421 day ago
79Mattguch0.00399.4421 day ago
80Kaurwin3.95399.3121 day ago
81Murlcat0.00399.0021 day ago
82Naotilya0.00398.6921 day ago
83Forban0.00398.6921 day ago
84Lénoar0.00398.6321 day ago
85Buggoland0.00397.8821 day ago
86Ragnärr0.00397.8121 day ago
87Ganjine560.90397.6321 day ago
88Lomina0.00397.6321 day ago
89Cassioppée0.00397.3121 day ago
90Drifterxx0.20396.8121 day ago
91Arsenica0.00396.3821 day ago
92Axxïna0.00396.3121 day ago
93Lokvir0.00396.2521 day ago
94Vilaintauren0.00396.1921 day ago
95Sidjey0.88395.7521 day ago
96Kalisie0.00395.6921 day ago
97Adaline0.00395.6921 day ago
98Mäthëö0.36395.6321 day ago
99Yesaie0.00395.5621 day ago
100Hochepot0.00395.5021 day ago
101Ben0.00395.2521 day ago
102Suistresdoué0.00395.1321 day ago
103Cabestrons0.00395.0021 day ago
104Vitriola0.00394.9421 day ago
105Vénon0.00394.8821 day ago
106Kroroc0.00394.2521 day ago
107Scianure0.00394.1921 day ago
108Shiryu0.00394.1921 day ago
109Linconnu0.00394.1921 day ago
110Yømanclv0.00393.5021 day ago
111Ikshar0.00393.4421 day ago
112Shania0.00392.9421 day ago
113Gjnkgo0.00392.6921 day ago
114Hokkekyo0.00392.5621 day ago
115Relg0.00392.3821 day ago
116Asmodiä0.00392.1921 day ago
117Sânji0.00392.0621 day ago
118Pheebi0.00391.9421 day ago
119Cholérat0.00391.7521 day ago
120Heimdall0.00391.6321 day ago
121Ayleen0.00391.4421 day ago
122Hathoran0.00391.1921 day ago
123Mona0.00390.9421 day ago
124Ivanoë0.00390.5021 day ago
125Zaress0.00390.3821 day ago
126Feaux0.00390.1921 day ago
127Zardouf0.00390.0021 day ago
128Sporting0.00389.9421 day ago
129Ipecac0.00389.8821 day ago
130Marabounta0.00389.6921 day ago
131Kassonade0.00389.6921 day ago
132Vaness0.00389.4421 day ago
133Dhalkeria0.00389.2521 day ago
134Daÿmon0.00388.8821 day ago
135Darskh0.00388.5621 day ago
136Zackiel0.00387.0021 day ago
137Crélesel0.00387.0021 day ago
138Nitsuki0.14386.9421 day ago
139Cabes0.00386.6321 day ago
140Korben0.00386.003 days ago
141Thörrax0.00385.9421 day ago
142Tukki0.70384.9421 day ago
143Khaïra0.00384.8821 day ago
144Arcanesia0.00384.7521 day ago
145Fenora28.47384.0021 day ago
146Drahô0.00383.9421 day ago
147Aurélïne0.00383.7521 day ago
148Ombrea0.00383.6321 day ago
149Maxx0.00382.1921 day ago
150Faun0.00381.8821 day ago
151Yolatenga0.00381.1921 day ago
152Luzul0.00379.9421 day ago
153Saroumann10.61379.6321 day ago
154Calimoucho0.15379.5621 day ago
155Ragnaro0.00379.2521 day ago
156Pititkouette0.00378.5021 day ago
157Eir0.00378.3121 day ago
158Owl0.00377.9421 day ago
159Bistoo0.00377.1921 day ago
160Wowyfly0.00376.6321 day ago
161Échange0.00376.5021 day ago
162Poupibou0.00374.5021 day ago
163Ragnarson0.36374.3121 day ago
164Tzadik0.00373.7521 day ago
165Bovin0.00373.5021 day ago
166Moncerrq0.00373.1921 day ago
167Katryna0.00372.1921 day ago
168Lomyna0.60371.5621 day ago
169Larson0.00371.3821 day ago
170Flæcors0.18371.3121 day ago
171Vinbeau0.00369.1921 day ago
172Sorön0.00368.8821 day ago
173Kæll0.00368.1321 day ago
174Ethernum0.70367.3121 day ago
175Switchep0.00366.9421 day ago
176Cabestrøn0.00366.7521 day ago
177Arcanex0.00366.3821 day ago
178Innana0.42366.0621 day ago
179Trotromoche0.00365.1921 day ago
180Grolim0.00364.8821 day ago
181Mïsshëal0.00363.2521 day ago
182Arcaliane0.00362.8121 day ago
183Kirua0.00361.5621 day ago
184Syllabus38.61361.0621 day ago
185Epsiløn0.00360.3821 day ago
186Cabestrøns0.00359.5621 day ago
187Waterzoie0.00358.3121 day ago
188Fianto0.54355.3821 day ago
189Ixilik0.00355.0621 day ago
190Kimolôs0.00354.8821 day ago
191Daltanas0.00354.5621 day ago
192Cabestron0.00350.5021 day ago
193Nasylva0.00350.2521 day ago
194Jeanmol0.00349.6921 day ago
195Pandarara0.00348.4421 day ago
196Vanhelsing0.00347.0621 day ago
197Nennette0.42345.9421 day ago
198Âryâ0.00344.4421 day ago
199Grimm0.00342.0621 day ago
200Cespascool0.00341.1321 day ago
201Bistouket0.00340.8121 day ago
202Damarys0.00338.7521 day ago
203Jaystyle0.00338.5621 day ago
204Titoignon0.00338.3121 day ago
205Zalor13.38337.5621 day ago
206Dürøtän0.00337.5021 day ago
207Trashh0.00331.0621 day ago
208Abýss0.00328.0021 day ago
209Sateidan0.00325.9421 day ago
210Sÿmplet0.00320.6921 day ago
211Chantelfie0.00320.0621 day ago
212Marlêne0.00306.0621 day ago
213Kaynour0.00300.0021 day ago
214Weendie0.00294.1921 day ago
215Maranday0.00292.5621 day ago
216Prakar0.00291.5021 day ago
217Endwina0.00289.5621 day ago
218Kellius0.00289.2521 day ago
219Elvanah0.00287.0621 day ago
220Gilloups0.00285.5621 day ago
221Kârcas0.00284.2521 day ago
222Santh0.00281.3821 day ago
223Elfika0.00274.3121 day ago
224Atläs0.00265.0621 day ago
227Serafinae0.00--21 day ago

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