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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ltsurge55075.92449.441 day ago
2Dunc55075.92448.941 day ago
3Montys55075.92448.311 day ago
4Mistybreeze55075.92448.001 day ago
5Kixtynine55075.92447.751 day ago
6Eiox55075.92447.691 day ago
7Shivers55075.92447.691 day ago
8Gilad55075.92447.381 day ago
9Forseeable41987.55447.061 day ago
10Tayla55075.92446.449 hours ago
11Wickedlion50594.07446.001 day ago
12Wigss55075.92446.001 day ago
13Zeonk55075.92445.941 day ago
14Chëllë16014.59445.811 day ago
15Mitchyz47846.69445.811 day ago
16Esy55075.92445.811 day ago
17Boostedegirl49404.71445.691 day ago
18Recklessdps30212.59445.501 day ago
19Ruawar23382.60445.191 day ago
20Relul34478.51445.061 day ago
21Catnip55075.92444.881 day ago
22Androdo55075.92444.561 day ago
23Eppzy41987.55444.561 day ago
24Snae55075.92444.251 day ago
25Ruadk24398.99444.191 day ago
26Deliciousman14263.59444.001 day ago
27Sney18244.29443.941 day ago
28Sluwugh56700.81443.691 day ago
29Leafybreeze21913.50443.381 day ago
30Sushimeshi66992.35443.001 day ago
31Soyasauce26619.23442.941 day ago
32Haock28765.28442.811 day ago
33Montyd14766.60442.631 day ago
34Kitemi55075.92442.631 day ago
35Shift29661.93442.561 day ago
36Image13453.89442.501 day ago
37Tomlee12262.83442.191 day ago
38Androdaddy14766.60442.131 day ago
39Ruatapu55075.92442.061 day ago
40Zezek43069.95441.881 day ago
41Eiocs276.13441.501 day ago
42Enemy18780.46441.501 day ago
43Shn39229.15441.441 day ago
44Lilhenry14598.97441.191 day ago
45Chancë386.02441.061 day ago
46Deadboro13511.78440.881 day ago
47Spêl47846.70440.811 day ago
48Butteryllama399.33440.811 day ago
49Duncxo14766.60440.561 day ago
50Elexys38111.19440.381 day ago
51Pico47886.79440.001 day ago
52Zeo49857.88439.941 day ago
53Slamdunc387.74439.941 day ago
54Kaffah55075.92439.881 day ago
55Namnams14766.60439.881 day ago
56Ve23196.13439.881 day ago
57Catmint22347.34439.881 day ago
58Cds13962.19439.881 day ago
59Stabbyrua12015.58439.631 day ago
60Bishy55075.92439.381 day ago
61Uvar55075.92438.881 day ago
62Toy282.79438.881 day ago
63Agi2.89438.811 day ago
64Buffs234.91438.811 day ago
65Zezix0.00438.691 day ago
66Wegucci22244.77438.636 hours ago
67Pabslave47908.95437.811 day ago
68Siphon282.79437.561 day ago
69Cokenosugar0.00437.501 day ago
70Shocks11233.81437.251 day ago
71Azbonk43394.14437.061 day ago
72Clamslap0.00436.811 day ago
73Bigsped208.07436.501 day ago
74Misdirect0.00436.381 day ago
75Zeorange14263.59436.381 day ago
76Wwiiggss387.74434.311 day ago
77Cutepandauwu4.49433.251 day ago
78Duncqt227.69433.001 day ago
79Biz90.65432.311 day ago
80Badtoglad0.00432.131 day ago
81Lorgok14766.60432.131 day ago
82Shusui264.47432.061 day ago
83Kaelyx387.74431.561 day ago
84Mistybweeze10419.29431.501 day ago
85Eppzie256.03431.501 day ago
86Chancè35.83430.311 day ago
87Gorgeousguy0.00430.251 day ago
88Stag0.00430.191 day ago
89Rebirth39.90430.131 day ago
90Ârrøwsøng6672.37429.751 day ago
91Provoke0.00428.001 day ago
92Shifty4.31426.191 day ago
93Grip0.00426.191 day ago
94Zeodk390.42426.131 day ago
95Skinnyfiend0.00425.381 day ago
96Kitems78.42425.251 day ago
97Montyw0.00424.251 day ago
98Inc13.16423.441 day ago
99Warglaive0.00423.251 day ago
100Crowpalli4.31422.751 day ago
101Torrent0.00422.561 day ago
102Mitchxd0.00422.441 day ago
103Pandrodo0.14421.691 day ago
104Jamesington58936.74419.881 day ago
105Suchaqt5563.78419.881 day ago
106Zoryochu442.74419.691 day ago
107Zeostinks414.42419.691 day ago
108Papríka87.51419.631 day ago
109Fungame0.00419.441 day ago
110Zinkiwinki7086.72419.251 day ago
111Dragonite58936.74418.561 day ago
112Inaz440.42417.001 day ago
113Necrysa7086.72416.441 day ago
114Mitchyzz0.00416.311 day ago
115Imreallycool0.28415.941 day ago
116Lilcrimp1.05415.441 day ago
117Bigcheese413.75415.381 day ago
118Xenskeeto390.42415.311 day ago
119Saintpablo5531.40414.941 day ago
120Foe0.00414.631 day ago
121Pinkglitter34.92414.191 day ago
122Kinkiwinki401.93413.751 day ago
123Aphirxsa0.00413.631 day ago
124Ilovemywife0.00410.131 day ago
125Stinkiwinki0.00408.631 day ago
126Freestyler320.67408.501 day ago
127Xenith427.97408.001 day ago
128Kixarae0.00407.881 day ago
129Tangela4.49406.561 day ago
130Bishopgz14.96405.001 day ago
131Necryge0.00404.941 day ago
132Bluled0.00404.381 day ago
133Wini0.00403.691 day ago
134Fakemustache0.18403.561 day ago
135Lovelyb0.00400.631 day ago
136Ominous0.00399.061 day ago
137Fearcorrupts0.00398.941 day ago
138Bigfinidps0.00397.751 day ago
139Nky0.00395.941 day ago
140Uncd0.00395.501 day ago
141Kixaspin0.00393.381 day ago
142Duncxd0.00392.751 day ago
143Theoldmvp0.00392.691 day ago
144Pipp332.18391.501 day ago
145Baccycone0.00387.001 day ago
146Zeoblue0.00386.561 day ago
147Qtthewitch0.00385.061 day ago
148Turdslinger0.00384.881 day ago
149Essence0.00383.881 day ago
150Crowdevil0.00377.061 day ago
151Fumeiyox0.00376.061 day ago
152Typoxd2447.63375.311 day ago
153Sawleyisme0.00369.751 day ago
154Winkizinki0.00367.131 day ago
155Duncp0.00358.561 day ago
156Titanfire0.00354.131 day ago
157Zeow0.00342.191 day ago
158Katalini0.00338.311 day ago
159Hakirix0.00333.561 day ago
160Kalexis0.00320.941 day ago
161Kix0.00315.501 day ago
162Naumovski0.00296.191 day ago
163Uvarz0.00263.691 day ago
164Tight14.96260.561 day ago
165Cnud0.00221.941 day ago
166Uvarx0.00178.811 day ago
167Nocthold0.00--1 day ago

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