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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Kâlisi21288.52444.811 day ago
2Terseus27037.50443.131 day ago
3Vankaru21288.52442.381 day ago
4Illu27036.28442.251 day ago
5Meridus21288.52441.941 day ago
6Schamlòs20789.28441.061 day ago
7Irsen21288.52440.751 day ago
8Ralgor21288.52439.7518 hours ago
9Enygmatique21288.52439.381 day ago
10Trioton26506.53439.381 day ago
11Eschuna21041.36439.313 days ago
12Tews21288.52438.945 days ago
13Settra21288.52438.387 days ago
14Rýu27036.28438.312 days ago
15Søømy21288.52437.316 hours ago
16Cêdric19818.94436.947 days ago
17Lyxana20983.38436.947 days ago
18Klarii6719.71436.697 days ago
19Sledgé341.79436.197 days ago
20Tríxíe21041.36435.501 day ago
21Moschaa20983.38435.1911 hours ago
22Naxer103.84431.317 days ago
23Âlathaia0.00430.567 days ago
24Malegón18232.33428.817 days ago
25Zerro97.95426.757 days ago
26Ladox6104.57425.568 days ago
27Illunâr77.39424.755 days ago
28Raydóx0.42424.698 days ago
29Snarfy0.15423.138 days ago
30Keiko446.36417.258 days ago
31Reabognib6892.88416.0011 days ago
32Ontrax13.38415.7511 days ago
33Khelvo414.86415.2511 days ago
34Bearhind0.00414.0611 days ago
35Baruak6115.74413.8811 days ago
36Kuchiyose13.38413.3811 days ago
37Aalehannes6835.85412.7511 days ago
38Aaleandi0.00412.6311 days ago
39Aaledieter6688.75412.5011 days ago
40Aalejochen6105.68412.5011 days ago
41Aalearno17881.77412.1311 days ago
42Tinzon0.00411.4411 days ago
43Jhay3.65411.2511 days ago
44Mulrus0.00410.4411 days ago
45Aaleaugust6688.11409.8811 days ago
46Bürosessel0.00409.6911 days ago
47Bespin0.42409.1311 days ago
48Nerata0.00408.4411 days ago
49Icashar0.00407.6911 days ago
50Thargaz3.98407.6311 days ago
51Staback348.55407.6311 days ago
52Miyuky0.00407.3111 days ago
53Whackuh0.00406.6311 days ago
54Rayloxx0.13405.8811 days ago
55Kargra7355.67404.9411 days ago
56Isyo0.00404.5011 days ago
57Couchtisch0.00404.2511 days ago
58Hotsy5806.87403.4411 days ago
59Klaruú72.35402.8111 days ago
60Dabo0.00402.5011 days ago
61Felucia0.00398.4411 days ago
62Maltorax0.00397.8811 days ago
63Achmatov1060.31396.6911 days ago
64Raydrox0.00396.3811 days ago
65Valysra0.00395.4411 days ago
66Ianto13.38394.5011 days ago
67Brummli13.38393.9411 days ago
68Schillert0.00393.9411 days ago
69Hoth0.00393.1311 days ago
70Avaren0.00391.8111 days ago
71Valdreth4.07391.2511 days ago
72Lyriss0.00391.1311 days ago
73Neôx0.00390.8111 days ago
74Morinda0.00390.7511 days ago
75Anonymoose0.00388.7511 days ago
76Mokaz0.00388.5611 days ago
77Vankara30.04388.0011 days ago
78Shaldrium1015.44385.5011 days ago
79Lýriss4.27385.3111 days ago
80Highbane0.00384.0611 days ago
81Drazíel0.00382.4411 days ago
82Prepz0.00381.3111 days ago
83Teanes0.00380.6311 days ago
84Noromon0.00380.6311 days ago
85Kishíma84.01378.4411 days ago
86Zultorak0.00378.3811 days ago
87Onderon0.00377.4411 days ago
88Ivanca0.00376.8111 days ago
89Seelensommer0.00374.7511 days ago
90Honig0.00374.2511 days ago
91Vankoru0.00373.0611 days ago
92Vrazu0.00372.8111 days ago
93Savîour0.00368.6911 days ago
94Riev0.00362.6311 days ago
95Vankyru0.00359.8111 days ago
96Krumpl0.00357.9411 days ago
97Soulswinter0.00356.8111 days ago
98Tython0.00352.5011 days ago
99Resomïr0.00339.6911 days ago
100Snookums0.00325.5611 days ago
101Lysop0.00315.1311 days ago
102Geonosis0.00306.0611 days ago

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