Update Progress for Revenant

US-Echo Isles

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Yukitora10594.52440.6916 days ago
2Psychoboy0.00429.5616 days ago
3Crybaby0.00423.6916 days ago
4Yingading0.00422.5016 days ago
5Zandeleigh92.40422.4416 days ago
6Talonshadow0.00419.6916 days ago
7Suppi0.00418.5016 days ago
8Hasu0.00416.7516 days ago
9Jullianna0.00416.6916 days ago
10Yingling0.90416.6316 days ago
11Ying0.00416.3129 days ago
12Talonblade0.00415.7529 days ago
13Talonglaive357.35414.8129 days ago
14Talonsaur0.00414.7529 days ago
15Alaarae0.00414.1929 days ago
16Yinger0.00413.8829 days ago
17Greta0.00413.7529 days ago
18Talonforged0.00412.3129 days ago
19Yingdk1.05411.5029 days ago
20Joemanji0.00409.2529 days ago
21Talonstorm0.00409.0629 days ago
22Zhanny0.00407.5629 days ago
23Talonshock0.00406.3129 days ago
24Shannadal3.95405.0029 days ago
25Freezerbern0.00403.8129 days ago
26Keyshifter27.50403.3829 days ago
27Talonstrike0.00403.0629 days ago
28Thor0.00400.8129 days ago
29Hzd0.00400.2529 days ago
30Lilabeth0.00399.5629 days ago
31Cassitte345.93399.5029 days ago
32Katrani0.00399.3129 days ago
33Alyce0.00395.7529 days ago
34Delectable0.00395.0029 days ago
35Blufyre0.00394.8129 days ago
36Zhanai0.00393.8129 days ago
37Samerle4.03392.6929 days ago
38Cuttlefish0.00392.3829 days ago
39Elghinn0.00392.1329 days ago
40Fannypack0.00391.5029 days ago
41Meebaskeeba0.00391.1329 days ago
42Pootibear617.88390.9429 days ago
43Arrowkey0.00390.8129 days ago
44Mashbuttons0.00390.5629 days ago
45Beaujungfrau0.00388.7529 days ago
46Luckkey0.00387.8829 days ago
47Aggrobot22.28385.4429 days ago
48Anathor0.00385.0629 days ago
49Zhanadu0.00384.0029 days ago
50Talonflight0.00382.0629 days ago
51Dengera0.00381.8829 days ago
52Vojtech617.88380.5629 days ago
53Crucify0.00380.1329 days ago
54Broscience0.00379.1329 days ago
55Amara0.00378.6329 days ago
56Margo0.00378.0029 days ago
57Snowwhìte0.00377.3129 days ago
58Talim0.00376.5029 days ago
59Deroman617.88375.9429 days ago
60Ahrk0.00374.0029 days ago
61Coronalite50.15372.0629 days ago
62Dragonwulf0.00371.6329 days ago
63Nyty0.00369.1929 days ago
64Bradical0.00367.1929 days ago
65Voswell44.11362.3829 days ago
66Premoe0.00362.0029 days ago
67Aspy0.00361.7529 days ago
68Aradiastar0.00358.5029 days ago
69Talonbolt0.00357.0629 days ago
70Antisagart0.00355.1329 days ago
71Endofnights0.00354.8829 days ago
72Kurinka0.00354.4429 days ago
73Lokeer0.00353.6329 days ago
74Dkdean0.00352.3829 days ago
75Sweetsuzy0.00350.9429 days ago
76Myspace53.96350.6929 days ago
77Xhul0.00350.0029 days ago
78Blastthings0.00349.3829 days ago
79Shiedo0.00348.7529 days ago
80Balthore0.00341.9429 days ago
81Formynder0.00341.1929 days ago
82Daoism0.00340.6929 days ago
83Ambearlance0.00338.6329 days ago
84Renyth0.00335.5029 days ago
85Mynara0.00327.1329 days ago
86Augelmir0.00325.8129 days ago
87Crashbag0.00321.3829 days ago
88Axaon0.00303.2529 days ago
89Fejes0.00286.8829 days ago
90Devishe0.00283.3829 days ago
91Mynx0.00245.8829 days ago
92Famemonster0.0023.6329 days ago

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