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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Balatak21200.20444.6912 hours ago
2Acidik21200.20444.3812 hours ago
3Darktiberius17730.76444.0612 hours ago
4Neemay20476.02443.4412 hours ago
5Spaaluccio21200.20442.8812 hours ago
6Sekkhmet18703.14442.3812 hours ago
7Gouza21200.20442.3112 hours ago
8Alesh18508.54441.1312 hours ago
9Laydèl19063.13441.1312 hours ago
10Redwhargh21200.20440.1912 hours ago
11Dagonet17730.76440.1312 hours ago
12Spartha6322.77440.0012 hours ago
13Resta21200.20439.8812 hours ago
14Armaged338.66439.0612 hours ago
15Furiano19063.13438.9412 hours ago
16Lotharìel21200.20438.9412 hours ago
17Zayin21200.20438.8112 hours ago
18Yelling13759.78438.6312 hours ago
19Hempalion104.08438.0012 hours ago
20Feticista19893.79437.8112 hours ago
21Plesea21200.20437.6912 hours ago
22Jiugui21200.20437.3812 hours ago
23Dominiah5910.58436.8112 hours ago
24Picolafarmer93.66436.6912 hours ago
25Davich19672.26436.4412 hours ago
26Trebbiatrice12708.97436.4412 hours ago
27Elélinde19782.28436.4412 hours ago
28Dàghy350.28436.3112 hours ago
29Judged21200.20436.1312 hours ago
30Marbhal21200.20436.0612 hours ago
31Mimmortale20645.30435.6912 hours ago
32Dalhian21200.20435.6312 hours ago
33Leni19896.22435.5012 hours ago
34Ehk83.41435.3812 hours ago
35Mìthrellas20838.12434.8812 hours ago
36Ludowicked21200.20434.3812 hours ago
37Unidiota18897.47434.2512 hours ago
38Vucci39.00434.1912 hours ago
39Rockhound101.60434.1312 hours ago
40Gyela12.66434.0612 hours ago
41Aerendir13759.78433.8812 hours ago
42Bibø21200.20433.4412 hours ago
43Elisarda11.61433.1912 hours ago
44Burningblue21200.20433.1312 hours ago
45Verbalkìnt75.45433.0612 hours ago
46Rhadha63.30433.0012 hours ago
47Wochner19865.00433.0012 hours ago
48Persyd98.72432.8812 hours ago
49Lococo416.27432.8112 hours ago
50Serwenna12014.51432.5012 hours ago
51Jøepêsci0.70432.2512 hours ago
52Pdør24.76432.0612 hours ago
53Tepio0.98431.7512 hours ago
54Des73.07431.5612 hours ago
55Skànk95.61431.3112 hours ago
56Namisonkei20281.77431.1312 hours ago
57Nekö88.62430.1312 hours ago
58Shàyo17730.76429.4412 hours ago
59Kìllingjoke39.98429.3112 hours ago
60Savannah0.00429.1912 hours ago
61Márbhal74.28428.8812 hours ago
62Airdawn88.62428.7512 hours ago
63Cørnuta71.10428.4412 hours ago
64Xoppyna13957.79428.2512 hours ago
65Alfetta0.00428.0012 hours ago
66Axsas0.96427.6912 hours ago
67Redkìng50.48427.6312 hours ago
68Helysia62.57427.4412 hours ago
69Fairth65.73427.1912 hours ago
70Spar75.96427.1912 hours ago
71Lalaury102.61426.8810 hours ago
72Arkilòth338.66426.8112 hours ago
73Novaa7073.86426.0612 hours ago
74Magid61.05425.811 day ago
75Dagoneth0.00424.441 day ago
76Jisus436.25422.881 day ago
77Piccololordz591.02421.631 day ago
78Noemi75.96421.561 day ago
79Jagan446.32420.751 day ago
80Fràtello85.04420.631 day ago
81Unimbecille416.27420.631 day ago
82Aelyss0.00420.381 day ago
83Khanah14.38420.251 day ago
84Alexsti35.01419.311 day ago
85Dhagho52.45419.191 day ago
86Daghy6937.08418.441 day ago
87Francø0.00417.881 day ago
88Pulledpork446.32417.561 day ago
89Exylus0.00417.501 day ago
90Palacuruh70.46417.501 day ago
91Løthariel0.98417.311 day ago
92Bratak66.01417.251 day ago
93Lothariel61.05417.061 day ago
94Kìrìtosan14.87416.381 day ago
95Warblade25637.77416.311 day ago
96Luteca416.27415.811 day ago
97Joelmi446.36415.561 day ago
98Mèssatsu0.00415.441 day ago
99Nosferatuzod347.96415.131 day ago
100Xernas42.48415.061 day ago
101Uxxa27328.26414.811 day ago
102Drakew11.22414.381 day ago
103Pandø0.70414.131 day ago
104Palaplegica0.00414.062 days ago
105Antrace0.00413.811 day ago
106Icyrose56.06413.501 day ago
107Cabuum11664.79413.311 day ago
108Hohenheym446.32412.811 day ago
109Teroknor0.00412.751 day ago
110Bolthorn4.06412.631 day ago
111Calmcacil436.25412.311 day ago
112Spiralhell436.25412.191 day ago
113Kyoti25188.49412.001 day ago
114Kujaku0.00412.001 day ago
115Smerlina0.98411.881 day ago
116Ithüriel4.34411.131 day ago
117Grendal0.00411.061 day ago
118Bløødreina56.06411.001 day ago
119Alkàtrax13.93410.881 day ago
120Chicoiocoio4.21410.751 day ago
121Zhaocin0.44410.631 day ago
122Çrystal416.27410.561 day ago
123Spaal0.00410.561 day ago
124Compulsiva371.32409.691 day ago
125Ðreigon27523.45409.311 day ago
126Alÿøn33602.56409.061 day ago
127Wìlla0.00408.751 day ago
128Kishijoten0.00408.311 day ago
129Blurn416.27408.131 day ago
130Ryce23890.51407.691 day ago
131Prugnoh359.72406.811 day ago
132Obiz0.48406.811 day ago
133Blenoragia3.95406.311 day ago
134Radachiz449.92406.131 day ago
135Aladhriel0.30406.061 day ago
136Decisivo1857.23405.441 day ago
137Kazoo42.68405.381 day ago
138Hardesia0.00404.941 day ago
139Stenis0.00404.941 day ago
140Lilianya0.00404.751 day ago
141Emofobica0.00404.131 day ago
142Jiudin0.00403.251 day ago
143Neko371.32402.441 day ago
144Xöppy436.25401.881 day ago
145Euronymouss7130.67401.001 day ago
146Eury0.00400.941 day ago
147Bluard0.00400.691 day ago
148Alyne0.00400.501 day ago
149Prishe0.52400.441 day ago
150Valena0.00399.131 day ago
151Nerìel0.00398.881 day ago
152Caaroffi0.00398.561 day ago
153Clamoroso401.34397.001 day ago
154Ayriis0.56396.061 day ago
155Ezraeil0.00395.311 day ago
156Davichandk0.00395.001 day ago
157Morfessa0.00394.941 day ago
158Jarma424.63394.631 day ago
159Xasian44.29394.561 day ago
160Gløìnn52.03394.561 day ago
161Blumbra0.00394.131 day ago
162Màrbhal0.00393.881 day ago
163Xops2584.05393.561 day ago
164Intrigante0.00392.311 day ago
165Scarletguard0.56391.441 day ago
166Arenel0.00391.311 day ago
167Lyraesel0.15391.001 day ago
168Grushy0.00390.311 day ago
169Mistblue0.00389.691 day ago
170ßurrasca40.30388.381 day ago
171Gøddiø0.00388.061 day ago
172Darkraylight50.22387.691 day ago
173Ærashi0.14387.061 day ago
174Predalotha0.00386.441 day ago
175Caroffi0.00385.691 day ago
176Buio0.00385.131 day ago
177Riel4.08384.751 day ago
178Felrose0.00384.441 day ago
179Atroh0.00384.251 day ago
180Shayina3581.35384.131 day ago
181Faolar4.30383.501 day ago
182Zeddzorander0.00383.441 day ago
183Fantàsia2292.51382.941 day ago
184Barbudos0.00382.811 day ago
185Gael313.46381.631 day ago
186Ryner0.00381.131 day ago
187Ekath1967.57381.131 day ago
188Samàrah24.10380.561 day ago
189Tharôn727.10380.501 day ago
190Wìndsong0.00380.131 day ago
191Leyt74.88379.941 day ago
192Selyanne571.57379.251 day ago
193Holypinuccia70.32377.131 day ago
194Obsinkhrian2484.07376.441 day ago
195Nevis1065.39376.381 day ago
196Nisou2447.21376.311 day ago
197Dìid1923.08376.191 day ago
198Arcalon732.75375.381 day ago
199Alorum0.00375.311 day ago
200Ryél4.18375.191 day ago
201Drahkul18.54374.881 day ago
202Sheeray1332.12374.191 day ago
203Chìhaya0.00373.751 day ago
204Shamazìng0.52373.751 day ago
205Daraxa0.00373.251 day ago
206Åndre71.10372.811 day ago
207Grimlaw58.36372.441 day ago
208Yonah0.00372.311 day ago
209Mème70.37372.311 day ago
210Rudelal543.91371.311 day ago
211Vortigaan78.50369.691 day ago
212Asuya87.40369.561 day ago
213Oshikuru688.02368.751 day ago
214Zabaiona0.00368.691 day ago
215Dreygon0.00368.501 day ago
216Drdisrespect73.47368.191 day ago
217Enderwiggins25.08367.881 day ago
218Bazun0.00366.131 day ago
219Sheeza88.22365.561 day ago
220Æribeth0.00365.131 day ago
221Kassiah0.00364.001 day ago
222Silvanya0.00364.001 day ago
223Ronas4.30362.881 day ago
224Erithil0.00362.311 day ago
225Lockerina0.00362.061 day ago
226Jawbreaker0.00361.251 day ago
227Deadshows58.24358.381 day ago
228Novaskin0.00358.251 day ago
229Neweye0.00357.061 day ago
230Gaem0.77357.061 day ago
231Nagelfar0.00356.751 day ago
232Hòpeless11.98356.691 day ago
233Nekoyasha0.00355.941 day ago
234Ooyeah0.00352.691 day ago
235Pândôrâ0.00352.561 day ago
236Amanagiaku4.30352.381 day ago
237Didarami0.00350.811 day ago
238Bløødbørne0.00350.381 day ago
239Jolynar0.78349.811 day ago
240Nostalgic0.00348.441 day ago
241Jaws0.00346.441 day ago
242Narator0.00343.001 day ago
243Reev0.00340.251 day ago
244Xuerin0.00338.381 day ago
245Skarn0.00334.941 day ago
246Solintrude0.00334.131 day ago
247Manfrekush0.00333.251 day ago
248Asterisca0.00332.561 day ago
249Rona0.00331.381 day ago
250Luxman0.00328.631 day ago
251Encydia0.00324.441 day ago
252Nicò0.00316.881 day ago
253Horadria0.00316.631 day ago
254Dreameaterz0.00310.131 day ago
255Zavatar0.00305.061 day ago
256Gàel0.00303.441 day ago
257Alcarim0.00302.251 day ago
258Antràxit0.00299.441 day ago
259Ansrath0.00293.881 day ago
260Bìfolco0.00288.881 day ago
261Ecuba0.00281.381 day ago
262Magnàx0.00277.691 day ago
263Thelonewolf0.00274.251 day ago
264Bloodymoon0.00265.441 day ago
265Rainingblue0.00258.441 day ago
266Brutaldeath0.00252.061 day ago

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