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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ezelra45013.94451.131 day ago
2Hydroo42810.66449.691 day ago
3Nembitz25414.42448.631 day ago
4Khirah17754.29447.561 day ago
5Ahrelfu33323.05447.131 day ago
6Ventea19831.37447.061 day ago
7Rumàta43459.48446.941 day ago
8Readythemonk45376.72446.751 day ago
9Ventree0.00446.441 day ago
10Ilillii45376.70446.311 day ago
11Bigpimpiin48321.33446.251 day ago
12Implikationz24496.01445.381 day ago
13Ahrelerfive49790.93445.001 day ago
14Lemnipriest47015.66444.811 day ago
15Kriptyk37258.82444.631 day ago
16Sunsang46794.40444.061 day ago
17Antivaxer36082.74443.693 days ago
18Meggles48539.77443.381 day ago
19Infowarrs8623.41443.381 day ago
20Korvakqtxoxo43283.72443.061 day ago
21Kasti48929.49442.811 day ago
22Foxxsake14850.80442.441 day ago
23Rumbrews14851.78442.381 day ago
24Ezelria4031.89441.883 days ago
25Huntstahh40778.72441.751 day ago
26Fairkitty48069.54441.631 day ago
27Marrsy49400.38441.561 day ago
28Infernø45209.67441.441 day ago
29Jsmss49400.38441.383 days ago
30Kushi45376.70441.381 day ago
31Peanutxd49013.86441.251 day ago
32Blacmamba48577.26440.811 day ago
33Malachaí25988.89440.813 days ago
34Fum42799.41440.813 days ago
35Demonstahh13159.43440.753 days ago
36Extraaffix39758.50440.633 days ago
37Closest39931.08440.563 days ago
38Yanix42685.28440.503 days ago
39Ptolemy48291.53440.383 days ago
40Azayzél43568.77440.193 days ago
41Onetreeheall8062.23440.063 days ago
42Sýan45376.72439.881 day ago
43Jrhnbr34296.96439.881 day ago
44Phantatm48235.33439.503 days ago
45Fúm12380.40439.253 days ago
46Phankin4.09438.383 days ago
47Lemontina23645.32438.193 days ago
48Crematus34585.45438.193 days ago
49Bigpiimpen341.10438.193 days ago
50Benlikestea13685.55438.193 days ago
51Thetakage13685.55438.063 days ago
52Lemonteacake34645.08437.883 days ago
53Jaked6399.92437.883 days ago
54Ventdot6011.51437.813 days ago
55Kagé40672.42437.753 days ago
56Kharahh47458.77437.693 days ago
57Ahrel12094.12437.633 days ago
58Sýandris12094.12437.063 days ago
59Moonstahh12739.38436.503 days ago
60Dimenent45431.23436.443 days ago
61Missdirectd13685.55436.383 days ago
62Mambadk272.74435.633 days ago
63Lemniscate387.74435.383 days ago
64Nasti50.04435.193 days ago
65Rumsneak12094.12434.443 days ago
66Sangrado19831.37434.133 days ago
67Arinlul43283.72434.003 days ago
68Skirret89.62433.883 days ago
69Kerfs89.58433.883 days ago
70Mitchys14263.59433.383 days ago
71Owopouch38.69432.193 days ago
72Bearhel89.45431.813 days ago
73Ilillipally0.26431.443 days ago
74Yeetix8062.23430.943 days ago
75Powerfulfat4561.20430.383 days ago
76Ptoliette12094.12430.253 days ago
77Smuggle6894.02430.131 day ago
78Zayzel12094.12429.633 days ago
79Blakmamba12094.12429.503 days ago
80Magikalmoron24818.38429.133 days ago
81Kushiixd4031.89428.313 days ago
82Arinlol89.61427.943 days ago
83Benisatree1.05427.693 days ago
84Mash12094.12427.633 days ago
85Kitteriel12094.12427.383 days ago
86Doublleagent7008.30427.133 days ago
87Jsm89.56426.943 days ago
88Vengeancëz38.88426.883 days ago
89Bengotlay88.77426.313 days ago
90Korvak89.63426.063 days ago
91Benhatesdisc48769.60426.063 days ago
92Ilillipewpew4031.89425.943 days ago
93Yanixdh10.85425.883 days ago
94Kryptikmage239.31424.693 days ago
95Symmetry267.77424.313 days ago
96Arxus0.00423.563 days ago
97Fckmybiscuit0.00423.503 days ago
98Kryptmonk63.42423.313 days ago
99Potatopouch448.61423.193 days ago
100Lockpimp89.56422.383 days ago
101Marrsyy89.61421.753 days ago
102Mystiriate11.47420.883 days ago
103Lemonrocks7367.18420.753 days ago
104Arinshh0.00420.753 days ago
105Kås0.00418.693 days ago
106Hellõ448.69417.693 days ago
107Monkstahh0.00417.443 days ago
108Soulnaut84133.82415.883 days ago
109Gleankrawler0.00415.883 days ago
110Missanthropy89.61415.633 days ago
111Tknz62937.63414.503 days ago
112Ibboss0.40414.193 days ago
113Loonydh423.66413.813 days ago
114Kist89.12413.633 days ago
115Kastii0.48413.443 days ago
116Lashyy448.61413.313 days ago
117Lilbusted14.12412.003 days ago
118Soulsmash437.12411.813 days ago
119Mnstr448.69411.813 days ago
120Waifublaster6865.92411.313 days ago
121Bublleoseven0.56410.943 days ago
122Bonjõur423.66410.253 days ago
123Mools0.00410.253 days ago
124Arcadis0.00410.003 days ago
125Qev48.72408.133 days ago
126Vout0.00407.193 days ago
127Meatsnek1084.64407.063 days ago
128Kerd355.51406.383 days ago
129Ventts0.00403.633 days ago
130Korvakqt0.00403.133 days ago
131Ahrelpp0.00401.443 days ago
132Squîggle448.61400.253 days ago
133Precociousqt0.00399.193 days ago
134Ofnu0.00398.753 days ago
135Kryptikdh12.90397.313 days ago
136Weaverpimp4.43394.313 days ago
137Sòulhunter0.00392.563 days ago
138Sykkx0.00389.503 days ago
139Arinpog0.00388.943 days ago
140Nightfallxx0.00387.943 days ago
141Sunden0.00384.063 days ago
142Deathbydager2892.68383.633 days ago
143Benwilltotem0.00383.258 months ago
144Bigpiimp0.00380.753 days ago
145Arindk0.00378.443 days ago
146Käs0.00375.753 days ago
147Ralphlaurn0.00371.813 days ago
148Tkwa3.21371.753 days ago
149Belladee0.00371.693 days ago
150Mortissa0.00365.503 days ago
151Hyjiinx0.00364.383 days ago
152Kryptykpally0.90356.133 days ago
153Pandatotems0.00348.003 days ago
154Kli0.00343.193 days ago
155Relcl0.00270.813 days ago
156Heptane0.00252.193 days ago
157Yanil0.00128.383 days ago
158Precociousxo0.00--3 days ago

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