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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Bests447.35456.5023 hours ago
2Ottemonk447.35456.0023 hours ago
3Hibs447.35455.1912 hours ago
4Rikuxd149.48454.5623 hours ago
5Purke447.35453.9423 hours ago
6Kiikkoou447.35453.1923 hours ago
7Oficertobe447.35453.1317 hours ago
8Teä13479.95451.6323 hours ago
9Qusa149.48451.5623 hours ago
10Dovax15945.65450.8823 hours ago
11Seshà63308.96450.8123 hours ago
12Howpriest29.90450.061 day ago
13Bruntrapper447.35450.0021 hour ago
14Khaelt149.48449.8823 hours ago
15Móon447.35449.5010 hours ago
16Pasante63308.96449.251 day ago
17Ackreon43577.02448.814 days ago
18Came149.49448.691 day ago
19Hibslol30160.12448.444 days ago
20Howmonk18935.19448.314 days ago
21Jokipala63308.96448.191 day ago
22Timolock63308.96448.004 days ago
23Téä12984.08448.004 days ago
24Fjore37745.46448.004 days ago
25Ottemore18114.11447.754 days ago
26Howpala37728.18447.504 days ago
27Rosénx63308.96447.254 days ago
28Shelobe46603.76447.064 days ago
29Garonä13494.30447.004 days ago
30Glenlivet29568.93447.004 days ago
31Bruhce43577.02446.944 days ago
32Jillz45780.71446.884 days ago
33Tinalight27323.00446.564 days ago
34Matroze63308.96446.444 days ago
35Jillzmental16399.27446.384 days ago
36Aldrym17225.39446.134 days ago
37Teick24891.15446.134 days ago
38Titangrowl149.48446.061 day ago
39Liandrê63308.96446.064 days ago
40Taniia37728.18445.814 days ago
41Kyrilâ28255.92445.814 days ago
42Jillzsmash18975.39445.694 days ago
43Qpoof11745.25445.564 days ago
44Justinne359.11445.504 days ago
45Ottemar25304.98445.444 days ago
46Vlasxd17778.84445.254 days ago
47Lilnasty205.81445.194 days ago
48Retpowerxd17778.84444.944 days ago
49Hackreon16156.97444.694 days ago
50Bosquetaru447.18444.634 days ago
51Thalani316.80444.634 days ago
52Bestdk22258.20444.634 days ago
53Elinae26730.08444.564 days ago
54Howdruid14186.60444.504 days ago
55Hawké3936.97444.504 days ago
56Teîck22142.26444.444 days ago
57Gerre29149.42444.194 days ago
58Moonkini16396.93444.194 days ago
59Linkaloulis11514.60443.944 days ago
60Syntrablast41902.90443.944 days ago
61Howwarr18002.09443.814 days ago
62Howling22367.47443.754 days ago
63Aldrunk43577.02443.694 days ago
64Môõn16674.32443.564 days ago
65Letoucan16045.03443.384 days ago
66Hanjamuffin4529.30443.194 days ago
67Herbchemist13229.98443.064 days ago
68Puffex63308.96442.944 days ago
69Yellow13.32442.444 days ago
70Tobemar9767.12442.384 days ago
71Siberianhoe400.67442.384 days ago
72Diskoteke25756.86442.194 days ago
73Melfylol299.55442.064 days ago
74Ottedies290.21441.944 days ago
75Askagain36.29441.754 days ago
76Lycke182.15441.754 days ago
77Elrayna45695.25441.754 days ago
78Milä8232.43441.504 days ago
79Thesía16447.62441.314 days ago
80Qagain7274.21441.254 days ago
81Oldrum33278.27441.134 days ago
82Móôn18002.09441.134 days ago
83Kusaku7094.70440.944 days ago
84Azriele387.01440.504 days ago
85Moggolos150.00440.194 days ago
86Hethar328.83440.194 days ago
87Foxt290.21440.194 days ago
88Oficerotte285.28440.134 days ago
89Howrogue16948.99440.134 days ago
90Howdh13409.34439.634 days ago
91Shàraì27294.96439.564 days ago
92Tímmy26404.17439.564 days ago
93Hibson10776.34439.504 days ago
94Álmasy229.27439.384 days ago
95Kiikoo42014.77438.754 days ago
96Nolink6020.70438.694 days ago
97Teiick8216.99438.634 days ago
98Bambamm408.73438.314 days ago
99Julgy36389.59438.254 days ago
100Fanofglen18785.33438.134 days ago
101Qbolt16.50438.004 days ago
102Alistínå16.50437.884 days ago
103Snajpermitja19.70437.314 days ago
104Vanced0.42437.254 days ago
105Aaee1.05436.814 days ago
106Jelax182.15436.444 days ago
107Nococoon178.68436.064 days ago
108Kassie45.12435.564 days ago
109Heven0.00434.694 days ago
110Flinch0.12433.884 days ago
111Moonshred68.45433.564 days ago
112Otteteach330.39432.944 days ago
113Sardelax0.00432.694 days ago
114Mõon5.55431.564 days ago
115Howmage246.87430.254 days ago
116Joshpriest17462.39430.194 days ago
117Bruliz0.00426.694 days ago
118Otteankhs97.60426.384 days ago
119Syntraa7548.82425.814 days ago
120Ratsénx25.00425.194 days ago
121Aldrymar391.59424.634 days ago
122Chile38.89424.504 days ago
123Go418.16422.564 days ago
124Rylài1715.87420.384 days ago
125Lîlleman0.00420.134 days ago
126Yorootcha6886.47419.814 days ago
127Vorkex358.15419.384 days ago
128Moôn14.89418.754 days ago
129Tunt16683.77417.634 days ago
130Paracute434.89417.564 days ago
131Ikiv14.94417.004 days ago
132Nosundays6886.47416.064 days ago
133Holycentius6894.41415.004 days ago
134Vaal4.42414.814 days ago
135Feathérs0.00414.134 days ago
136Sykc0.60413.754 days ago
137Yorocha448.19413.314 days ago
138Viconiaz14.32413.004 days ago
139Sinaara0.00412.754 days ago
140Gerloz24510.89412.064 days ago
141Ottebops0.00411.694 days ago
142Labi0.00410.884 days ago
143Ellipsia6600.26410.694 days ago
144Nogurac0.00410.064 days ago
145Timodu0.00409.884 days ago
146Vulpîx363.04408.944 days ago
147Wont0.00408.884 days ago
148Jolgy418.16408.814 days ago
149Howlock4.32408.504 days ago
150Osaana0.00408.134 days ago
151Aloya0.00407.694 days ago
152Tinatotem377.33407.194 days ago
153Pogurac344.92406.564 days ago
154Lyraine3.65406.504 days ago
155Alyóna329.87406.444 days ago
156Usxlol337.74405.504 days ago
157Usx6076.34404.814 days ago
158Acé0.00402.444 days ago
159Demonahui318.31401.754 days ago
160Julfisen56.80400.134 days ago
161Blåafrikan0.00399.564 days ago
162Gona0.00398.254 days ago
163Budgettimo29.22394.694 days ago
164Ballistical0.00394.064 days ago
165Tinamorf0.00393.884 days ago
166Sharaî0.00391.444 days ago
167Açhilles0.00389.634 days ago
168Runkabulle613.60388.694 days ago
169Desmong0.00379.134 days ago
170Veganpurke2651.38370.694 days ago
171Paladdinos2927.45369.444 days ago
172Malfuriosa0.99366.754 days ago
173Macic442.34353.384 days ago
174Jogurac0.00351.694 days ago
175Tinastab0.00339.134 days ago
176Alekko0.00334.564 days ago
177Nidhogg0.00309.504 days ago
178Flokíí0.00302.634 days ago
179Rikumagexd0.46292.504 days ago
180Warrpath0.00283.194 days ago
181Seshu0.00263.134 days ago
182Jebey0.00253.694 days ago
183Otteleech0.0023.634 days ago

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