Update Progress for Lumpensammler

EU (DE)-Tichondrius

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Zireael80.31441.6318 days ago
2Sayya375.24441.502 days ago
3Maerla24.30438.6318 days ago
4Blóódseeker71.12437.567 days ago
5Nianjee0.00428.3818 days ago
6Sarahlea44.57427.0018 days ago
7Aloyh71.75425.9418 days ago
8Vôdka0.00424.6318 days ago
9Ðrux40.14423.6918 days ago
10Ezaron0.90420.9418 days ago
11Rapsodie14.88420.1918 days ago
12Ámaterasu3.51420.0618 days ago
13Rheáldan19644.25417.9418 days ago
14Johnsi0.00416.5018 days ago
15Kirschie0.90415.2518 days ago
16Cráimer685.57414.9418 days ago
17Typhøon19728.30414.9418 days ago
18Borelias19922.52414.5618 days ago
19Saphíra14.88413.5618 days ago
20Sâberrider0.00413.4418 days ago
21Enuri19922.52413.3118 days ago
22Svartdjup14.88413.2510 days ago
23Shaîla0.00412.3818 days ago
24Perit14.88412.2518 days ago
25Bärserker7354.63411.5618 days ago
26Artemsia19922.52409.9418 days ago
27Lishari5521.89409.8118 days ago
28Aeya0.60409.6918 days ago
29Kolarón4.09409.3818 days ago
30Gugaruz18062.17409.0018 days ago
31Khargam0.00408.5018 days ago
32Sonêa19922.52408.0618 days ago
33Afrôdiether27.54407.8118 days ago
34Coorraa0.33407.6918 days ago
35Ryneiá348.01406.8118 days ago
36Sahti5909.55404.8118 days ago
37Kelpfist38.34404.7518 days ago
38Poisonjack0.00404.1918 days ago
39Typhoonz6686.02403.5018 days ago
40Animagical413.11398.7518 days ago
41Kuniko7354.63397.6918 days ago
42Ðreex12.44397.3118 days ago
43Ringgix0.00397.0618 days ago
44Lysiania394.84396.6918 days ago
45Ðrex329.80396.4418 days ago
46Siobhån3.60395.9418 days ago
47Artemisa60.62390.5018 days ago
48Coreila0.00390.3118 days ago
49Sepherus0.00389.6318 days ago
50Nikotin46.40389.3118 days ago
51Lys29.42388.3818 days ago
52Coorree0.00387.9418 days ago
53Rayâ0.00387.8818 days ago
54Seraa4.09387.6918 days ago
55Sharka403.09386.3118 days ago
56Lysind3.90381.5618 days ago
57Ôsíris0.00380.5618 days ago
58Krodian0.00380.5018 days ago
59Frogsi0.00380.3118 days ago
60Arrano43.62379.8818 days ago
61Fuentes0.00378.5018 days ago
62Ânakonda0.00377.9418 days ago
63Aleras1026.56377.1918 days ago
64Hongshao685.57373.0618 days ago
65Houki0.00372.7518 days ago
66Apøløgize657.80372.6318 days ago
67Vaeryá987.63372.2518 days ago
68Sickslash0.00365.5018 days ago
69Beberion82.18364.5618 days ago
70Ramduun0.00364.4418 days ago
71Typhøøn685.57363.6918 days ago
72Shadowclâw685.57362.1918 days ago
73Xeon618.84360.0618 days ago
74Yenuva0.00354.1918 days ago
75Ezzy0.00349.6318 days ago
76Tezaron0.00348.5018 days ago
77Chapp14.72347.8818 days ago
78Whitmore71.35347.2518 days ago
79Ezon0.00346.6318 days ago
80Kurisu14.72344.5018 days ago
81Lyszard0.75343.5018 days ago
82Kpbalu0.00339.3818 days ago
83Unseenblâde0.00339.1318 days ago
84Jesseblue0.00330.3118 days ago
85Shockichan0.00329.1918 days ago
86Nedras0.00323.1918 days ago
87Elruna0.00315.3818 days ago
88Shírâ0.00315.3818 days ago
89Pikolori0.00304.8818 days ago
90Càssidy0.00297.0618 days ago
91Lizs0.00289.5018 days ago
92Bregor0.00281.0618 days ago

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