Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Shareel443.73425.569 hours ago
2Dâschm443.73424.199 hours ago
3Itzcapri443.73424.009 hours ago
4Dêlaral443.73423.569 hours ago
5Laínie443.73423.389 hours ago
6Aprikano443.73423.259 hours ago
7Kayendra450.00423.259 hours ago
8Ténd88.93423.069 hours ago
9Jurihan450.00422.949 hours ago
10Vycious450.00422.759 hours ago
11Caralin443.73422.759 hours ago
12Lesiqt450.00422.569 hours ago
13Sanuri88.93422.509 hours ago
14Iscroadaor88.93422.389 hours ago
15Hisaya88.93422.319 hours ago
16Derilia450.00422.139 hours ago
17Illanîa88.93421.819 hours ago
18Shîn450.00421.639 hours ago
19Daragaja88.93421.569 hours ago
20Fûriel450.00421.509 hours ago
21Ewo450.00421.389 hours ago
22Caratee88.93421.199 hours ago
23Anathdra450.00420.889 hours ago
24Brabut450.00420.889 hours ago
25Aíleena450.00420.819 hours ago
26Doakes88.93420.759 hours ago
27Hisaia443.73420.569 hours ago
28Cønsá450.00420.449 hours ago
29Defay104.23420.449 hours ago
30Sumí88.93420.319 hours ago
31Xenosch442.15420.139 hours ago
32Malicesugoi444.88420.009 hours ago
33Roosebud443.73420.002 minutes ago
34Shyreen14.83419.819 hours ago
35Rushgarroth88.93419.449 hours ago
36Günni43.98419.009 hours ago
37Sylendra88.93418.889 hours ago
38Smashi28.36418.639 hours ago
39Synaora88.93418.449 hours ago
40Kayumi88.93418.389 hours ago
41Charlie450.00418.139 hours ago
42Kordhel444.88418.009 hours ago
43Neiru450.00417.889 hours ago
44Shÿn88.93417.389 hours ago
45Furiella88.93417.389 hours ago
46Vyciously398.66417.259 hours ago
47Sayoqi450.00417.139 hours ago
48Doomish88.93416.759 hours ago
49Capripwnz444.88416.639 hours ago
50Tiavyn0.00416.509 hours ago
51Leialyn88.93416.449 hours ago
52Ibrah65489.30416.449 hours ago
53Nezrael448.21416.389 hours ago
54Alulidamis442.99416.319 hours ago
55Clappy88.93416.069 hours ago
56Jaimee88.93415.949 hours ago
57Meneira5489.16415.569 hours ago
58Dinaria0.00415.259 hours ago
59Lezi433.21415.199 hours ago
60Evylyn0.00415.009 hours ago
61Mórturio5522.90414.882 days ago
62Raklaro444.88414.812 days ago
63Malicemahou374.89414.752 days ago
64Feoriel0.00414.692 days ago
65Vyneira5530.71414.692 days ago
66Herestia0.00414.442 days ago
67Qani13.49414.132 days ago
68Jyllana0.00414.062 days ago
69Iyuvena5461.91414.002 days ago
70Yunos0.00413.882 days ago
71Syleen0.00413.882 days ago
72Valriane0.00413.692 days ago
73Grðm0.00413.562 days ago
74Eriy393.12413.132 days ago
75Sanyadrel398.20412.882 days ago
76Alysis0.00412.632 days ago
77Azshune363.48412.632 days ago
78Gømrik0.00412.062 days ago
79Viruz396.34411.252 days ago
80Hisaja18149.65411.132 days ago
81Theglu44.49410.382 days ago
82Myso0.00410.252 days ago
83Zeeka431.34410.132 days ago
84Setrahe0.00409.942 days ago
85Kirby0.00409.442 days ago
86Vanyelle341.01409.252 days ago
87Greekie431.29409.252 days ago
88Meleeistcool0.00408.752 days ago
89Gomrik6077.32408.632 days ago
90Grøm0.00408.632 days ago
91Malicemorn28.74408.442 days ago
92Nynac398.57407.942 days ago
93Hogotia0.00407.942 days ago
94Maltha0.00407.382 days ago
95Schmabrudi0.90407.312 days ago
96Cyresa87018.06407.062 days ago
97Vryn0.00406.752 days ago
98Vyciousqt11.33406.692 days ago
99Grõm0.00406.132 days ago
100Draragaja0.00406.132 days ago
101Ayunia0.00403.882 days ago
102Ulthaniel0.36403.752 days ago
103Relikx393.12403.752 days ago
104Sekitaz0.00403.692 days ago
105Gromrik0.00403.192 days ago
106Ayouna55.22402.312 days ago
107Kiraynua6050.66401.752 days ago
108Caelÿn0.00401.002 days ago
109Naeru6825.29400.252 days ago
110Shynbo0.00399.882 days ago
111Malicemagor0.60399.882 days ago
112Ðrake0.00399.752 days ago
113Tænd0.00399.442 days ago
114Lizzbane360.32399.002 days ago
115Sujia0.00398.942 days ago
116Layanell0.00398.942 days ago
117Ejiara0.00398.442 days ago
1184.32398.252 days ago
119Laanu0.33397.382 days ago
120Charlá0.00396.692 days ago
121Svensation0.00396.252 days ago
122Inurya0.00396.132 days ago
123Feaniel0.00395.942 days ago
124Dorea0.00395.692 days ago
125Sheôs0.00394.632 days ago
126Gðmrik0.00393.442 days ago
127Xantia0.00393.192 days ago
128Kyx6825.29392.132 days ago
129Muqqidh57455.24392.062 days ago
130Grizzbane0.00391.252 days ago
131Yasue0.00391.192 days ago
132Vanillidan0.00389.382 days ago
133Illyasviel0.00388.752 days ago
134Ishisu387.10388.502 days ago
135Swooshh462.04388.502 days ago
136Bigkap0.00388.382 days ago
137Bâwz0.00387.562 days ago
138Trixxa0.00387.442 days ago
139Dreamily0.00386.312 days ago
140Tyv0.00386.192 days ago
141Jendû61096.56385.942 days ago
142Brutoxis0.00385.692 days ago
143Theresá0.00383.882 days ago
144Visaara0.84383.632 days ago
145Fana0.00382.382 days ago
146Arcádia0.00381.812 days ago
147Elenáh316.84381.692 days ago
148Syriz0.00381.692 days ago
149Naiel4.32381.502 days ago
150Ironmuqqi59406.23380.882 days ago
151Pavo0.00380.312 days ago
152Jurek398.57380.312 days ago
153Voidqqi2304.74380.132 days ago
154Porchunchun65825.49378.882 days ago
155Xontros0.00378.882 days ago
156Complex2847.26377.942 days ago
157Seríe280.32377.312 days ago
158Ancalima50.47376.942 days ago
159Tibbles11.61376.942 days ago
160Ebo0.00376.562 days ago
161Kyn0.00376.502 days ago
162Ovo64981.08376.502 days ago
163Clyhon0.00376.002 days ago
164Fehrox0.00375.692 days ago
165Furiellu0.00374.192 days ago
166Maiel0.00373.692 days ago
167Araeya0.00373.132 days ago
168Bawz0.00372.882 days ago
169Xîry0.00371.882 days ago
170Evo0.00371.252 days ago
171Onind0.00371.002 days ago
172Awfulmonk398.75371.002 days ago
1730.00370.002 days ago
174Fâna0.00369.132 days ago
175Hinita0.00368.752 days ago
176Kirayus3.91365.882 days ago
177Alydria0.00365.502 days ago
178Ello0.00364.192 days ago
179Gõmrik0.00363.442 days ago
180Feydariel0.00362.812 days ago
181Avyrih0.00362.752 days ago
182Nykla100.69362.502 days ago
183Yûna0.00360.632 days ago
184Cicomi47.76359.882 days ago
185Norames72.20357.382 days ago
186Neiru65477.89355.312 days ago
187Gômrik0.00353.062 days ago
188Dapal44.46352.062 days ago
189Cytana0.00350.882 days ago
190Celdan0.00350.562 days ago
191Tënd0.00349.632 days ago
192Xìryn0.00348.632 days ago
193Shandyr0.00348.442 days ago
194Maylen0.00348.312 days ago
195Eqo0.00346.442 days ago
196Neqan0.00345.252 days ago
197Filoû0.00345.192 days ago
198Knuzzle0.00344.442 days ago
199Tarsô0.00344.312 days ago
200Gloimdal0.00341.882 days ago
201Xerthi0.15340.752 days ago
202Gotar0.00339.692 days ago
203Bloddwyn0.00339.442 days ago
204Kaijto0.00339.312 days ago
205Padalya0.00338.692 days ago
206Monkmansi0.00337.502 days ago
207Serie0.00336.502 days ago
208Elaxyn0.00334.692 days ago
209Krypton0.00332.882 days ago
210Ryuusei0.00332.002 days ago
211Betschova0.00326.502 days ago
212Inbred0.00323.442 days ago
213Achillâ340.18318.812 days ago
214Healplis0.00306.062 days ago
215Caiel0.00287.192 days ago
216Rohezal0.00286.062 days ago
217Levels0.00285.192 days ago
218Seoni0.00284.062 days ago
219Ovate0.00283.382 days ago
220Kacie0.00282.062 days ago
221Komplex0.00279.192 days ago
222Kiyu0.00271.942 days ago
223Aphelion0.00271.942 days ago

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