Update Progress for Un poco de picardia

EU (ES)-Zul'jin

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ggórk13262.16438.941 day ago
2Rezza100.35437.881 day ago
3Shabranzz101.70437.811 day ago
4Kaotikoz13262.16437.441 day ago
5Thaia99.44437.251 day ago
6Mehreen101.70436.691 day ago
7Trencitas101.64436.631 day ago
8Vindicacion100.75436.191 day ago
9Santikrias87.20435.941 day ago
10Predictor101.30435.631 day ago
11Ludo96.17435.501 day ago
12Léire101.30435.001 day ago
13Zandokam101.30434.881 day ago
14Fion101.64434.811 day ago
15Sinisthery0.75434.811 day ago
16Stëalh101.30434.561 day ago
17Nakiiri100.80434.251 day ago
18Maiianna77.34434.131 day ago
19Rwby396.83433.811 day ago
20Extincïon101.15433.631 day ago
21Thundermonke13262.16433.561 day ago
22ßlanca0.98433.001 day ago
23Torpedo64.80433.001 day ago
24Lepraxx83.14432.561 day ago
25Zorrocotropo101.70431.751 day ago
26Golmash101.30431.501 day ago
27Glicerina98.89431.381 day ago
28Rocklez101.70431.311 day ago
29Kaallkusk99.00431.191 day ago
30Maiquias101.70428.631 day ago
31Andrêa5914.44428.131 day ago
32Hâdes43.92427.691 day ago
33Mlnerva101.30427.631 day ago
34Larie100.14427.061 day ago
35Darkial0.14424.251 day ago
36Chispitha50.75418.251 day ago
37Iskakum0.00415.561 day ago
38Xuflillas429.57415.191 day ago
39Sergiorus4.46415.001 day ago
40Predi429.57414.561 day ago
41Kaìros4.41414.561 day ago
42Rando18308.52413.941 day ago
43Pachurry0.00413.881 day ago
44Amitria7296.29413.561 day ago
45Fravesh429.57413.131 day ago
46Yonimeducho14.54412.941 day ago
47Aryukem429.57412.501 day ago
48Solidyellow3.61412.191 day ago
49Sarunos0.15411.381 day ago
50Awdwa4.40411.311 day ago
51Sarleth14.65411.131 day ago
52Anhri0.00410.941 day ago
53Cyrik0.00410.691 day ago
54Fransmk6079.06410.441 day ago
55Zanârk26495.10409.381 day ago
56Zandatroll0.00409.001 day ago
57Dianiyoo39.00408.311 day ago
58Rynd0.00408.311 day ago
59Alzif4.11406.881 day ago
60Mirar4.46406.501 day ago
61Daradal0.24405.941 day ago
62Meggaria0.00405.561 day ago
63Kyoshimaru0.00405.251 day ago
64Lennøc1409.55404.381 day ago
65Drêck7296.24404.191 day ago
66Xuixo11.18403.811 day ago
67Wasimen0.00402.501 day ago
68Illeiden0.00402.381 day ago
69Kellpie425.22400.441 day ago
70Santikrïas4.40400.251 day ago
71Xuxukysplash0.00399.501 day ago
72Souldeleter0.00398.131 day ago
73Druidekar0.00397.881 day ago
74Krüum0.00396.441 day ago
75Norteño0.00395.811 day ago
76Nimloth0.00394.061 day ago
77Eren0.84392.501 day ago
78Flokï4.40392.191 day ago
79Sugusita13.56391.501 day ago
80Tarmiermago0.65391.251 day ago
81Fedeletal0.00390.441 day ago
82Urkiza10.66390.191 day ago
83Blindsergio0.00389.191 day ago
84Fortea3.98388.751 day ago
85Kallkuskk0.00388.691 day ago
86Rakärth66.69387.441 day ago
87Solazin0.84386.631 day ago
88Niickcarter0.91386.501 day ago
89Epifanïa22.62386.131 day ago
90Biônik3.56383.811 day ago
91Ninfalis50.75383.691 day ago
92Ararechan0.00381.311 day ago
93Zanzi17.90380.751 day ago
94Rockwen34.60379.561 day ago
95Jayde1354.16377.441 day ago
96Thamuz0.00376.751 day ago
97Chicozappy69.49376.501 day ago
98Wrath1931.23376.061 day ago
99Solaz1903.47375.441 day ago
100Zahrae1854.07375.311 day ago
101Koren88.98375.131 day ago
102Rinøk0.00374.811 day ago
103Grordrix0.00373.001 day ago
104Kazin71.86372.501 day ago
105Vôdka22.62372.001 day ago
106Sizuka0.13371.631 day ago
107Morkah1884.11371.561 day ago
108Tauram0.00370.691 day ago
109Trabukeiru0.84369.381 day ago
110Kokki0.60366.251 day ago
111Sabinah0.00364.881 day ago
112Salsidin0.00364.381 day ago
113Tamariiz0.00364.191 day ago
114Sralahierbas0.00363.881 day ago
115Blindmonkey0.72363.811 day ago
116Muertoman0.00362.131 day ago
117Tarmilalocah0.73361.441 day ago
118Xuxunorris0.84361.131 day ago
119Alehatevudu0.84360.631 day ago
120Kaotic0.00358.631 day ago
121Charizard0.00357.441 day ago
122Darknugget0.40355.131 day ago
123Hëklar0.00353.131 day ago
124Asolazdor0.00352.001 day ago
125Queltas0.71352.001 day ago
126Nalud0.00351.061 day ago
127Jaiza43.47350.941 day ago
128Seiyu0.00348.501 day ago
129Bìonik0.00345.311 day ago
130Alopeciaa0.00343.311 day ago
131Kiop0.00342.811 day ago
132Precupegame0.15341.191 day ago
133Noots0.00340.441 day ago
134Rainbowrash0.00338.751 day ago
135Viruz0.00336.811 day ago
136Côcö0.00333.311 day ago
137Cäbrërëtä0.00330.191 day ago
138Durupa0.00329.381 day ago
139Tombi0.00311.691 day ago
140Tarmiermonje0.00310.811 day ago
141Rïnok0.00309.561 day ago
142Patufeta0.00304.131 day ago
143Jujujan0.00300.881 day ago
144Ggork0.00292.001 day ago
145Flechaverdhe0.00283.441 day ago
146Tehubal0.00282.381 day ago
147Krómt0.00276.691 day ago
148Weenddy0.00271.251 day ago
149Ggorca0.00254.251 day ago

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