Update Progress for Muffin Warriors


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Chifuru19765.84411.251 day ago
2Decshift13844.12409.441 day ago
3Misonaughty19461.85407.811 day ago
4Poofvanish13900.61407.381 day ago
5Selynial376.23405.061 day ago
6Rovina73.26402.501 day ago
7Dedded6505.95402.381 day ago
8Angriestman360.51402.191 day ago
9Thehóod413.82402.131 day ago
10Contrawynn7337.92397.881 day ago
11Razumi7283.72397.251 day ago
12Bowmasta50.28394.381 day ago
13Daazzle0.00394.381 day ago
14Solir39.86394.251 day ago
15Akfourtwenty3.83394.131 day ago
16Darksoulss0.52392.441 day ago
17Erialatha39.05392.001 day ago
18Yetisap0.00391.441 day ago
19Blepblep60.90390.061 day ago
20Kishere14.73389.441 day ago
21Ogjawless70.90388.001 day ago
22Huggablysoft14.73386.311 day ago
23Rysie0.00386.251 day ago
24Gamrgurlx284.34386.131 day ago
25Mcleechy3310.14383.811 day ago
26Waternoodle13.97383.751 day ago
27Nizzynaz8.24383.441 day ago
28Nooteance96.55383.311 day ago
29Faelidra0.56382.501 day ago
30Dronaes42.54381.381 day ago
31Bujiga1181.06379.811 day ago
32Raved0.00379.381 day ago
33Kiellandorel1450.99379.131 day ago
34Yeetmedaddy68.92378.941 day ago
35Msblaster572.97378.811 day ago
36Trizzlefizz686.67378.441 day ago
37Zoku572.98378.131 day ago
38Mcthrashy63.68377.751 day ago
39Windfry40894.68377.251 day ago
40Grognarok2010.14376.811 day ago
41Noeyeballs77.12376.131 day ago
42Obberan354.26375.691 day ago
43Hentaisucks592.06375.501 day ago
44Trizzlet91.55375.191 day ago
45Judgeysgirl33.71374.691 day ago
46Bigmandoodle354.26374.631 day ago
47Meir548.03374.561 day ago
48Smorty28.06374.191 day ago
49Niznizzy307.55374.131 day ago
50Jaux1262.58373.251 day ago
51Mädness650.69372.691 day ago
52Ducci284.22371.631 day ago
53Creepo0.00371.441 day ago
54Graysonn0.00370.631 day ago
55Cräzyhëals0.27370.311 day ago
56Fleshsword0.00370.251 day ago
57Alyssra0.72369.501 day ago
58Wizashun354.26368.811 day ago
59Erraki0.00367.251 day ago
60Electrikman0.00367.001 day ago
61Baroonda736.66366.691 day ago
62Valiran10.25366.381 day ago
63Sareyndaddy56.13366.131 day ago
64Erbos0.00365.881 day ago
65Dragondivine284.22365.311 day ago
66Tsizzle37.71364.691 day ago
67Saronasta54.16364.131 day ago
68Genfukunaga48.72363.881 day ago
69Frosttynips0.39363.001 day ago
70Jazulu0.00362.941 day ago
71Alfrédx0.00361.941 day ago
72Mcbeastyboi0.91361.811 day ago
73Sassague307.55361.191 day ago
74Akeon0.00358.561 day ago
75Rakhanot18.14358.441 day ago
76Kiwirage60.36357.881 day ago
77Autofel0.00357.251 day ago
78Beelzeboul0.00355.501 day ago
79Dragondemon0.00354.311 day ago
80Comptar3.50353.001 day ago
81Profhulk0.00352.131 day ago
82Obberak0.00345.561 day ago
83Forkoftruth0.00344.881 day ago
84Öj27.21343.251 day ago
85Zuljah0.00340.751 day ago
86Ubeshiftin0.00339.811 day ago
87Azurll0.00317.941 day ago
88Greenmonster0.00317.311 day ago
89Beyoncè0.00315.001 day ago
90Robinhorde0.00303.251 day ago
91Blackrosex0.00256.811 day ago

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