Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Molekulo68022.10449.882 days ago
2Mirr68022.10448.941 day ago
3Greedytotem52734.73448.191 day ago
4Daimler68022.10448.001 day ago
5Sayweak56612.59446.751 day ago
6Reyx68022.10446.311 day ago
7Ltsn62445.92445.881 day ago
8Lolopass64986.18445.441 day ago
9Litsen42454.58445.311 day ago
10Saeedka35222.11445.191 day ago
11Warhok68022.10445.196 hours ago
12Rhías63016.07445.191 day ago
13Crazyfoxsz41548.84445.061 day ago
14Nyasha39956.21445.001 day ago
15Shãrik41124.64444.561 day ago
16Yusha68022.10444.561 day ago
17Massoríme68022.10444.311 day ago
18Knifekdrood29374.24444.251 day ago
19Sinxxdh39718.13444.191 day ago
20Reywãr34600.47444.191 day ago
21Crazylife52734.73443.941 day ago
22Animemom42262.39443.941 day ago
23Sínxx63016.07443.691 day ago
24Skyfox40688.30443.631 day ago
25Httpsx68022.10443.381 day ago
26Lambot68022.10443.381 day ago
27Tealovers41688.37443.259 days ago
28Huntar6329.76443.191 day ago
29Afkgamer68022.10443.131 day ago
30Knifkarofl68022.10443.001 day ago
31Okgoogle68022.10443.001 day ago
32Unfail68022.10442.881 day ago
33Farmik18796.83442.569 days ago
34Crazyradi24573.52442.509 days ago
35Jesúspriest63016.07442.311 day ago
36Lîmurg46600.20442.061 day ago
37Melergy42027.44442.069 days ago
38Ramppancy68022.10441.691 day ago
39Ramp56612.59441.691 day ago
40Wärhok33818.75441.561 day ago
41Lambotl42793.38441.441 day ago
42Teegarden68022.10441.131 day ago
43Rikimâro35443.73441.131 day ago
44Sinxxbench6304.27441.061 day ago
45Sharmonk68022.10441.001 day ago
46Httpsz44683.75440.941 day ago
47Shardk442.24440.699 days ago
48Havesst63016.07440.251 day ago
49Crazyhire21243.76440.061 day ago
50Knifek370.31439.949 days ago
51Liimurg68022.10439.881 day ago
52Knf323.44439.638 days ago
53Jesúslock360.38438.949 days ago
54Mollekulo42347.51438.941 day ago
55Limyrg375.86438.889 days ago
56Bubblesoak23973.76438.811 day ago
57Kimbul35549.85438.638 days ago
58Jesúshunt68022.10438.191 day ago
59Slojna24959.00437.819 days ago
60Huyovy40084.03437.812 days ago
61Holymirr34834.49437.561 day ago
62Overshock27406.83437.139 days ago
63Konsuelo29577.70437.069 days ago
64Konsham447.35436.759 days ago
65Overkills32872.51436.759 days ago
66Nekomorphine20695.41435.819 days ago
67Dyavol11440.05435.449 days ago
68Ubiytsa17827.28435.009 days ago
69Plútella88.02434.819 days ago
70Dumbclass442.24434.639 days ago
71Plutella425.60434.569 days ago
72Lits12002.15434.389 days ago
73Entotsu443.93433.819 days ago
74Svet370.44432.819 days ago
75Anørhus435.58432.699 days ago
76Tyulpan348.74432.199 days ago
77Svetozarov87.96430.889 days ago
78Psychoradi0.00429.569 days ago
79Veterok360.38428.889 days ago
80Sosimoiguby425.60428.389 days ago
81Anõrhus70.21428.259 days ago
82Tyotya397.11425.949 days ago
83Avencast427.02425.759 days ago
84Lambotqq0.00425.259 days ago
85Normalno443.73422.639 days ago
86Lemren63271.56420.819 days ago
87Kenkown401.60420.319 days ago
88Solfik7304.20419.509 days ago
89Lemrenn448.25418.389 days ago
90Kons0.78415.139 days ago
91Rámpancy4.05414.319 days ago
92Shaxie0.00396.313 days ago
93Jerzyl0.00387.889 days ago
94Cocyxa0.00383.949 days ago
95Pachicho0.00374.069 days ago

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