Update Progress for Mist

US-Area 52

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Maravien0.84428.691 day ago
2Cyllez3.63426.381 day ago
3Sparrowsøng0.00424.131 day ago
4Sàvege0.00423.061 day ago
5Kiwicat0.00422.251 day ago
6Skallag0.00421.751 day ago
7Redchim0.30420.751 day ago
8Dimentia0.00420.251 day ago
9Shiektal14.87419.631 day ago
10Walkenn0.00418.881 day ago
11Kaifaeyre14.87418.811 day ago
12Coltmage0.00418.811 day ago
13Hugz6783.18418.501 day ago
14Tegge7403.94417.881 day ago
15Werkwerkwerk6289.36416.311 day ago
16Gionta59093.01415.751 day ago
17Divinemonk35042.98415.691 day ago
18Cuspid6798.02415.501 day ago
19Jollydotter59093.01415.251 day ago
20Diní2.88415.251 day ago
21Sajì59093.01415.001 day ago
22Goodsea14.87414.501 day ago
23Kaiaelin0.00414.381 day ago
24Boolinn59093.01413.941 day ago
25Vãlerie449.55413.881 day ago
26Coltropolis90.84413.811 day ago
27Shinotenshi902.99413.441 day ago
28Nøøne14.87413.441 day ago
29Valiluna6797.53413.251 day ago
30Ashleyrose424.32412.881 day ago
31Casamir59093.01412.691 day ago
32Xemotep14.87412.441 day ago
33Eschatonaa55211.07411.631 day ago
34Sajiì14.87411.501 day ago
35Adrenalyine352.98409.811 day ago
36Artemisiana79.29409.561 day ago
37Vlizzy59093.01409.501 day ago
38Dazzyk236.50408.811 day ago
39Lildini28192.47408.561 day ago
40Forgivin0.45408.001 day ago
41Gardugga0.45407.561 day ago
42Kaiñestã0.00407.131 day ago
43Dazulon4.25407.061 day ago
44Bertmckrakin0.00406.501 day ago
45Baichulk21845.65406.311 day ago
46Rankonenoob6401.41406.251 day ago
47Dashanso14777.29406.061 day ago
48Eatgnomes0.00405.941 day ago
49Avertia0.00405.441 day ago
50Tatankaska6903.82404.811 day ago
51Alvarisle5731.18404.631 day ago
52Kaichosui61.01404.001 day ago
53Rashxa351.37403.001 day ago
54Seablast376.01402.691 day ago
55Jollyrager341.08402.311 day ago
56Swagmansion0.30401.941 day ago
57Foogie0.00401.751 day ago
58Valariana317.73401.441 day ago
59Colthammer0.00401.441 day ago
60Imjustamoose22037.42401.311 day ago
61Guaps37.11401.251 day ago
62Syrupz328.32400.501 day ago
63Genoo0.00400.441 day ago
64Missmephisto0.00400.311 day ago
65Gummiesky0.00399.311 day ago
66Fadedgodx5737.87399.131 day ago
67Doomxxero0.00399.061 day ago
68Shinseinara43.28399.061 day ago
69Dinitv5731.18398.311 day ago
70Excretus0.00398.191 day ago
71Summerknight0.00398.131 day ago
72Sixofnine0.00398.131 day ago
73Kurisshi0.00397.441 day ago
74Denfox0.00396.561 day ago
75Callmedaddÿ317.73395.191 day ago
76Necrothar3.63395.131 day ago
77Summerfoxx0.00395.001 day ago
78Donburi5402.84394.501 day ago
79Seagood2727.14393.251 day ago
80Iemonjuice0.00392.751 day ago
81Notintodudes0.00392.561 day ago
82Imsmall0.00392.501 day ago
83Fadedlol0.00391.751 day ago
84Gushe0.00387.751 day ago
85Coltfofive0.00387.381 day ago
86Nipcicles2904.82385.881 day ago
87Crimzion0.56385.251 day ago
88Odiumm0.00384.881 day ago
89Valiserra36.93384.631 day ago
90Basirrica3978.25383.811 day ago
91Onêêchân4.43383.751 day ago
92Wombocombo4408.73383.561 day ago
93Monitoring1254.85383.311 day ago
94Coltlock93.20382.631 day ago
95Jàime1069.99382.311 day ago
96Degrass3828.26381.061 day ago
97Malevelent3978.25380.881 day ago
98Themoountain2875.26380.751 day ago
99Demgunns3396.22378.941 day ago
100Katnesse0.00378.631 day ago
101Ondemand864.42378.441 day ago
102Hugsgodx0.00377.811 day ago
103Sheerzo2143.88377.251 day ago
104Dinibae82.99376.631 day ago
105Shazinthia0.84376.631 day ago
106Xandred4.43376.001 day ago
107Baïchulk467.93374.691 day ago
108Gunnji354.89372.751 day ago
109Eschatonx0.00372.691 day ago
110Vacuums306.46372.191 day ago
111Mightypleeb0.00371.691 day ago
112Qbus4.33370.631 day ago
113Shazragh0.00369.941 day ago
114Shazsamdi0.91369.941 day ago
115Shazrogal0.00369.881 day ago
116Crzylck319.81369.001 day ago
117Grippyboi1381.13367.251 day ago
118Spùnkö101.04365.881 day ago
119Hemochezia0.00363.131 day ago
120Obesebovine0.00361.001 day ago
121Thicckicks14.37360.941 day ago
122Bloodjob388.12360.811 day ago
123Hobow28.90360.191 day ago
124ßaeblades440.03360.131 day ago
125Listén0.14359.881 day ago
126Cyllazmcpoop0.00358.001 day ago
127Khuni76.77356.691 day ago
128Gunni0.00356.441 day ago
129Bagguul0.00355.881 day ago
130Waduuhek59.68355.251 day ago
131Shxne0.42353.811 day ago
132Spamming0.00353.631 day ago
133Crzydemon0.70352.191 day ago
134Thetech4.34352.001 day ago
135Deadlyhaze0.00351.751 day ago
136Luddeus1.05349.251 day ago
137Greasie0.00348.381 day ago
138Popstyle0.60347.381 day ago
139Tòrr0.00347.001 day ago
140Hatefulmojo0.60346.941 day ago
141Bagtard0.00342.251 day ago
142Ãbbading0.00342.131 day ago
143Arnuest0.00341.691 day ago
144Derdianx0.00337.501 day ago
145Baggul0.00336.441 day ago
146Fadedtv0.00335.691 day ago
147Gunnree0.00334.631 day ago
148Chaosdog0.45334.251 day ago
149Sahtiin0.00330.881 day ago
150Scurvytech0.00328.381 day ago
151Thetick0.00325.941 day ago
152Kikuruke0.00314.441 day ago
153Baeldemon0.00296.631 day ago
154Nathlya0.00286.501 day ago
155Joshjr0.00--1 day ago
156Havöç0.00--1 day ago
157Durtydruid0.00--1 day ago
158Huckfuskies0.00--1 day ago
159Laerha0.00--1 day ago
160Laurkar0.00--1 day ago
161Dinislay0.00--1 day ago
162Emilanas0.00--1 day ago
163Eruphadion0.00--1 day ago
164Spunkó0.00--1 day ago
165Gunnibear0.00--1 day ago
166Nochè0.00--1 day ago
167Akichita0.00--1 day ago
168Rngezûs0.00--1 day ago

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