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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Buddinette31870.80448.191 day ago
2Jamharouch32341.62447.691 day ago
3Mysticbark21821.52447.311 day ago
4Lunâtïk32341.62446.631 day ago
5Skullbreak27087.20446.001 day ago
6Därkøøss31898.04445.191 day ago
7Ùndisclosed24310.31444.131 day ago
8Sanssaa32257.30444.001 day ago
9Ïtä29314.21443.191 day ago
10Kaorven16567.10442.941 day ago
11Laionou32341.62442.631 day ago
12Hepho31421.90442.381 day ago
13Grrøoms32341.62442.191 day ago
14Krahaal20060.12441.251 day ago
15Nøsträdamus32341.62441.191 day ago
16Swêêty31179.58441.1318 hours ago
17Rayook32121.51441.131 day ago
18Narkzz27087.20441.131 day ago
19Totorami31421.90440.631 day ago
20Zoraä32341.61440.501 day ago
21Shinï32341.62440.501 day ago
22Pänø18396.23440.381 day ago
23Itâ26894.66440.311 day ago
24Kabali32341.61440.191 day ago
25Lizye18225.40440.191 day ago
26Akørven14248.57440.061 day ago
27Athenox31979.61439.561 day ago
28Îta411.57439.311 day ago
29Frøstbølt28398.71439.311 day ago
30Katwood17809.03439.131 day ago
31Bräzzä278.65438.941 day ago
32Saîyâ256.99438.6320 hours ago
33Gwakamol20979.84438.561 day ago
34Minigrôôt368.74438.311 day ago
35Athénox278.65438.131 day ago
36Akirven12754.24438.001 day ago
37Nycta32341.62437.691 day ago
38Bendris13646.49437.001 day ago
39Kaba12396.48436.941 day ago
40Dolokne28429.23436.811 day ago
41Déthénass415.32436.311 day ago
42Moebius315.46434.811 day ago
43Bûddi12596.38434.191 day ago
44Ehömer415.32432.561 day ago
45Bûdd403.68432.501 day ago
46Skûnkx56.70431.881 day ago
47Budfufu25.35431.881 day ago
48Shrèk67.72430.501 day ago
49Ilozan380.40428.441 day ago
50Grøoms51.36427.881 day ago
51Magilya58.52427.751 day ago
52Eléazor256.99426.811 day ago
53Itá49.92426.191 day ago
54Cptkavern0.00425.501 day ago
55Ðhl73.74424.751 day ago
56Kastets0.00424.441 day ago
57Athénha297.45421.441 day ago
58Adramelith0.12419.561 day ago
59Skùnkxx9.62419.131 day ago
60Khamih32341.61419.001 day ago
61Kushs0.80418.811 day ago
62Lunatïïk38.69418.501 day ago
63Ehomer29.42418.131 day ago
64Twolasalope88.71417.751 day ago
65Plenian11.16416.941 day ago
66Nälaya49.92416.811 day ago
67Mazloota46.26416.131 day ago
68Grooøms4.20415.501 day ago
69Hidøki434.61415.501 day ago
70Anonymeuh434.61415.381 day ago
71Tanktote325.17415.311 day ago
72Chelsie54.06415.061 day ago
73Buddi256.99415.061 day ago
74Raïzling3.92415.001 day ago
75Zahoky4.20414.441 day ago
76Koudgriffe434.61414.131 day ago
77Hachachin30.84414.061 day ago
78Neøm386.87414.001 day ago
79Gwakamole0.00413.941 day ago
80Nightfrost20389.16412.441 day ago
81Mâdou0.00412.061 day ago
82Kôn13.38412.001 day ago
83Ehømer44.64411.811 day ago
84Êlÿn3.10411.751 day ago
85Takaya0.00411.631 day ago
86Hodoorr42.62411.311 day ago
87Eloriann0.39408.311 day ago
88Zørinia0.00406.441 day ago
89Jamha0.00404.751 day ago
90Shinni0.56404.311 day ago
91Robindesnoïs0.00403.561 day ago
92Ità76.10402.751 day ago
93Nolosay0.00401.691 day ago
94Jackreaper0.00398.811 day ago
95Ssdstwo49.92397.691 day ago
96Nytrahl7351.64396.631 day ago
97Himeà11.10394.381 day ago
98Zorinia0.00393.501 day ago
99Ivhey0.00393.061 day ago
100Shinipriest0.00388.311 day ago
101Bitwoutedure0.00387.941 day ago
102Kibali0.00386.501 day ago
103Gwakalmy0.00384.881 day ago
104Zorca0.00384.501 day ago
105Lunâtik0.00383.751 day ago
106Raidwar0.00378.751 day ago
107Grøoøms58.79377.751 day ago
108Grømøu0.00377.441 day ago
109Groømoine0.42374.061 day ago
110Aryyaa579.90372.131 day ago
111Adramëlith37.14371.191 day ago
112Healozan31.80371.131 day ago
113Ganors0.00366.941 day ago
114Bràms70.94366.441 day ago
115Mangegras0.00362.751 day ago
116Ðøtà0.00361.561 day ago
117Akyilock388.53359.001 day ago
118Lûnatïk39.15355.131 day ago
119Yhaêl0.00290.381 day ago
120Zayrion0.0093.381 day ago
121Siùnuriell0.5293.311 day ago
122Deadshade0.0093.251 day ago
123Bøtswandi0.0090.441 day ago
124Demolisha50.8424.561 day ago
125Ðéspé0.0023.631 day ago

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