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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Gorelul70606.26450.501 day ago
2Mitchgee59479.94450.061 day ago
3Xygus38106.94448.001 day ago
4Mitchdude42715.15447.751 day ago
5Musclebrah37801.53447.191 day ago
6Pumps37800.38446.811 day ago
7Pumpsw70606.26446.751 day ago
8Kooki14778.21446.751 day ago
9Doof70606.26446.631 day ago
10Xxillidank37800.38446.131 day ago
11Ewnn31588.30446.001 day ago
12Booze70606.26445.811 day ago
13Punkflows65299.54445.811 day ago
14Vivye22442.14445.191 day ago
15Ninjaristic67008.52444.941 day ago
16Airou45874.03444.881 day ago
17Proximitynz70606.26444.881 day ago
18Erikm63357.16444.881 day ago
19Cerídwen21437.10444.631 day ago
20Relude40356.87444.631 day ago
21Avanced363.73444.441 day ago
22Puttolol70606.26444.311 day ago
23Precociousxx61422.21444.251 day ago
24Blueprÿnt70606.26444.131 day ago
25Glyph61422.21443.941 day ago
26Tomat442.68443.811 day ago
27Meriste37219.24443.751 day ago
28Arzfu37800.38443.751 day ago
29Glyphs70606.26443.631 day ago
30Dinnerboy70606.26443.631 day ago
31Verrsdk70606.26443.441 day ago
32Face19694.11443.311 day ago
33Lonee47824.64443.311 day ago
34Levilee32088.79443.251 day ago
35Traphuntrpig0.00443.191 day ago
36Erokareturns24679.63443.131 day ago
37Erahunter36635.65443.131 day ago
38Avanche67008.52443.001 day ago
39Deshaz65299.54443.001 day ago
40Misaka28759.19442.941 day ago
41Helader70606.26442.691 day ago
42Blubbub23826.18442.691 day ago
43Bigtime84.48442.691 day ago
44Kosiee11852.93442.441 day ago
45Menc24018.48442.381 day ago
46Deshazs47824.64442.381 day ago
47Prox37801.53442.381 day ago
48Itemb57.16442.311 day ago
49Ginomvp26818.33442.191 day ago
50Nibrenksx70606.26441.941 day ago
51Nize67008.52441.941 day ago
52Muscw28574.35441.751 day ago
53Eroka70606.26441.751 day ago
54Disarrayy37800.38441.751 day ago
55Malvanis44773.34441.691 day ago
56Precociousxd27206.97441.691 day ago
57Lonexo36242.59441.631 day ago
58Nangokango37412.39441.631 day ago
59Vivyl11765.78441.561 day ago
60Tiltflash70606.26441.501 day ago
61Ginaverch322.44441.501 day ago
62Disarray70606.26441.441 day ago
63Lunadinx70606.26441.441 day ago
64Sadozaiw38106.94441.441 day ago
65Vivyc8062.65441.061 day ago
66Kryptizl0.00441.001 day ago
67Vivyu10457.75440.941 day ago
68Kiwifruiti70606.26440.941 day ago
69Synzdh401.07440.811 day ago
70Dissaray204.36440.811 day ago
71Punks49779.14440.811 day ago
72Vivyqt20105.12440.441 day ago
73Levx65299.54439.881 day ago
74Nuggz444.46439.881 day ago
75Fistdisdiq7117.50439.751 day ago
76Lowercasegg37800.38439.561 day ago
77Disarrayx401.07439.561 day ago
78Dezs305.96439.561 day ago
79Lunaeya389.33439.441 day ago
80Mat19516.30439.131 day ago
81Thanksgore441.89439.001 day ago
82Arzexoqtxo70606.26438.881 day ago
83Rolex293.31438.881 day ago
84Sadozai28868.38438.811 day ago
85Healixzqt20678.84438.691 day ago
86Lunaqtxo264.44438.631 day ago
87Lúnacy51167.41438.631 day ago
88Vivys13335.61438.561 day ago
89Etu271.02438.441 day ago
90Lunaesta36630.61438.191 day ago
91Trashflash38802.22438.131 day ago
92Buuloki401.07437.811 day ago
93Denkar99.04437.811 day ago
94Warlerxo70606.26437.811 day ago
95Xorgolon37217.00437.751 day ago
96Séçrêtwëåpòñ43567.50437.751 day ago
97Xploitmonk389.33437.751 day ago
98Deanmage37218.25437.631 day ago
99Elci416.18437.561 day ago
100Ephraalin10674.47437.381 day ago
101Skonox0.49436.941 day ago
102Musc29625.51436.691 day ago
103Ahkira376.06436.561 day ago
104Impostar414.35436.501 day ago
105Jackwowowow387.72436.441 day ago
106Anastaszia389.33436.381 day ago
107Puttoluvsvik23411.58436.311 day ago
108Xploit387.72436.001 day ago
109Pandakazi387.72435.441 day ago
110Halojizm392.66435.251 day ago
111Chaosbane3.76435.131 day ago
112Novìce427.72435.131 day ago
113Merts389.33435.061 day ago
114Daem90.72434.881 day ago
115Ishka444.39434.881 day ago
116Yarrasid444.39434.751 day ago
117Ratno441.89434.561 day ago
118Loneboom237.78434.561 day ago
119Denkah98.72434.441 day ago
120Rogueosaurus444.28434.131 day ago
121Ñebulæ346.01434.131 day ago
122Ralphlauren363.73434.001 day ago
123Cuckanto94.73433.941 day ago
124Gilligan389.33433.691 day ago
125Realmentrust448.73433.691 day ago
126Ease33.40433.191 day ago
127Vivyk216.00433.001 day ago
128Hiimbenched88.74432.881 day ago
129Plumps322.44432.251 day ago
130Vietlol444.39431.881 day ago
131Voska411.58431.811 day ago
132Custombrain444.28431.811 day ago
133Disalock264.44431.691 day ago
134Erodoris216.00431.631 day ago
135Angrypumps444.39431.251 day ago
136Aivah387.72431.061 day ago
137Xsanctus72.66430.811 day ago
138Hobosaurus0.28430.251 day ago
139Swegbringer444.46430.001 day ago
140Gaypete0.00429.501 day ago
141Erokarisen17682.97428.501 day ago
142Peters0.00428.381 day ago
143Supslol444.46428.001 day ago
144Serzz355.31427.881 day ago
145Chayula444.46427.811 day ago
146Bigboii4.00427.751 day ago
147Mariix444.28427.501 day ago
148Ginom444.39427.501 day ago
149Pomps0.00426.811 day ago
150Jollypete14690.63426.501 day ago
151Healryduffy0.00426.311 day ago
152Nuggitz387.72426.061 day ago
153Stylins41.22425.811 day ago
154Angrykiwi444.28425.751 day ago
155Strongbatch91.14425.061 day ago
156Punkflowz216.00424.811 day ago
157Vraelina8.73424.501 day ago
158Scrotrotter338.43424.381 day ago
159Gutteridge84.72424.251 day ago
160Ashalar36530.53423.811 day ago
161Hiimboosted7448.46423.381 day ago
162Blackgreg1117.13422.441 day ago
163Gino71969.73421.751 day ago
164Juju389.33420.941 day ago
165Reqles0.00420.001 day ago
166Elisabethan27.38419.941 day ago
167Zingerboxjob0.00419.881 day ago
168Nattygraham355.31419.191 day ago
169Emgee399.71419.001 day ago
170Valdro4208.77418.631 day ago
171Ozzirogue23.61418.311 day ago
172Dezhaz216.00418.251 day ago
173Erokarising6598.65418.131 day ago
174Cellweaver448.73418.061 day ago
175Syfka65587.15418.001 day ago
176Puritea6780.20417.501 day ago
177Rmtotem448.68416.811 day ago
178Pelican0.00416.251 day ago
179Lylian437.11415.631 day ago
180Crunchy0.00415.561 day ago
181Vertrak4.09415.561 day ago
182Saraiyu448.73415.131 day ago
183Proximityfr448.73415.001 day ago
184Ginomvpe20963.07414.561 day ago
185Ãrzëxõqtxð448.73414.381 day ago
186Puttopotamus343.73414.311 day ago
187Gjm390.94413.941 day ago
188Glyphtics363.73413.441 day ago
189Enmity5721.71413.191 day ago
190Disdiq4.09413.131 day ago
191Sophiebb0.00412.691 day ago
192Deadlypoo363.73412.691 day ago
193Speargun6590.09412.691 day ago
194Goldsaucer5924.88412.561 day ago
195Malvanish66.07412.311 day ago
196Sawickymonk4.33412.191 day ago
197Maresa23247.01412.191 day ago
198Khrysaor20768.31411.941 day ago
199Peepomad14235.13411.941 day ago
200Watcher382.71411.561 day ago
201Reveries34388.76411.501 day ago
202Verrsrevenge448.73411.441 day ago
203Øngbak5558.80411.251 day ago
204Notmvplol355.31411.061 day ago
205Oshet41.22410.941 day ago
206Amonkira0.00410.881 day ago
207Winterfallen1367.60410.751 day ago
208Thumbflows54.65410.501 day ago
209Nihka448.68410.381 day ago
210Chris4.09410.131 day ago
211Elciw448.68410.061 day ago
212Robosaurus441.89410.001 day ago
213Renê0.42409.751 day ago
214Lubedup12763.10409.061 day ago
215Vietinc20768.31409.001 day ago
216Boozep0.00408.941 day ago
217Halaalsawick0.00408.881 day ago
218Nvrluckybro6453.16408.381 day ago
219Demonconz7450.16408.311 day ago
220Warler72596.35408.131 day ago
221Casualkin0.00407.441 day ago
222Sawickers28.10407.441 day ago
223Novíce5729.31407.061 day ago
224Zhara435.90407.001 day ago
225Ripzaph0.00406.631 day ago
226Mij0.00406.561 day ago
227Hehehehahaha7365.17406.561 day ago
228Kiteflyerx0.00406.501 day ago
229Oldmanprox0.00405.941 day ago
230Barrymantel745.00405.501 day ago
231Jadedshadow0.00405.501 day ago
232Chairsitterx23.58405.311 day ago
233Xploits0.00405.251 day ago
234Gregroad0.00405.251 day ago
235Psilocybìn82.77405.001 day ago
236Esdelan0.00404.881 day ago
237Bartii89286.49404.881 day ago
238Alec0.00404.811 day ago
239Tinyhands0.00404.811 day ago
240Tentacleraep3.24404.631 day ago
241Skono2094.02404.441 day ago
242Sawickydh34.96404.061 day ago
243Xploitdh0.00403.191 day ago
244Cobosexual0.00402.631 day ago
245Ginox0.00402.311 day ago
246Ziv2824.94402.131 day ago
247Maliciousx363.73401.191 day ago
248Xploitlol0.00400.881 day ago
249Notoriousxo0.00400.631 day ago
250Chokonma448.73400.561 day ago
251Jealous1.05400.251 day ago
252Floorler0.00400.191 day ago
253Catonfire0.15400.001 day ago
254Psiløcin0.00399.751 day ago
255Maslij0.00399.311 day ago
256Tareye445.85398.631 day ago
257Âra0.00398.381 day ago
258Fumblmitesti0.00398.311 day ago
259Boozejockey0.00398.191 day ago
260Reconzz0.00398.001 day ago
261Nibren69824.84397.501 day ago
262Janissary6611.55397.441 day ago
263Calipeth7311.67396.811 day ago
264Driftkart445.85396.631 day ago
265Immunitybot445.85396.001 day ago
266Xploitz0.00395.501 day ago
267Puttofotm7311.67395.501 day ago
268Elcix59.60395.381 day ago
269Sawicky0.00395.001 day ago
270Tardk85.98394.811 day ago
271Lumpygoo0.65394.631 day ago
272Jackwowow3.27394.311 day ago
273Gno0.00393.501 day ago
274Frontlinee0.00393.441 day ago
275Zapheye0.00393.001 day ago
276Edana0.00392.441 day ago
277Hamied0.00392.381 day ago
278Dooropener0.00392.381 day ago
279Xploitsham0.00392.131 day ago
280Kazurra3.80391.631 day ago
281Ralsei445.85391.251 day ago
282Xploitlul0.00391.251 day ago
283Tardruid447.50391.001 day ago
284Katvond0.42391.001 day ago
285Runeheal437.68390.941 day ago
286Xploitqt0.00390.381 day ago
287Meod427.83390.251 day ago
288Infectisx0.00390.131 day ago
289Bietlol104.72389.001 day ago
290Voskie476.87388.561 day ago
291Novîce7029.84387.941 day ago
292Rogueosauwus0.00387.631 day ago
293Thorchas429.69387.001 day ago
294Anastabszia0.00386.881 day ago
295Meatyox0.00386.501 day ago
296Dbc69824.84385.561 day ago
297Tate0.15385.381 day ago
298Arzenal72596.35384.751 day ago
299Moisticrage429.69384.061 day ago
300Malvonkers670.68383.881 day ago
301Arzener3708.10383.441 day ago
302Seeyasunday0.00383.251 day ago
303Xploitpal0.00382.941 day ago
304Toxicflash382.71382.751 day ago
305Kiwifruity72596.35382.131 day ago
306Deagleonetap0.00381.251 day ago
307Healixz72596.35381.131 day ago
308Pumpsy72596.35381.061 day ago
309Blueprìnt72596.35381.001 day ago
310Angrycam4013.05380.561 day ago
311Moistillion67846.73380.561 day ago
312Sparkl72596.35379.811 day ago
313Ameerah0.00379.131 day ago
314Gokart1362.53379.061 day ago
315Xuroth0.00378.811 day ago
316Tardemon0.00378.311 day ago
317Larzore0.48378.311 day ago
318Disa73.83377.881 day ago
319Fotmflash67846.73377.631 day ago
320Xploitjr0.00377.001 day ago
321Tarmage0.00377.001 day ago
322Vivyz72596.35376.311 day ago
323Yulia0.00376.251 day ago
324Shilayr341.02376.061 day ago
325Vivyr745.00375.691 day ago
326Nibnob382.71375.441 day ago
327Tinyhandsx0.00375.001 day ago
328Tigaria0.00374.631 day ago
329Kanks25.54374.001 day ago
330Slaughtxoxo1495.55373.001 day ago
331Hughglass0.00373.001 day ago
332Facexyz0.00372.561 day ago
333Padflash0.00372.441 day ago
334Healicks1362.53372.381 day ago
335Valejandro1401.21372.191 day ago
336Niphyr4.20369.751 day ago
337Hunky0.00369.691 day ago
338Harrods0.00369.311 day ago
339Tiggabits0.00366.881 day ago
340Shinoasada1362.53366.501 day ago
341Angryvivy391.44366.251 day ago
342Arzexo0.00365.811 day ago
343Xploitdk0.00365.751 day ago
344Keepyoursock392.72364.751 day ago
345Spectrum0.00364.131 day ago
346Voskka366.02363.751 day ago
347Healixztotem104.33363.631 day ago
348Casualkins0.00363.061 day ago
349Deadlynoob0.00362.811 day ago
350Stinkygoo0.00362.691 day ago
351Saltyboiz0.00362.441 day ago
352Xyntiium24.08362.381 day ago
353Fuwy0.00362.251 day ago
354Gloved4.42360.811 day ago
355Pinkcanoee0.00358.941 day ago
356Nzbanned104.33357.631 day ago
357Monkconz1.05356.501 day ago
358Jilliene401.38356.381 day ago
359Elcius0.00355.881 day ago
360Poohands0.00354.691 day ago
361Buulloki0.00353.811 day ago
362Jadeshadow0.00352.251 day ago
363Didnt0.70351.131 day ago
364Spxrkl104.72350.061 day ago
365Torchus0.00347.001 day ago
366Elcucuy0.00346.001 day ago
367Elchi0.00345.881 day ago
368Lifey0.00342.881 day ago
369Loneh0.00341.251 day ago
370Jackwowmonk0.00340.441 day ago
371Yogurt0.00339.311 day ago
372Harazzal0.00335.941 day ago
373Pegchemp0.00335.631 day ago
374Binloki0.00328.061 day ago
375Booz0.00327.381 day ago
376Plemps0.00323.941 day ago
377Buulokii0.00314.691 day ago
378Buulokki0.00313.631 day ago
379Bowoloki0.00311.061 day ago
380Boozem0.00309.811 day ago
381Buubuu0.00309.631 day ago
382Slashflash0.00302.561 day ago
383Omnomlette0.00300.561 day ago
384Jackwowowowo0.00292.501 day ago
385Blacktie0.00289.061 day ago
386Weakcnt0.00287.631 day ago
387Zussy0.00287.501 day ago
388Wance0.00285.631 day ago
389Pusha0.00272.561 day ago
390Veterrorist0.00267.501 day ago
391Tarpally0.00251.251 day ago
392Thrustme0.00250.131 day ago
393Buulkake0.00228.501 day ago
394Buulokiqt0.00215.311 day ago

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