Update Progress for Starlight

EU-The Maelstrom

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Lightbringér104.36430.065 hours ago
2ßinder104.35428.636 hours ago
3Approx104.36428.5019 hours ago
4Fezza104.36425.631 day ago
5Bijuju104.36424.881 day ago
6Peachee104.36423.191 day ago
7Cityfella104.36423.0612 hours ago
8Shawaman104.36422.631 day ago
9Dejfenceless104.36422.311 day ago
10Xallock73.79421.2513 hours ago
11Zarach104.36421.191 day ago
12Nanny104.36421.131 day ago
13Thiccblaster104.36420.561 day ago
14Dojodejv0.90420.191 day ago
15Thiccimplady446.44420.131 day ago
16Fnalè58.70420.061 day ago
17Gerrman446.44419.751 day ago
18Chä89.64419.691 day ago
19Elvenda104.36419.561 day ago
20Evies89.64419.501 day ago
21Lèv389.74419.501 day ago
22Blîssfûl104.36418.311 day ago
23Sèverus411.51418.061 day ago
24Fanee391.53417.811 day ago
25Tðxic104.36417.811 day ago
26Ashion1.05417.501 day ago
27Tharegord104.36417.381 day ago
28Endralith104.36417.381 day ago
29Meori446.44416.691 day ago
30Kát446.44416.441 day ago
31Lårddejv7020.11416.251 day ago
32Shensu446.44415.941 day ago
33Holydejver6463.48415.941 day ago
34Crazylife419.88415.501 day ago
35Beestigebaas77600.34415.311 day ago
36Indistinct11437.31415.191 day ago
37Dejvatarms6694.28415.131 day ago
38Konjaksson104.36414.441 day ago
39Apnthrwpos4.48414.381 day ago
40Dejvvetdu6412.85414.251 day ago
41Totemdejv6020.63414.191 day ago
42Fatlife348.08414.191 day ago
43Alanthé359.77414.001 day ago
44Afterdeath419.88413.941 day ago
45Dejvmonhunt14.88413.501 day ago
46Symfony0.00413.061 day ago
47Vidallis14.78413.001 day ago
48Hamwrath5665.00412.691 day ago
49Ssparky0.00412.381 day ago
50Martyr6412.85412.061 day ago
51Gidche6295.93412.061 day ago
52Ldejvious6439.07412.001 day ago
53Zyprexa0.00411.941 day ago
54Ratatouille6439.07411.881 day ago
55Bigiugiu11.99411.501 day ago
56Feythion400.03411.381 day ago
57Zuff60.25411.131 day ago
58Endrachi4.43411.131 day ago
59Fatique0.75410.381 day ago
60Venefics359.77410.311 day ago
61Luiginov6807.00410.191 day ago
62Spàrtacus6469.44409.501 day ago
63Derilla65844.91409.001 day ago
64Bigiusama0.07408.131 day ago
65Averti28897.60408.001 day ago
66Oshenko0.00407.691 day ago
67Alanthè4.45406.881 day ago
68Illiwonka348.58406.691 day ago
69Juliakulia336.35406.631 day ago
70Sherbatsky6194.22406.501 day ago
71Orenin446.44406.381 day ago
72Folfoodle0.00406.311 day ago
73Needylicious0.00405.691 day ago
74Bloodii50.93405.441 day ago
75Bhishma26.10404.751 day ago
76Schamiee0.00404.631 day ago
77Timelost5803.61404.631 day ago
78Yuushaxo405.23404.631 day ago
79Elicalis0.00403.881 day ago
80Stáncedánce0.65403.441 day ago
81Bimo4.32402.501 day ago
82Rumih388.42402.441 day ago
83Subtledemon0.00401.811 day ago
84Casualkazoo376.74401.561 day ago
85Astraell0.00400.751 day ago
86Silvarn513.20400.561 day ago
87Worgenid0.00400.311 day ago
88Chaös406.83400.191 day ago
89Dementiana0.00399.751 day ago
90Sevêrus5803.61399.561 day ago
91Redfeet0.00398.941 day ago
92Jacinta0.00398.881 day ago
93Spikye0.00398.561 day ago
94Ilyushin0.00398.251 day ago
95Claritý11.21398.131 day ago
96Duroode426.49398.061 day ago
97Duróodé0.00397.811 day ago
98Madlifee512.92397.191 day ago
99Wasp3.32397.131 day ago
100Tyllith388.42396.881 day ago
101Whoami0.00396.751 day ago
102Ðìe419.88396.691 day ago
103Dankdin419.88396.631 day ago
104Nannymonk14934.44396.131 day ago
105Explotio0.15395.941 day ago
106Blasterr0.00395.441 day ago
107Konjakrogue27.48395.381 day ago
108Sweety0.00395.251 day ago
109Duroodé411.71394.811 day ago
110Khrushchev0.00393.881 day ago
111Reinheart25.88392.881 day ago
112Kcuman0.98392.251 day ago
113Vanger0.00392.001 day ago
114Wónderz338.63391.251 day ago
115Piftelino0.00390.131 day ago
116Pepsilock336.35390.061 day ago
117Duróóde0.00389.131 day ago
118Tren0.00389.001 day ago
119Haradrio411.71388.311 day ago
120Bruribrur0.00387.941 day ago
121Luckystriké0.00387.751 day ago
122Kullsyre0.00387.751 day ago
123Aken0.00387.561 day ago
124Popedejv0.00387.191 day ago
125Machinè0.00386.751 day ago
126Endraine0.00386.501 day ago
127Héartfang3.18386.441 day ago
128Jamié0.00385.311 day ago
129Treesapp0.00385.061 day ago
130Nightcaller593.79384.691 day ago
131Lockroode0.00384.251 day ago
132Mîssing552.10383.631 day ago
133Tyr0.00383.381 day ago
134Lacïe0.00383.251 day ago
135Titanov0.00382.191 day ago
136Kayoko0.00382.061 day ago
137Balendir0.00381.881 day ago
138Bjerget0.00381.881 day ago
139Thiccjitsu44729.36381.561 day ago
140Cuddy350.35380.001 day ago
141Holypoop88.57379.561 day ago
142Velthalina646.88379.061 day ago
143Ironglue388.73378.881 day ago
144Laciedh330.19378.811 day ago
145Thiccshocker0.00378.811 day ago
146Asakoo0.00378.751 day ago
147Lightbindér0.00378.251 day ago
148Shenlen3.98378.191 day ago
149Deadshiv0.00377.881 day ago
150Etayllee0.00377.311 day ago
151Magelee3425.32377.131 day ago
152Verboten0.00376.251 day ago
153Xvarien0.00375.941 day ago
154Kerilla0.00375.751 day ago
155Konjakmage0.00375.501 day ago
156Xállock0.91375.501 day ago
157Elunnes0.60375.311 day ago
158Sparkles657.39374.811 day ago
159Lestty0.00374.691 day ago
160Crookedone373.71374.691 day ago
161Grower373.71374.501 day ago
162Xòzar0.24373.691 day ago
163Simonffrr0.84373.561 day ago
164Abidalzim101.16373.311 day ago
165Roxxie43.52373.061 day ago
166Kîngwarlock0.00373.001 day ago
167Alistin593.79372.441 day ago
168Vani0.00372.191 day ago
169Nefes0.00372.131 day ago
170Ðíe4.20372.061 day ago
171Leovi1908.05371.941 day ago
172Arbitrage624.57371.881 day ago
173Dúroode0.00371.501 day ago
174Cerbera373.71371.001 day ago
175Jackpetro1413.43370.751 day ago
176Cuddey34.36370.751 day ago
177Babythiccen0.00370.751 day ago
178Pìm70.73370.441 day ago
179Gabbosh2121.19369.561 day ago
180Leyahh0.00368.811 day ago
181Juan41.32366.561 day ago
182Hollowman4.32366.311 day ago
183Eivon624.57366.311 day ago
184Dankslowpoke669.22366.191 day ago
185Meliani0.65366.131 day ago
186Verrona0.00365.691 day ago
187Huili0.00365.381 day ago
188Deathiccyiff327.02364.691 day ago
189Thiccadin102.72364.441 day ago
190Ediiee0.84364.191 day ago
191Cybertrón0.00363.441 day ago
192Snuff0.72363.061 day ago
193Chipbomber0.00362.631 day ago
194Malgarth73.60362.561 day ago
195Pnyxx0.00361.061 day ago
196Nemesïs3.58360.881 day ago
197Ineedbuffed0.00360.751 day ago
198Toxi0.39360.631 day ago
199Boomshaklaka0.00359.311 day ago
200Arweñ41.15358.881 day ago
201Helltoy0.11356.691 day ago
202Odega0.30355.691 day ago
203Wetwipe0.00354.941 day ago
204Shockit0.42354.631 day ago
205Erilla0.00354.251 day ago
206Xalock0.00353.941 day ago
207Claricea0.00352.881 day ago
208Pimshot0.00352.751 day ago
209Langytown0.00352.561 day ago
210Lildickie0.00352.061 day ago
211Idranol0.00350.501 day ago
212Xârus0.00350.441 day ago
213Holytempt0.00349.881 day ago
214Elunéss0.00349.881 day ago
215Azunar0.00349.751 day ago
216Dogtard0.00349.751 day ago
217Veare0.00349.311 day ago
218Felinia0.00348.061 day ago
219Shamanpopp0.00348.001 day ago
220Azlana0.72347.691 day ago
221Shampö0.00346.561 day ago
222Olgos0.00346.131 day ago
223Eddiiee0.00345.381 day ago
224Discopete0.00345.311 day ago
225Inaya0.00345.251 day ago
226Krésnik0.00343.941 day ago
227Naadriel0.00343.561 day ago
228Woxsimulator0.00343.311 day ago
229Duelicious0.00342.561 day ago
230Sjaaman0.00342.251 day ago
231Daddydiccen0.00341.751 day ago
232Leebec0.00341.001 day ago
233Snaúsen0.00340.501 day ago
234Primefaya0.00339.191 day ago
235Winsane0.00338.501 day ago
236Woofus0.00338.061 day ago
237Blazzers0.15337.501 day ago
238Bazigebeest3425.38335.251 day ago
239Dèathline0.00335.251 day ago
240Fragezica0.00334.561 day ago
241Le0.00332.131 day ago
242Naturally0.00327.061 day ago
243Qacuá0.00325.631 day ago
244Kaéz0.00318.561 day ago
245Ulteppe0.00312.751 day ago
246Ilucy0.00306.561 day ago
247Gruni0.00303.631 day ago
248Lu0.00269.501 day ago
249Chearee0.00258.001 day ago
250Kîngshammy0.00257.311 day ago
251Dankswifty0.00253.941 day ago
252Simone0.00231.131 day ago
253Blìssfùl0.00213.941 day ago
254Zulqarnayn0.00--1 day ago

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