Added to queue for a quick guild news scan (Mythic bosses only!)
Please check back the guild page later.

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Nimélel32537.66445.8111 days ago
2Nimèria368.71444.1911 days ago
3Dathroan21175.29443.6911 days ago
4Psyrkø21175.29442.1311 days ago
5Vardenfel66.62441.4411 days ago
6Ablanore19733.13440.8111 days ago
7Jandwan21175.29438.3811 days ago
8Anïbâl21175.29438.3811 days ago
9Zenola98.35438.0611 days ago
10Bouclettes20591.33437.5011 days ago
11Galathiël21175.29436.2511 days ago
12Nirmaeth20316.83436.1311 days ago
13Aikoloo20511.74436.0611 days ago
14Rezgân21175.29435.5611 days ago
15Mithia21066.10434.6911 days ago
16Nelthael84.06433.9411 days ago
17Roguetolgak49.17433.6911 days ago
18Xoalquopak7158.54433.3811 days ago
19Änï305.44433.3811 days ago
20Yukyusan19733.13433.1911 days ago
21Nistää21175.29433.1311 days ago
22Ezerbeth90.38432.5611 days ago
23Notthehealer18228.10431.1911 days ago
24Jecaah13.61429.2511 days ago
25Morõss63.40429.1311 days ago
26Eirys7049.35428.6911 days ago
27Rakhanishu103.62424.6311 days ago
28Malakaï77.46422.8811 days ago
29Content0.00422.8811 days ago
30Magetolgak3.56420.1911 days ago
31Matosopa21979.58419.8811 days ago
32Coffreouvert54.95419.0611 days ago
33Danougue0.00418.3811 days ago
34Tissaia6499.45417.2511 days ago
35Barbarianshi0.00417.0611 days ago
36Psyrkøz402.05416.5611 days ago
37Madjhik32278.29413.8811 days ago
38Dksociô423.37413.6311 days ago
39Smégmà0.00413.5011 days ago
40Sheepølatas32278.29413.2511 days ago
41Worroch32165.98412.4411 days ago
42Ozaí56.42411.8811 days ago
43Anîbäl20727.88411.6911 days ago
44Âni0.00410.6311 days ago
45Lillasea0.00409.9411 days ago
46Towny1.05406.2511 days ago
47Psÿrkø4.48404.8811 days ago
48Morôss0.00404.6911 days ago
49Lighthrow0.00404.2511 days ago
50Arnakeur0.00400.5611 days ago
51Telàra290.20399.5011 days ago
52Loshock3.36397.6311 days ago
53Thelshra0.00397.3111 days ago
54Enamoria3.58395.3811 days ago
55Viserià697.04395.0011 days ago
56Poceblo75.27390.5611 days ago
57Locktudy295.70390.5011 days ago
58Daniril0.00389.8811 days ago
59Assire0.15384.3111 days ago
60Xiwona0.00380.9411 days ago
61Hîtmeplz78.80379.2511 days ago
62Panobeer0.00309.9411 days ago

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