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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ggmaterial51413.90448.311 day ago
2Tegglez34277.31448.001 day ago
3Clubsx31655.42447.631 day ago
4Memespec51413.90447.311 day ago
5Kegglesz51413.90447.131 day ago
6Clubx32097.08446.751 day ago
7Elyai51413.90446.131 day ago
8Shosuro51413.90445.8820 hours ago
9Stabandr51413.90445.811 day ago
10Tegerath18086.53445.561 day ago
11Brestodruid41959.77445.561 day ago
12Yunahime51413.90445.501 day ago
13Felova42132.96445.191 day ago
14Clubsd21000.39445.191 day ago
15Kevbaby51413.90445.061 day ago
16Plinkton34465.64444.561 day ago
17Rammö36082.74444.381 day ago
18Terrorsurge19836.33444.191 day ago
19Rosevixen27768.96443.561 day ago
20Plspetme27255.04443.501 day ago
21Clubs51413.90443.311 day ago
22Hereticbabe0.00443.001 day ago
23Frodolol51413.90443.001 day ago
24Eunz35660.03443.001 day ago
25ßloodvex51413.90443.001 day ago
26Clubsp10891.97442.881 day ago
27Ifera13335.61442.751 day ago
28Extragarbage44556.67442.751 day ago
29Flamewell0.00442.381 day ago
30Windwalking21000.39442.131 day ago
31Urashh37939.98441.9442 minutes ago
32Casèdy51413.90441.941 day ago
33Halfounce271.09441.941 day ago
34Sylviai405.59441.751 day ago
35Stigandr13335.61441.691 day ago
36Flooknew51413.90441.441 day ago
37Yewyengzxck47578.05441.441 day ago
38Daniald51413.90441.311 day ago
39Terrorlockz32810.26441.191 day ago
40Arandar19268.71441.131 day ago
41Galyena85.16441.131 day ago
42Divineera51413.90441.131 day ago
43Shichimi26807.32441.061 day ago
44Wesvter51413.90440.881 day ago
45Brewsquare22880.83440.881 day ago
46Wesv36100.05440.751 day ago
47Dcjs51413.90440.691 day ago
48Jqq89.67440.311 day ago
49Pegglez21913.50440.251 day ago
50Vanddoria51413.90440.191 day ago
51Skuld62.67439.751 day ago
52Saels13919.79439.691 day ago
53Pixul51413.90439.311 day ago
54Yekken17151.52439.3120 hours ago
55Zanxo42627.33439.191 day ago
56Treemendous35914.01438.9410 hours ago
57Vivyw27469.10438.691 day ago
58Xanzo21777.72438.501 day ago
59Terrorberro40799.52438.381 day ago
60Nyssíe66.45438.381 day ago
61Damnoam436.57438.311 day ago
62Totalgarbage28715.99438.251 day ago
63Sacredp51413.90438.191 day ago
64Divi27449.30438.001 day ago
65Dcjss26713.72437.881 day ago
66Sanc265.68436.811 day ago
67Dhastyy4444.44436.631 day ago
68Cutiehoneys0.00436.381 day ago
69Mitsunagi7195.36435.501 day ago
70Lavyn32134.47435.501 day ago
71Fugalord288.99435.381 day ago
72Lastexilesa0.00435.251 day ago
73Flashxo42627.33435.251 day ago
74Redclass449.75435.131 day ago
75Hardflex20418.66435.131 day ago
76Bensuprarz104.65434.311 day ago
77Krunkus20089.79434.131 day ago
78Cevlol13978.51433.191 day ago
79Truepowered440.34433.131 day ago
80Minigoose13335.61433.001 day ago
81Roseoctopus12754.06433.001 day ago
82Nerdvirgin4446.13432.811 day ago
83Hottley17151.52432.501 day ago
84Sacrèd18261.24432.251 day ago
85Inflüenza0.00431.881 day ago
86Elanornith259.61431.381 day ago
87Mesplz72.03431.381 day ago
88Schokoláde58.38431.131 day ago
89Siphex294.48431.061 day ago
90ßloodrend0.00430.941 day ago
91Biba19039.45430.381 day ago
92Viviàna28836.16430.311 day ago
93Sashagreen13.95430.061 day ago
94Verygarbage104.45428.381 day ago
95Disconnected73.06428.251 day ago
96Jonziee89.38427.441 day ago
97Frân21003.28426.751 day ago
98Terrorbubble365.80426.751 day ago
99Turisàs442.54426.501 day ago
100Bensupra80.10425.001 day ago
101Yekkenr12754.06423.561 day ago
102Averron0.70423.501 day ago
103Manner14002.30422.561 day ago
104Feggles445.08422.251 day ago
105Yewniverse104.65422.131 day ago
106Nanahime75.06421.941 day ago
107Bensuprax436.80421.811 day ago
108Giovannì12754.06421.311 day ago
109Nelestra0.00420.131 day ago
110Vivyd441.80419.691 day ago
111Monkineer13335.61419.381 day ago
112Ensiferum441.80419.311 day ago
113Equihash0.00419.311 day ago
114Geminirue0.00418.631 day ago
115Saelaysia58.28418.561 day ago
116Rogerhaha26559.13417.561 day ago
117ßloodshape0.00417.001 day ago
118Yerachmiel0.00416.561 day ago
119Sevenpiece0.00416.501 day ago
120Baergrills76333.18416.131 day ago
121Nesquikp390.13416.061 day ago
122Vivyxo6780.20415.811 day ago
123Narujoahunts58104.32415.691 day ago
124Moshspirit6780.20415.191 day ago
125Munterino71459.84415.131 day ago
126Zaliaaone58104.32415.061 day ago
127Rosemonkfish441.80414.881 day ago
128Powwi85031.57414.381 day ago
129Flungo0.00412.881 day ago
130Ifrenzy386.88412.811 day ago
131Vinzai42.88412.501 day ago
132Umnir6200.17411.881 day ago
133Plinktonlol0.00411.811 day ago
134Alfizzi448.52411.561 day ago
135Inoffensive78288.81411.561 day ago
136Saebae0.00411.501 day ago
137Vinzmonk7109.57410.751 day ago
138Insanebaer425.24410.191 day ago
139Cuddlëz43.45409.311 day ago
140Backupcha65.90409.131 day ago
141Iphana6302.38408.941 day ago
142Xobby378.37408.631 day ago
143Sotongboy6720.67408.561 day ago
144Zankin25.23408.311 day ago
145Vvinz448.11408.191 day ago
146Bnr0.00407.631 day ago
147Moshoh26644.58407.501 day ago
148Bitbyte68963.50407.441 day ago
149Oskiedh14.58406.941 day ago
150Luurchlord0.00406.881 day ago
151Shrenna21838.57406.501 day ago
152Zelvaris7085.15406.001 day ago
153Bloodymes912.95405.881 day ago
154Hereticpaws0.00405.751 day ago
155Graygrill425.14405.631 day ago
156Narujoa363.78405.631 day ago
157Dufasboy2.44405.311 day ago
158Others14.93404.751 day ago
159Silible6311.37403.311 day ago
160Zansoul7195.36403.251 day ago
161Alindrissae0.00403.251 day ago
162Nixerion6593.89402.811 day ago
163Filfa26645.44402.691 day ago
164Thickhyde387.77402.061 day ago
165Lilmes440.34402.061 day ago
166Hlaintime440.34401.881 day ago
167Edmonked25.36401.501 day ago
168Hanahime387.77401.381 day ago
169Antifaith0.00401.311 day ago
170Trollenx12.60400.691 day ago
171Bouchard0.00399.501 day ago
172Dragoneddie6169.82398.941 day ago
173Nethergarde0.00397.561 day ago
174Huangshifu7195.36397.561 day ago
175Uraash0.00395.311 day ago
176Meekmahan0.20394.251 day ago
177Lokidooki0.00393.881 day ago
178Fidelio0.00393.751 day ago
179Jonzie27.36393.561 day ago
180Chevre437.59392.941 day ago
181Lenna0.00392.441 day ago
182Philwe434.17391.441 day ago
183Philticklen4.34391.061 day ago
184Hneilyo58.34389.001 day ago
185Truffle0.52388.251 day ago
186Plpnn0.00388.061 day ago
187Moshfist1656.26388.001 day ago
188Deduardo38.34387.561 day ago
189Slantyeyed8.69387.311 day ago
190Vivisections0.00387.191 day ago
191Alcander4604.69386.561 day ago
192Sotongkin1751.07386.501 day ago
193Nphdruid57275.16386.381 day ago
194Lunachan58380.73386.191 day ago
195Lokiidooki0.00383.881 day ago
196Floots0.00383.811 day ago
197Ýy0.00383.501 day ago
198Neurons62547.07382.561 day ago
199Clubsqt375.72382.131 day ago
200Dnz316.26381.881 day ago
201Scoffy658.65380.631 day ago
202Vinz62547.07380.381 day ago
203Vivyx3411.80380.001 day ago
204Linosight0.00379.811 day ago
205Azana95.23379.441 day ago
206Mistypaws0.45379.061 day ago
207Newmgewhodis2093.06377.441 day ago
208Meslol365.85377.191 day ago
209Nphpally69.62376.881 day ago
210Seannyxoxo0.00376.5010 hours ago
211Icyene967.49376.131 day ago
212Hwhdruid364.07375.811 day ago
213Madeon0.00375.751 day ago
214Vexiqt4.19375.561 day ago
215Niceguyjones377.64375.561 day ago
216Sandh74.80375.501 day ago
217Dynamicc0.00375.381 day ago
218Vhander1061.66374.631 day ago
219Citadelx0.00374.381 day ago
220Drakirondk728.06374.251 day ago
221Mousermonk1617.45371.751 day ago
222Mufflè0.00371.441 day ago
223Kasslol0.00370.881 day ago
224Tegsbbyqtpie44.01370.061 day ago
225Nphboi43.81368.881 day ago
226Fenixninja0.00368.561 day ago
227Paella0.00368.561 day ago
228Ayshià0.00368.001 day ago
229Hunterhwh0.00367.561 day ago
230Innodruid0.00367.311 day ago
231Tuorfizzle336.17367.251 day ago
232Stannìe2126.00366.941 day ago
233Citadelyui0.00365.561 day ago
234Vescus78.72365.061 day ago
235Phd104.34364.811 day ago
236Atonemènt0.36364.691 day ago
237Hwhmage395.70363.311 day ago
238Zaliaapriest0.00363.061 day ago
239Bunní0.00361.441 day ago
240Owlcaponê0.00361.381 day ago
241Stanníe442.27360.131 day ago
242Mouserdin89.65360.001 day ago
243Tharial0.00359.501 day ago
244Moshinit0.00359.191 day ago
245Gomes0.00358.811 day ago
246Werebun0.00358.501 day ago
247Flaminburger0.00358.501 day ago
248Mouserwhy0.00356.501 day ago
249Yekkenxo0.60356.191 day ago
250Wreckxage0.00355.941 day ago
251Cocorico0.00355.311 day ago
252Pinkyxx4.38354.881 day ago
253Narujoadh87.57354.311 day ago
254Roselamb0.00353.381 day ago
255Bottledwater36.75352.941 day ago
256Filfad0.00352.751 day ago
257Antihope0.00352.131 day ago
258Miishymage0.00351.881 day ago
259Ultt58.68351.501 day ago
260Barryhaha4.07351.251 day ago
261Cariss0.00349.561 day ago
262Ollt0.00348.941 day ago
263Xenergy101.49348.441 day ago
264Wudski0.00348.061 day ago
265Frostlights0.00347.441 day ago
266Stormage0.00347.311 day ago
267Dafydd0.75345.501 day ago
268Stannie0.00343.561 day ago
269Local0.00343.501 day ago
270Chanimaly0.00341.191 day ago
271Niizk0.00340.811 day ago
272Ability0.00340.001 day ago
273Owwl0.00339.691 day ago
274Geimy0.00339.061 day ago
275Sneakyrat0.00338.941 day ago
276Eggtree0.00338.061 day ago
277Drakirondorf0.00337.441 day ago
278Myrisa0.00334.061 day ago
279Pieceofcake0.00333.631 day ago
280Ilbubble0.00333.131 day ago
281Malfuriof0.00332.881 day ago
282Bearryelf0.00326.381 day ago
283Suhdood0.00324.001 day ago
284Waanwan0.00323.561 day ago
285Narujoadk0.00322.061 day ago
286Teggles0.00319.631 day ago
287Debutesg0.00317.631 day ago
288Mesdh0.00316.251 day ago
289Oskiemonk0.00315.311 day ago
290Glitchlah0.00314.311 day ago
291Debûte0.00294.191 day ago
292Tsarinatara0.00281.751 day ago
293Epp0.00260.881 day ago
294Drakoris4.07128.441 day ago
295Urashhlock0.00124.381 day ago
296Mythicminus0.0076.501 day ago
297Notfloyd0.0023.631 day ago

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