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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Mitchsham33662.49451.751 day ago
2Baratus33662.49450.881 day ago
3Zolpera24748.14450.381 day ago
4Runesz28998.79450.251 day ago
5Vulppy29968.31449.441 day ago
6Andrunis28489.17448.441 day ago
7Småshem31709.66448.381 day ago
8Faeble32719.41448.311 day ago
9Zhoz10266.32447.561 day ago
10Tremblés25300.07447.251 day ago
11Muzcells25304.10447.131 day ago
12Necronís28406.62447.061 day ago
13Zoliki10266.32446.941 day ago
14Slugy9811.48446.691 day ago
15Trollinyou10266.32446.631 day ago
16Kannisa28630.11446.381 day ago
17Brewsmash30935.07445.941 day ago
18Lonk26860.10445.811 day ago
19Vithika33662.49445.561 day ago
20Retpulsive229.36445.501 day ago
21Fuse15493.74445.441 day ago
22Pallypride30935.07445.251 day ago
23Aqras33662.49445.251 day ago
24Dashorde27247.94444.561 day ago
25Alrythe10000.00444.311 day ago
26Debull5420.65444.251 day ago
27Sellenaria16770.48444.131 day ago
28Gymclasdemon30935.07444.061 day ago
29Snapism30735.18443.941 day ago
30Chookìtypok27046.44443.691 day ago
31Mòrc206.04443.691 day ago
32Mitchwarr9843.78443.381 day ago
33Honiah30935.07443.131 day ago
34Trinigon182.70443.131 day ago
35Nosathan22778.98442.811 day ago
36Mirina17952.24442.751 day ago
37Fluffybun73.40442.691 day ago
38Deathnight229.36442.631 day ago
39Shootamgavn10000.00441.691 day ago
40Fhaus24521.47441.501 day ago
41Threat29587.52441.061 day ago
42Soreyes182.70439.131 day ago
43Abyssalskull150.00438.941 day ago
44Mikky10266.32438.191 day ago
45Masked26860.10438.001 day ago
46Twid25693.56438.001 day ago
47Strîfe2892.97437.691 day ago
48Mistmoo7145.43437.381 day ago
49Zolorci8677.77436.941 day ago
50Castal21239.52436.501 day ago
51Valeerax65.40436.001 day ago
52Twiid18907.97435.501 day ago
53Zoli379.38435.441 day ago
54Jinxxed0.00434.561 day ago
55Ugoki241.05434.501 day ago
56Yungxhrist17719.08434.501 day ago
57Needsabeer82.75433.751 day ago
58Darkchip96.60433.691 day ago
59Demoniz26.75433.501 day ago
60Mandõ20850.42432.061 day ago
61Dangos10266.32432.001 day ago
62Icyweiner0.00431.631 day ago
63Snaphax157.70430.561 day ago
64Uwhat38.55430.311 day ago
65Uwait66.52430.001 day ago
66Kaleanar370.96429.751 day ago
67Notagobbie13267.90429.691 day ago
68Vilzi162.82428.631 day ago
69Fearnatic241.05427.561 day ago
70Darktreez18.30426.501 day ago
71Shadzbro226.05426.441 day ago
72Shadzqt1.50426.381 day ago
73Astralflap150.00425.811 day ago
74Flcl0.00425.501 day ago
75Artoriöus0.00425.441 day ago
76Nizzydru0.00425.441 day ago
77Muscells27.39424.941 day ago
78Chewydk50.10424.751 day ago
79Leonìdas14435.80423.751 day ago
80Genderpaygap93.54421.811 day ago
81Luvsthedee0.00419.561 day ago
82Mustek13.91418.751 day ago
83Shockism39.05418.441 day ago
84Uwont0.13417.691 day ago
85Nhaus0.00417.061 day ago
86Doany0.85416.381 day ago
87Shivaxyz0.84416.191 day ago
88Lonky17937.04415.941 day ago
89Gåto440.42414.501 day ago
90Ralanthus0.00414.251 day ago
91Oçd0.00413.191 day ago
92Pukunuii0.00412.691 day ago
93Tinydanca52.04412.561 day ago
94Solarbob405.48412.501 day ago
95Boggeyman0.00412.061 day ago
96Myfistsmist0.00411.941 day ago
97Felscribe7303.10410.751 day ago
98Claraöswin0.00409.881 day ago
99Shadowfaust0.00409.441 day ago
100Mattstrom0.36408.381 day ago
101Pallyz0.00408.191 day ago
102Boudica0.00407.561 day ago
103Vodoman4.48407.061 day ago
104Callexismonk58.89406.811 day ago
105Shadue0.00406.561 day ago
106Likwud7116.60406.061 day ago
107Callexislock57.91405.561 day ago
108Sunaka0.00405.251 day ago
109Rawsauce394.23405.131 day ago
110Necrohealya0.00404.881 day ago
111Siobhån0.00404.811 day ago
112Rexsamdii320.78404.631 day ago
113Kurumi0.00403.191 day ago
114Lustontrash1379.06403.131 day ago
115Callexisheal6497.82403.131 day ago
116Cudfury0.00402.561 day ago
117Rexxý6753.28401.751 day ago
118Sunzeal47.36401.311 day ago
119Hoar394.10401.251 day ago
120Unclejamal0.00400.811 day ago
121Codesamdi7145.43400.251 day ago
122Låser7337.24399.811 day ago
123Destroyers0.00399.501 day ago
124Azai0.00397.941 day ago
125Prelatefel37.86395.631 day ago
126Lamea0.00395.131 day ago
127Hilikuz0.00394.441 day ago
128Sauccie0.00394.061 day ago
129Drunes0.00393.441 day ago
130Maskedknight0.00393.001 day ago
131Userious0.00392.941 day ago
132Balorys50.10391.191 day ago
133Fatrexxy442.14390.381 day ago
134Sunake58.72389.441 day ago
135Napalmmonkey0.00389.061 day ago
136Stickitt0.48388.631 day ago
137Murderhobo0.00388.251 day ago
138Snapismpal26.02387.441 day ago
139Üsmileyfaceü0.00387.061 day ago
140Kanilla48.74387.001 day ago
141Swolsauce0.00386.441 day ago
142Callexishunt41.87385.881 day ago
143Nobullsheet0.00384.811 day ago
144Judellio0.00384.691 day ago
145Dinoshift0.00384.631 day ago
146Upitz0.00384.311 day ago
147Baraltus79.66382.881 day ago
148Bangèrs50.87382.631 day ago
149Xacute0.00382.381 day ago
150Hølyhands0.84381.691 day ago
151Zenzeal0.00381.191 day ago
152Fooleycooley0.00379.941 day ago
153Runetooth4.48379.561 day ago
154Kilømetres0.00378.311 day ago
155Bubblebun0.00378.131 day ago
156Eggwallet1793.46378.001 day ago
157Tugza0.00377.751 day ago
158Dkmuz0.00375.131 day ago
159Fåntasize0.00374.441 day ago
160Dawm63.26374.191 day ago
161Branches44.28369.751 day ago
162Haylow0.00369.311 day ago
163Solarchickên0.00369.131 day ago
164Qwertyspell0.84366.131 day ago
165Salmonmeta101.22365.131 day ago
166Azadai0.00363.941 day ago
167Webejammin0.00360.881 day ago
168Twidding0.00356.561 day ago
169Twiding0.00355.381 day ago
170Twopointzero0.00355.381 day ago
171Frizzmeister73.40355.191 day ago
172Emberlash4.02354.561 day ago
173Kaledrol0.00352.501 day ago
174Ÿïn0.00349.881 day ago
175Scythias0.00347.811 day ago
176Skaikru0.00345.751 day ago
177Cås0.00342.881 day ago
178Gunthor0.00338.941 day ago
179Schnapism0.00338.941 day ago
180Maskedbot0.00333.751 day ago
181Caslay0.00330.061 day ago
182Eastye0.00329.881 day ago
183Upwards0.00328.131 day ago
184Vithikka0.00327.501 day ago
185Snapismlol0.00318.381 day ago
186Hilikus0.00295.751 day ago
187Aufs0.00283.941 day ago
188Fhaakhouse0.00282.561 day ago
189Powerrpuff0.00282.381 day ago
190Zeedool0.00260.001 day ago
191Twids33.40243.311 day ago
192Calemagus0.00233.441 day ago
193Stormembrace0.00216.061 day ago
194Azos0.00211.941 day ago
195Lastembrace0.00211.191 day ago
196Badembrace0.00203.881 day ago
197Sinwala0.00195.001 day ago
198Antialliancè4.5397.501 day ago
199Holykings1444.3993.751 day ago

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