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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Doomforger16348.62451.5010 hours ago
2Contrapasso16348.60450.7510 hours ago
3Fizzlewicks16348.60450.1310 hours ago
4Numot15070.82449.5610 hours ago
5Lilpeanut16348.60449.4410 hours ago
6Otakumark16348.60449.2510 hours ago
7Ganthas15793.72449.1910 hours ago
8Msterlee19282.40449.0010 hours ago
9Thauronis13514.42448.6310 hours ago
10Mystictiger15819.52448.5010 hours ago
11Silhouette19228.69447.3810 hours ago
12Raybeez15070.82447.3810 hours ago
13Følus16348.60447.251 day ago
14Fölus2500.00447.1910 hours ago
15Yananika14487.48446.8810 hours ago
16Totemtosser16348.60446.3810 hours ago
17Staselo15459.70446.131 day ago
18Jèt16348.60445.8110 hours ago
19Blur16348.60445.381 day ago
20Vroterdamus336.39444.881 day ago
21Msterzky203.14444.561 day ago
22Kanai7876.59444.5610 hours ago
23Mstervalkin61.23444.381 day ago
24Buns16348.60444.381 day ago
25Vroterdam55.44444.251 day ago
26Somethingnew44.42444.2510 hours ago
27Kotaro16348.60444.1310 hours ago
28Lammia0.00443.941 day ago
29Msterkaasun291.61443.631 day ago
30Sarumman0.00443.191 day ago
31Bob55.44442.8810 hours ago
32Msterpoping188.42442.691 day ago
33Millimeter13627.65441.941 day ago
34Chaosjet12203.22441.501 day ago
35Holdfasthope71.97440.631 day ago
36Shiblashan0.00440.381 day ago
37Jêtts331.59439.811 day ago
38Warisfluffy359.64439.251 day ago
39Baldydaman15.00438.441 day ago
40Vickí298.22436.941 day ago
41Mimiko198.35435.561 day ago
42Ethiclese0.36435.501 day ago
43Chaosjét264.97434.881 day ago
44Mstervic15.40433.941 day ago
45Grimoire298.22433.381 day ago
46Bloodweisër22.29431.501 day ago
47Evilest40.50431.311 day ago
48Araryl344.96431.061 day ago
49Ironduke52.65430.751 day ago
50Shawty0.00430.631 day ago
51Therinn13.50430.501 day ago
52Coco198.35430.311 day ago
53Mysticshådow66.36430.061 day ago
54Tigerlilya20.73427.061 day ago
55Mysticmercy26.65426.811 day ago
56Kalimpooria0.00426.131 day ago
57Ameliaknight2.10425.691 day ago
58Darkshax0.56425.191 day ago
59Mettle3.46424.811 day ago
60Steelmaiden0.00424.441 day ago
61Redboar86.76423.131 day ago
62Belfinn3.63422.941 day ago
63Stonelo0.00422.881 day ago
64Linaesong0.00422.631 day ago
65Petravenge0.00422.311 day ago
66Fauxpaw0.00422.191 day ago
67Pwnform0.00422.131 day ago
68Mysticmoon35.59420.311 day ago
69Jëts0.00419.941 day ago
70Lessbara0.00419.631 day ago
71Athiestpally0.00419.441 day ago
72Zemoram435.86419.191 day ago
73Jèts3.46418.941 day ago
74Spinnindots0.52418.631 day ago
75Agro1.50418.561 day ago
76Faundoo1.50418.311 day ago
77Poppolicious86.32417.381 day ago
78Gonthas0.00417.251 day ago
79Baird5709.25416.881 day ago
80Purrhaps0.00414.811 day ago
81Carbonara0.39413.381 day ago
82Jerom0.12413.251 day ago
83Train359.64411.691 day ago
84Dreadnøught0.00411.631 day ago
85Demonkotaro0.00411.501 day ago
86Ryoma3.46411.061 day ago
87Tass0.00410.751 day ago
88Tíbbers0.00410.001 day ago
89Iseeshadows0.00408.751 day ago
90Inch8.44408.691 day ago
91Donnise0.00407.061 day ago
92Lowvoltage0.00405.941 day ago
93Fission0.00405.251 day ago
94Animate14.97405.191 day ago
95Kaldreus50.56401.941 day ago
96Trickz3.96401.631 day ago
97Satsu0.00400.811 day ago
98Warder0.00399.751 day ago
99Untos0.00399.561 day ago
100Reanimated0.00399.251 day ago
101Daydrinker0.00397.191 day ago
102Lorotha0.00397.131 day ago
103Seak3.75397.061 day ago
104Adrowan55.24397.061 day ago
105Wizzleficks3.63396.691 day ago
106Sothoth0.00396.501 day ago
107Awoken43.78396.381 day ago
108Mysticninja0.00396.381 day ago
109Ogini391.78394.811 day ago
110Ruffien0.00394.311 day ago
111Jagi2.26394.061 day ago
112Hagos3.26394.061 day ago
113Éntity45.92393.881 day ago
114Cirrus0.00393.501 day ago
115Sandals35.61393.441 day ago
116Troe3.75392.941 day ago
117Moonbastion0.00392.191 day ago
118Branch0.40392.191 day ago
119Moglie0.00392.191 day ago
120Scopedog0.00391.811 day ago
121Whitecloak0.00391.501 day ago
122Felsprocket0.00391.001 day ago
123Kouji0.00390.131 day ago
124Dartz0.28389.561 day ago
125Polnareff0.00388.001 day ago
126Domon0.00387.941 day ago
127Crastina0.00387.561 day ago
128Severien0.00387.381 day ago
129Flashdoc4.15386.881 day ago
130Baoh0.00386.441 day ago
131Squishface0.00385.941 day ago
132Guroth0.00385.501 day ago
133Sprinkles0.00385.191 day ago
134Mira0.00382.881 day ago
135Bajam0.00380.811 day ago
136Elfus0.00380.691 day ago
137Ðreadnought0.00380.381 day ago
138Hunta41.55379.631 day ago
139Terminate0.00378.691 day ago
140Meeluv4.12378.561 day ago
141Flyingnimbus0.00378.441 day ago
142Ipally0.00374.811 day ago
143Adro0.00374.631 day ago
144Redgrim0.00374.561 day ago
145Machaggis0.00374.381 day ago
146Gerdy0.63373.691 day ago
147Zeppeli0.00373.251 day ago
148Horrorpop0.00372.881 day ago
149Patruchio0.00369.751 day ago
150Mewarrior0.77368.941 day ago
151Ordozenos559.84368.811 day ago
152Shoez0.00368.311 day ago
153Mysticblade0.00365.441 day ago
154Mythical0.00364.501 day ago
155Mesmer10.03364.381 day ago
156Mirah0.00364.311 day ago
157Felious0.00360.811 day ago
158Shamful0.00359.381 day ago
159Aldorana0.00356.751 day ago
160Arlix0.00346.441 day ago
161Yothkala0.00333.881 day ago
162Galak0.00332.561 day ago
163Weretaco0.00313.751 day ago
164Branchetta0.00285.311 day ago
165Cylur0.00274.811 day ago
166Upgrade0.00269.381 day ago
167Otakumartin0.00219.881 day ago

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